Do You Hold Back Love?

Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2010/01/07 16:16:44
When you love someone, do you love them with all that you have? Or do you hold back?
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  • Maddie 2010/01/08 01:44:29 (edited)
    yes I do hold back until I know it's the real deal.. And when I feel I have the real deal you get all of me....
  • mariano 2010/01/08 01:17:29
    i love with all i have.. :)
  • myssabz 2010/01/08 01:06:27
    I love with all I got and its the way I prefer to be, but I have discovered that the other 1/2 likes to take and not give in return. It hurts and I have no desire to go through that again.
  • Moderated 2010/01/08 00:33:48
    I hold back with everyone but my kids. Hey, I've been severely burned. No one will *ever* break through to the other side again.
  • claptonluvr 2010/01/08 00:20:52
    I used to hold back and never give it all. But I have met the man of my dreams and with him, I give myself completely and freely. I know he will treasure all that I give him, that's why I'm not afraid to give it.
  • anonymous 2010/01/08 00:02:46
    I love them with all I have. I don't tell them, though, because I'm happier when he's happy, and he would NOT be happy if he knew that a nerd like me felt so, so strongly about him... Yeah, I have a fantastic life. :)
  • Charge 2010/01/08 00:01:56
    You can not hold back what You give freely....
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  • (: stay positive :) 2010/01/07 23:53:53
    (: stay positive :)
    i try not to, but i bet i have... :(
  • bluecountry 2010/01/07 23:51:04
    My famiely i love with all of me,A man no never ,Been there done that,never again..Linda
  • MrDazzling~ 2010/01/07 23:35:08
    I told my Love I would never hold my feeling in, and never will, I love her with all that I am, and she loves me the same in return.... I love you GL, and will forever... muah!
  • Arya 2010/01/07 23:13:00
  • Brian T... Arya 2010/02/22 13:11:19 (edited)
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/01/07 23:02:06
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    I don't think it's possible to always give all you have. I don't think I hold back much very often with my wife.
  • justaboredchick 2010/01/07 22:57:03
    hold back to much....my walls are way to thick....first boyfriend i let him in.....he ended up screwing me over so hold back all the way i wish i was less closed off
  • danzn27 2010/01/07 22:43:52
    depends who im with. my first guy. no i held back alot. but now i am w someone i am sooo comfortable w and i show it 105%! i show that i love him to the whole fn world!
  • GreatLakes 2010/01/07 22:12:42
    I held back until I couldn't anymore. He brings out the best in me............ :)
  • Sweets 2010/01/07 22:02:55
    I have a hard time trusting people, so at first I hold back.....
  • Betrayed 2010/01/07 21:55:42
    If I had not loved with all of my being, (body, mind & soul) I would not have gotten married. And guess what.......he totally betrayed me and my trust and the love went bye-bye. But I have faith that 2010 will be the beginning of refilling my love cup and I will love again one day with all that I have left !!
  • Rosa~Evil Angel~ 2010/01/07 21:43:33
    Rosa~Evil Angel~
    it depends......i mean u just have 2 protect yourself ...but i also think you should just be happy and have no regrets
  • Jess 2010/01/07 21:43:31
    i hold back...i believe there is only one person in the world you can love with all you have....and right now...i don't have him but i believe someday we will be together again
  • Revolutionary Girl 2010/01/07 21:28:13
    Revolutionary Girl
    Depends on if I'm sure he'll return it.
  • ©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2010/01/07 21:18:57
  • lisalove1990 2010/01/07 20:57:14
    i try not to hold back but then again i don't want to get hurt again like before. hold hurt
  • Treasur... lisalov... 2010/01/07 21:16:44
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I know what you mean... it is hard to give all of yourself after you've been hurt so badly.
    But, when you find the right person, you love with no abandon....at least I do....
  • lisalov... Treasur... 2010/01/08 15:30:24
    yea but i guess i'm not ready to love again.
  • dreamwriter12 ✲the libraria... 2010/01/07 20:56:05
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    I do have a hard time trust people...always have. But once I open myself up to someone, I don't hold anything back. That doesn't happen often though.
  • BlondieBrownEyes 2010/01/07 20:49:56
  • Foxylady 2010/01/07 20:10:39
  • Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2010/01/07 19:51:58
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    When I love someone, I love them with ALL that I have and give them my heart totally. This is the only way that I know how to love...passionately. Love is a beautiful thing.

    love love heart totally love passionately love beautiful
  • Athlete Treasur... 2010/01/08 09:43:37
    That's a great way to put it, Treasure!
  • Treasur... Athlete 2010/01/09 02:12:07
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    Thank you sweetie. You know me. : )
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/01/07 19:22:01
    If you hold back you aint in Love. No matter what happens go for the Love. Express it, simper in it, hol;d your Human in your arms, Make babies, love them, but she's always first. (the kids will never know with your love capacity. Got all that?
    Ok, I'll wait for you to gop get a pencil and paper to take notes.....
  • Angelique ~ Pfffft! ;)~ 2010/01/07 19:04:10
    Angelique ~ Pfffft!  ;)~
    All that I have....
  • hatshepsut123 2010/01/07 18:40:38
    how can you possibly hold back?
  • wombat 2010/01/07 18:05:42
    All I got?? That would be fatal .... No I have to dose it a little
  • Gun665 2010/01/07 17:49:26
  • Jessie M 2010/01/07 17:27:36
    Jessie M
    I tend to hold back a little about myself. They will learn over time, but I really have to know we are getting somewhere.
  • gryphon1 2010/01/07 17:12:52
    I love passionately with all I have to give.
  • jitko 2010/01/07 17:04:33
    Hold back. I'm not one for wild abandonment and I make no apologies for that. If I'm loved, it must be as the practical and introverted person I am. And I accept the lover/loved as is. I'm not an "in love" junky, nor is my husband.
  • Waiting 2010/01/07 17:01:43
    With all I have.

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