Do you know someone in prison? What is it like? Do you visit?

Jack's Pearl 2011/07/08 00:39:29
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  • KATniss 2011/07/27 01:42:26
  • AmericanVirus 2011/07/09 17:34:19
    No, but my brother went to jail
  • John Haverty 2011/07/09 11:43:28 (edited)
    John Haverty
    No. I dont. My family and extended family are not vile criminals. Also none of my friends either.
  • sarah_70 2011/07/09 10:03:57
    Yes, I have several friends in both prison and county. I have personally been in county before (over 10 yrs ago). I would visit my friends if they were closer to where I live. Unfortunately at this time, I dont have a car. I do write to my friends as I know how lonely it can be when locked up.
  • Cptfreakout . 2011/07/09 02:14:06
    Cptfreakout .
    Whats it say about Americans or our justice system ? . If we count all the people we know who did time jail or prison we failed big time as a country .
  • Karaoke Fame Magazine 2011/07/09 01:05:13
    Karaoke Fame Magazine
    I do know a few ppl in prison. Well it feel so sad becuse you cant just call themor just go to there house to stop by and kickit. I wish I could vist them but sadly I can tvist becuse of stupit treffic tickts. I do write ever week around 10-20 letters a mouth to each 1 of them. I am a very good pen pal.
  • Sammyjoe 2011/07/08 13:24:15
    yeah i do hey, believe it or not first time im knowing of somebody in prison, and that somebody is a friend of mine. Its real sad. I have not yet visited, its almost about 2weeks his been in prison now, i should go visit.
  • zsazsa 2011/07/08 13:02:22
    Yes I know someone in prison. I do not visit him there. He is there for something he admitted doing and yes I miss him and pray that he is doing good but he did the crime he must do the time.
  • keya 2011/07/08 03:53:30
    yea..and idk..and no i did not visit
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2011/07/08 03:08:14
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    I do know some one that is in prison 13 year drug's.I would think it is not a good felling to have some one locked up.No I would never vist any one in prison. My thinking stay clean and jail free never having to look in the back of you.
  • Jay0Byrd 2011/07/08 02:14:50
  • Viper Two Six 2011/07/08 01:35:55
    Viper Two Six
    Yep a guy from high school, he's in for manslaughter. He did the crime about 10 years ago. He's at the P farm in Florida.
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/07/08 01:25:30
    Jack's Pearl
    I have a past friend in prison right now for murdering her boyfriend. Her name is Jodi Arias, a well known case, so you may already know about it. I have not visited her or seen her since she went in. I really can't believe it! You never can tell when someone has it in them. Her story is crazy completely, starting with being innocent and now she admits to doing it under self defense, but there is no way she was being attacked. If you read about it you will know what I mean.

    story crazy completely starting innocent admits defense attacked read Jodi Arias
  • danny Jack's ... 2013/12/24 17:57:08 (edited)
    If she wants I'd like to start writing to her.
  • Tina 2011/07/08 01:21:05
  • ncc3865 2011/07/08 01:16:32
    I know one person who is prison, I have never have had a visit, Don't know how it is for him. I hope his cell mate bends him over every day. I pray every day he dies in there one day before he is due to get out.
  • Jack's ... ncc3865 2011/07/08 01:21:46
    Jack's Pearl
    Oh man! I hope this person didn't hurt you in any way. Sounds bad. :(
  • ncc3865 Jack's ... 2011/07/08 02:07:30
    I wish he had hurt me, I could handle it. He hurt my nine year old daughter. If he does ever get out I'll kill him.
  • Jack's ... ncc3865 2011/07/09 15:30:32
    Jack's Pearl
    OMG! That is worse to me. I'm so sorry. I hope you live in peace and can let go. That doesn't mean forgiveness. But just allowing peace in your heart again. I wish this for you. :)
  • Jay0Byrd ncc3865 2011/07/08 02:16:15
    you say his name is Ben Dover???
  • wolf sloan 2011/07/08 01:04:25
    wolf sloan
    Nobody that doesn't belong there.
  • ParkMan 2011/07/08 00:50:41
  • den 2011/07/08 00:50:02
    well, I am a prison minister and know a lot and also have had relatives in prison-I have compassion for prisoners but most deserve worse than they get
  • Jack's ... den 2011/07/08 00:51:23
    Jack's Pearl
    Have you visited a lot of people in prison? what is it like?
  • den Jack's ... 2011/07/08 01:00:18
    right now I speak to 40 to 60 a week and I will soon. finish my ninth year at this prison- most prisioners are nice- many make a true christian coinfession in prison and make a new start when they get out- most don't.newarly all prisoners are very nice to me, some of their minds are messed up badly by drugs, sone are mentaly unbalanced-you can hear anything-one m,an told me he wasn't that bad and did not need the Lords' forgiveness and I find out he beat his grand.mother to death for drug money our church helps released prisoners start over also
  • Jack's ... den 2011/07/08 01:22:31
    Jack's Pearl
    I think it's wonderful you go there for them.
  • PostmasterOfDystopia 2011/07/08 00:47:08
    Yes. It's almost like having a friend overseas. Mail and phone calls go through the same amount of security. I've visited a few times, but not as often as I want to. It is sort of creepy the way they look at me and getting access is a bitch.
  • Tinman 2011/07/08 00:46:13
    I know a lot of people in prison and I put all of them there.
  • Jack's ... Tinman 2011/07/08 00:47:35
    Jack's Pearl
    Wow! Are you a prosecutor or officer?
  • Tinman Jack's ... 2011/07/08 13:07:10
    retired Homocide detective from the city of Miami.
  • Jippy Jamie Joe (Jamie) 2011/07/08 00:44:32
    Jippy Jamie Joe (Jamie)
    No I dont know anyone in prison.
  • _Ganjaa 2011/07/08 00:42:53
    i noee a whole lot of people but i never been in one sorta is jail the same thing a prison or is there a difference
  • mewycg 2011/07/08 00:42:08
    No & no.
  • Hukaatir 2011/07/08 00:40:35
    Nope. Don't know anyone

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