Do you know any war/disaster/etc survivors?

666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/08/10 12:16:57
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I do. My grandfather lived through the holocaust and my tech and careers teacher was in Haiti when they had that earthquake and there's probably more but I don't feel like thinking right now so....
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  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/08/10 19:47:30
    Yes (Please elaborate)
    I went to a VA hospital with my brother and I saw a whole bunch of servicemen that were missing limbs. It really broke my heart and was all I could do to keep back the tears and smile for them.
  • KeithL 2012/08/10 14:53:43 (edited)
  • Metaldane 2012/08/10 13:35:05
    Yes (Please elaborate)
    My family has a tradition of soldiering so you name a war there's a good chance one was in it and a couple of my uncles are some of our guys who got hit with the agent orange helical weapon. I also have a couple relatives who are Bosnian and survived the genocides over there.
  • wutever 2012/08/10 13:31:27
    Yes (Please elaborate)
    My dad was a vietnam vet
  • Skylaris Alanis 2012/08/10 13:22:16
    Yes (Please elaborate)
    Skylaris Alanis
    My grandpa was in world war 2, and my great uncle was in vietnam back in the 60s.
  • Heathen 2012/08/10 12:54:27 (edited)
    Yes (Please elaborate)
    Most of my family has been involved in the military at one point or another( American Civil War,WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Afghanistan and wars predating those).

    But, my great, great grandfather fought in the Austo-Hungarian army, during World War 1, and lived. Two of my great grandfathers fought for Hungary in World War 2, one also was a Norwegian volunteer, and my other grandfather (the first two are from my fathers side, and these two are from my mothers) fought for the Soviets.
  • BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET) 2012/08/10 12:39:33
    (Insert witty/sarcastic comment ---Here---)
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    fffffuuuu... clicked the wrong choice.
  • JMCC 2012/08/10 12:24:16
    Yes (Please elaborate)
    I am afraid so. I have even lost a few too.

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