Do You Have Flip-Flop Feet?

Living 2010/07/28 12:44:40
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Everyone loves wearing flip-flops in the summer. But with them can come filthy, crusty, flip-flop feet.

As Marie Claire puts it, flip-flop feet are "Those crusty, blackened soles you see on the streets." The women's mag says the feet are "like a plague — spreading dirt and general nastiness."

Well, that's a little extreme ... but we'll admit we've suffered from flip-flop feet. In fact, we used to have a boyfriend who made us wash our feet in the tub in the summer when we got home (we broke up with him).

But for the love of flip-flops, we'll tolerate the grime.

Do You Have Flip-Flop Feet?

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  • Master 2010/07/28 13:21:24
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    That's the main reason I avoid sandals and wear regular sneakers. Other people's feet always look weird anyway. :Þ

    Now, about this royal "we"... it's irritating. Speaking of oneself in first-person plural annoys me even more than third-person singular:

    "In fact, we used to have a boyfriend who made us wash our feet in the tub in the summer when we got home (we broke up with him)."

    We are not amused.

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  • kissbeth 2010/08/01 08:53:22
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    I don't like my feet looking gross. So I take very good care of them. I would see people at work with flip-flop feet. and well it was sick. one person's heels were all yellow and crusty looking. I noticed this because I had to wait to wash my hands in the restroom, and happened to glance at her loud flopping shoes. i don't like the sight of anyone's feet. I only wear sandals around my house.
  • Jeanie K 2010/07/29 20:24:06
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Jeanie K
    I try to take care of my feet so they don't look gross!
  • TheJoker 2010/07/29 15:01:47
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    ..... Ive got decent feet thanks...... the toes are a little bendy thanks to breaking them many times, but no crustiness.
  • kitten 2010/07/29 12:58:12
    Yes, my feet look gross in the summer.
    I love Flip-flops
  • g!anna 2010/07/29 12:31:40
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    I don't know who's feets their looking at, but I don't know anyone who's feet get crusty from wearing flip flops.
    That's disgusting!
  • kitkat42 2010/07/29 10:37:40
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Never wear flip flops. I can't stand that piece between my toes, it hurts. Plus, my feet aren't pretty enough to go public.
  • Kigan 2010/07/29 10:26:25
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Ok...I don't really have anything to say about question content.

    Something does bug me though. speaking of yourself in first-person plural is annoying as hell.
  • MaryBB 2010/07/29 09:06:28
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Talk about over the top! Cheesh!
  • Lucki 2010/07/29 08:24:41
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    But I get the "stains" on heel and the ball of my big toe cause my flip-flops are black. If my feet do happen to get dirty...you know, cause I actually walk around in them pretty much most of the year...I do this nifty thing called bathing, but that's me. ^__^
  • In vino veritas 2010/07/29 08:13:45
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    In vino veritas
    I wear them but I pedi my feet as needed, they're really cute..... nope em clean wear pedi feet cute
  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2010/07/29 07:57:08
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Ew. It's not wearing flip-flops that make your feet all dirty, it's being a nasty human being that makes your feet dirty. Learn some hygiene. I wear flip-flops most of the year, and the only evidence of that is a tan line, not crust and crud.
  • Oltom 2010/07/29 07:43:53
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Nothing looks worse than a middle age chubby man wearing purple shorts and flip flops,so I wear sweats and shoes!
  • lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl 2010/07/29 06:04:53
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl
    i wear my pumas religiously
    nothing else unless i have my old granny house shoes on lol(which was all i wore till i got my new shoes)
  • KateMurray 2010/07/29 05:34:16
    Yes, my feet look gross in the summer.
    Well, they don't look gross because they are in and out of the surf all day, but in my country they are almost compulsory...and we call them thongs. So I would say thong-feet :)
  • mrs awesome face 2010/07/29 05:22:22
    Yes, my feet look gross in the summer.
    mrs awesome face
    i live at the beach.....

    nuff said. :P
  • MorpheusXD 2010/07/29 04:31:51
    Yes, my feet look gross in the summer.
    i have been guilty of wearing socks with sandles
  • MaryBB MorpheusXD 2010/07/29 09:08:31
    Ewww no raves for you! LOL Just kidding! :)
  • MorpheusXD MaryBB 2010/08/07 05:01:13
    haha guilty as charged.
  • MaryBB MorpheusXD 2010/08/07 10:12:34
    I'm glad you have a sense of humor! :)
  • MorpheusXD MaryBB 2010/08/13 01:28:00
    I try.
  • MaryBB MorpheusXD 2010/08/13 02:24:50
    You get a rave for humor! :)
  • ameerah 2010/07/29 04:31:26
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    but i do have a flip flop tan on my foot
  • Alejandra 2010/07/29 04:30:55
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    I wear Birkenstocks, and they're pretty high up off the ground. so you don't get all the dirt, like with regular flip flops,and I get my toes done..!!
  • BOSS#88 2010/07/29 04:26:29
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    I keepem nicely clean. And Nails painted:)
  • TERESARAMOS25 2010/07/29 04:01:13
    Yes, my feet look gross in the summer.
    yeah sure my feet look gross but I do TRY to keep them clean.
  • Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥ 2010/07/29 03:58:05 (edited)
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥
  • Gracie - Proud Conservative 2010/07/29 03:58:01
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    I have multiple tan lines on my feet. I have a flip flop tan and two tan lines from low socks and lower socks from work. It's work keeping the tan lines under control but I DO HAVE CLEAN FEET!!
  • runningintriangles 2010/07/29 03:31:15 (edited)
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    I hardly ever wear flip-flops. Only if I'm at the beach or just chilling in my own back yard. Even then, in said cases, I prefer having bare feet. In public though? Sneakers, flats, heels, whatever, just give me a real pair of shoes. I live in the city, wearing flip-flops downtown? BAD idea.

    [edited because it sent the comment through before I'd finished writing it. :\ ]
  • Emo~HappyFace:) 2010/07/29 03:06:48
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    no and thank god !!!!
  • TacoSauce 2010/07/29 02:54:02
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Feet are disgusting. I would prefer to not see anyone's feet, but that's just me.
  • slim8961 2010/07/29 02:35:17
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    I agree that is disgusting! My feet are soft and clean!
  • GettingANewName 2010/07/29 02:23:00
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    I wear flip flops all the time. And guess what, my feet are perfectly clean and soft. Thanks to this wonderful thing called a shower. Try taking the extra two minutes to wash your filthy feet and you won't have that problem.
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2010/07/29 01:52:48
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    I keep my feel clean. I wear my flipflops all year round.
  • Howling Hank 2010/07/29 00:34:33
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    Howling Hank
    Do You Have Flip-Flop Feet? Nope and who the hell has "we" as a boyfriend - "we" think that is stupid as shigitty...
  • spike 2010/07/29 00:14:34
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    i have the dreaded...

    nope em clean dreaded

    MONKEY TOES!!!!!!
  • MaryBB spike 2010/07/29 09:10:11
    LOL Raves for the MONKEY TOES! LOL :)
  • Willski 2010/07/29 00:00:21
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    difficult to get stuff out from beneath the scales.
  • Habeiba 2010/07/28 23:37:35
    Nope, I keep 'em clean!
    i have kiwi feet. I'm from new zealand, and here one of our national symbols is jandals. Why do you call them flip flops??
  • I am me Habeiba 2010/07/29 13:17:22
    I am me
    We call the flip flops because of the sound the make... some people call them thongs, because of the post inbetween the first and second toes...
  • Habeiba I am me 2010/07/29 21:08:05
    haha have you ever heard the word jandals?

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