Do you girls know what TWIRK is or have you ever done it

$*MZ.PLAYBOY$* 2009/05/02 16:57:55
I twirk before
No i dont do that stuff
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Yesterday i went to party with my friends there was alot of people there. So some guy walks up and ask for some twirk and i gave it to him then he ask my friend for some to but she didnt know what it is she just stode there confuce so i told her what it is then she didnt know how to.So i showed her how.But all it is just rub your butt on a guy in the front you dont have take off your pants just move or skake your butt.Girls do it on other girls too and some times we get in a line its called the twirk line i twirk all the time rather your my boyfreind or just a friend or if i dont even know you.Its called haven fun! So do you know how to twirk and have you ever gave a boy twirk?
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  • sammie 2009/05/02 17:38:45
    No i dont do that stuff
    never heard of it
    what does it mean?
  • CornerBlitz 2009/05/02 17:07:44
    I twirk before
    It is just when a girl all uses her booty on your lap and is all working it. It is a pretty common word.

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