Do you have any idea why a cat would scratch herself raw behind both ears every March. She will be going to the vet before it gets worse.She doesn't have fleas.

Sparklee 2010/03/10 02:42:03
She just started scratching again today.Last year the vet gave me pills to give her and it went away and healed. At first it seemed like a coincidence ,but this is the third year now.It's only the female. Her brother is fine.It's like a certain allergy she get's every March. Serious question Thanks.
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  • jennifer 2010/03/10 03:26:12
    she might be allergic to the kind of flea meds you use. i had a cat with that problem.
  • flaca BN-0 2010/03/10 03:03:16
    flaca BN-0
    Could be ear mites. One thing I found out is that litter is a problem. Any litter that has cedar in it can cause reactions. The only litter I found that didn't cause probs for my cat was Scoopaway.
  • Sparklee flaca BN-0 2010/03/10 03:09:54
    It's not Ear mites. We use the Worlds best kitty littert.That's the name of it.Expensive but worth it. It's dust free. No cedar.. Thanks:)
  • Eyebrowz² 2010/03/10 03:00:10
    It sounds like an allergy.
  • gingin6 2010/03/10 02:50:50
    If it's an allergy and not fleas or mites, then expect to have her on
    those pills every March. But check with the vet if you can give
    her an antihistamine and how much?
  • Sparklee gingin6 2010/03/10 02:56:37
    I have to bring her in. They clip her claws and they give me the medication.It heals in a few weeks. I will ask that about the anihistamines when I call. Thank you:)
  • gingin6 Sparklee 2010/03/10 03:00:57
    My mom had dogs that had allergies and she was able to give
    them antihistamine, but good ask them for sure. Cats might
    be different. Glad to help
  • Sparklee gingin6 2010/03/10 03:27:35
    I will ask that for sure. She just started so maybe it won't get that bad if we can. That was very helpful:)
  • haarp35117 2010/03/10 02:42:42
    ear mites ear mites
  • Sparklee haarp35117 2010/03/10 02:51:58
    That's a good answer,but the vet would of told me if it was mites. She can't figure it out either. It looks much worse than that. Scratched raw and bleeding. Thanks:)
  • haarp35117 Sparklee 2010/03/10 03:00:26 (edited)
    they are really small maybe they didn't check for that or the cat is emo or has ocd

    check cat emo ocd
  • Sparklee haarp35117 2010/03/10 03:29:49
    The strange thing is that it's been every March for three years now. I will mention that. Thanks:)
  • haarp35117 Sparklee 2010/03/11 19:04:18
    that is strange maybe it's a seasonal thing

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