Do You Have a Same-Sex or Opposite Sex 'Best Friend'?

Living 2012/04/19 21:00:00
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Best friends forever? Not quite. At least not if you consider your "best friend" to be the person you speak to most often on the phone. Starting at age 18 for women and 22 for men, people usually have an opposite-sex "best friend," according to a new study.

A woman's primary phone contact in her 20s is usually male (most likely her boyfriend or husband, but for the study's purposes, her "best friend"); but by the time she's 45, she'll probably be chatting with another woman -- most likely her daughter -- more than anyone else, LiveScience reports. Moreover, the male BFF is likely to get dumped long before the woman hits 45; she keeps him around for about 14 years, until she's around 32, and then prefers the conversation of other women.

"The male, who is presumably initially the boyfriend and later the husband, is flipped out into second place, replaced with what we take to be a daughter," said study researcher Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist at the University of Oxford, according to LiveScience.

Men, however, are more likely to have a female "best friend" their entire lives, most probably their girlfriend or wife. (We have to chuckle a little bit here: How many guys do you know who actually spend a ton of time chatting with other guys on the phone?) We're not sure we'd define our "best friend" strictly as the person we speak to most often on the phone, but it's food for thought nonetheless. Is your best friend the same sex as you are, or the opposite sex?
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  • American Nate 2012/04/20 18:29:24
    American Nate
    If you have an opposite sex bestest friend is because your stuck in the Friend Zone or your gay. In most casses, not all.
  • tobe America... 2012/04/21 04:34:59
    Or they got married and you finally just accepted that you want them in your life no matter what even if you cant have them. Thats what happend to me. I finally got over her and now shes my best friend.
  • America... tobe 2012/04/30 03:47:41
    American Nate
    yea thats that friend zone thing, I mean did u know her before she met that guy?
  • tobe America... 2012/05/03 15:11:23
    oh yeah. long time before. like 10 years i think. i saw her go through one bad rs after the other and hes the first guy since that ive seen treat her and her son good so theres no resentment. hes a pretty cool guy.
  • skyperkins1 2012/04/20 18:27:01
  • ProjectKrauser 2012/04/20 18:21:27
    Both really but more so of the same cuz he's my bff and my absolute First true love! :)
  • Nikki<3 2012/04/20 18:20:01
    I have guy friends, but my best friend is a girl best friends
  • Rie~ 2012/04/20 18:15:56
    Opposite sex
    but well i have a same-sex one too :P
  • jayshawksnotboth 2012/04/20 18:13:58 (edited)
    Opposite sex
    She is amazing. I'm much closer to her than I could be with any guy.
  • Sperry23 2012/04/20 18:11:33
    Opposite sex
    In truth, both. One of each.
  • Luna Wren 2012/04/20 17:36:54
    Opposite sex
    Luna Wren
    Why limit myself?
  • Lindsey 2012/04/20 17:05:57
    My Nanny Rikki- Love her loads ♥
  • Lady Winters 2012/04/20 17:04:02 (edited)
    Lady Winters
    where is the both option? I have a same-sex best friend and my husband is also my best friend.
  • Shady 2012/04/20 16:59:01
    Opposite sex
    My best friend a man
  • ☆ QueenAline 2012/04/20 16:50:06
    ☆ QueenAline
    that would be FRIEND...not lover
  • 3003573 2012/04/20 16:34:25
  • ToBaddToComfort 2012/04/20 16:30:50
    Opposite sex
    people can have a male friend
  • Headhunter 13 2012/04/20 16:28:17
    Opposite sex
    Headhunter 13
    She is also an ex fiance and was the best "man" at my wedding. We go way back
  • John 2012/04/20 16:13:17
    Opposite sex
    my best friend also happen to be my fiance' an so far its turned out damn pretty well. lol
  • John John 2012/05/07 05:23:20
  • pammy choudhary 2012/04/20 16:05:42
  • Soms Cougli 2012/04/20 15:54:39
    Opposite sex
    Soms Cougli
    Until he got a girlfriend. Oh, the pain. Hahaha!
  • Ai Agyll 2012/04/20 15:53:45
    Ai Agyll
    Actually I have both. 8 same-sex, 3 opposite sex. I love them all.
  • Splinter76 2012/04/20 15:20:52
    Opposite sex
    My wife. :)
  • Luke 2012/04/20 15:20:43
    Opposite sex
    BFF...no doubt..
  • chandreekagroodoyal 2012/04/20 15:11:31
  • wallygator64 2012/04/20 15:10:07
    I have an equal amount of dude and chick friends.
  • Conservatism Rules 2012/04/20 15:09:32
    Opposite sex
    Conservatism Rules
    My life long best friend is a female
  • sally 2012/04/20 15:00:27
    Opposite sex
    But I'm kind of in love with him, so it's not really working out.
  • Radical Ed 2012/04/20 14:41:48
    Opposite sex
    Radical Ed
  • Lonna121593 2012/04/20 14:37:23
    Opposite sex
    2 of them Kev and Chase. My two besties lol
  • Classical Liberal 2012/04/20 14:36:27
    Classical Liberal
    at least in the past few months. Unfortunately I don't have a woman to talk to all the time.
  • <3 Xina )O( Wolfe <3 2012/04/20 14:33:22
    Opposite sex
    <3 Xina )O( Wolfe <3
    My best friend is currently my fiance`, although I've always gotten along better w/ the opposite sex. I only tend to be friends w/ the more "tomboy" type chicks, or at least, if nothing else, the non-girly-girl types. At least as far as the BS drama goes that chicks tend to start up. I do also have several other good friends that could pry be put into the "best friend" category, out of most of my friends, I've really only got 3 close chick friends.
  • Bubba 2012/04/20 14:24:33
    I wish I had an opposite-sex best friend too though..
  • Always 2012/04/20 13:59:05
    The person I am closest to is my sister, but other then that I have two friends who are my "best" friends, one is female, the other is male.
  • SilveryRow 2012/04/20 13:53:09
    Opposite sex
    My best friend is my boyfriend though; I don't have a... second in line, one more than another, just a handful of good friends.
  • GoodEncounter 2012/04/20 13:48:23
    Opposite sex
    My best friend is a man-and the sweetest, kindest,most thoughtful human being. I absolutely love him! I couldn't ask for a better best friend!!!
  • WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA 2012/04/20 13:37:52
    Opposite sex
    WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA
    I have had the same best friend since I was 14, I don't think there is anything about me she does not know.
  • ElliPonto 2012/04/20 13:33:31
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/04/20 13:03:03
    Opposite sex
    Actually I have both.

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