Do you have a 'hostile resting' face?

future blk 2014/01/20 23:56:45
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I do. but, i'mmean face like david banner.
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  • Professor Wizard 2014/01/21 19:07:11
    no, not me.
    Professor Wizard
    I have quite the opposite... I have a smiling resting face.

    It gets me in trouble now and then, because people thinking I am smiling at them, when I actually was not... then some jerk of a boyfriend, has to ruffle up his feathers because he didn't like me "smiling" at his girlfriend.
  • TheBadPunsGuy 2014/01/21 04:09:35
    funny. yes, i do.
    People say I look terrifying when I am just sitting and doing nothing
  • stfu 2014/01/21 00:27:31
    funny. yes, i do.
    But I am usually just thinking intently about something is all.
  • GodofDarkness 2014/01/21 00:07:29
  • Trevor Philips 2014/01/20 23:58:50
    funny. yes, i do.
    Trevor Philips
    I imagine it looks like this..

    Niko Bellic real life

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