Do you have serious sleep troubles???

bluelady 2012/06/20 04:44:57
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I take major pain meds(percocet and flexaril) at nite... and usually that is enough, but lately as soon as my body quits hurting, my brain starts whirling...I get drowsey, put my book away, turn light off and BINGO!!! eyes wide open and brain at mach 2
so here I am, its 12:40 am and I am awake, when I really want to sleep..

and lets not forget the wake up 4 hours into sleep and takes an hour or two to sleep again...
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  • Amy Lynn 2012/06/21 09:39:14
    I have sleep issues (and what works for you)
    Amy Lynn
    hmm flexeral (sp) does nothing for me for pain, everyone is different with medications, I used to be on seroquel for over 4 years, among others, but that one mainly for sleep, side effect, weight gain, & kept having to up the dosage. recently stopped taking that one (reasons. lost all my weight pretty much, but cannot sleep for sh!t. I try hot showers/baths, teas, reading by candle light etc. but the only time I really do sleep it's due to pharmaceuticals, (meds), Xanax works best for me, calms me down. Unlike today/night. I havven't slept yet. and it's about 5:30AM. too much on my mind. have you tried writing a journal? get crap off your mind?
  • bluelady Amy Lynn 2012/06/21 15:06:34
    I get muscle spasms along my back, into my legs and feet, when I lay down....thats why the flexaril..
    I tried the Xanax, and it left me groggy headed the next day...I tend to get back upand come on the putor or read till I am numb..I take 3 amytriptillans at night and they helped once but dont seem to help me sleep anymore(they are for chronic headaches and depression)
    we oughta start a support group for insomniacs

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