Do You Get Depressed After the Holidays Are Over?

Living 2010/01/02 12:00:00
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We already told you about the holiday blues -- the feeling that you're not experiencing as much holiday cheer as you should be, perhaps because you're missing a loved one.

But what about that feeling of gloom that sets in after the holidays are over? You owe hundreds of dollars on your credit card, your January calendar is completely devoid of parties and if you live in the Northeast like we do, it's going to be cold for at least another three months.


So how does one conquer the post-holiday blues? Well, getting started on those New Year's resolutions can help. You can also be grateful that you don't have to host or attend another large family gathering until Easter or Mother's Day -- yay! And if you're lucky, you'll be able to return some of those unwanted holiday gifts for things you really want.

Hey -- at least you don't have to hear that Mariah Carey Christmas song for another year!

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  • grandma gracious43 2011/01/03 19:01:37
    Sounds like a good reason NOT to enjoy Christmas. A contest to OUT-GIFT SOMEONE?

    Come on. This is NOT why we celebrate Christmas
  • gracious43 grandma 2011/01/03 19:07:24
    Well, maybe not in your functional family, tee hee, hee! Seriously though, I love my new girl, and I really like to please her.
  • GirlyGirl™ 2011/01/03 13:48:31
    I'm sorry to see all my family and friends go (one of my high-school girlfriends came over from Italy to surprise me), but it's good to have my house back the way it was. And any day not hearing Mariah is a great day for me!
  • Mr.AaronWilson 2011/01/03 12:07:07
    Yes, it makes me sad
    I do love the Holidays a lot. They make everyone seems just a little bit more in a better mood. Not to mention the time it allows away from school. It's sad to see all the cheery and happy gift giving end and saying goodbye to all the lights and decorations too. There is no time of the year that can compare, really.
  • PrincessSarah 2011/01/03 12:06:32
    Yes, it makes me sad
    yea it just makes me sad. because now i have to go back to school and i have to eat right again
  • Ginger Snapp 2011/01/03 11:26:31
    Ginger Snapp
    I HATE winter in general.
    The sun goes away and I get depressed.

    Spring I come alive again,
    Summer Im at my happiest ever

    Fall Im starting to get sad again.... annndd repeat.

    spring alive summer happiest fall starting sad annndd repeat sad girl rain

    spring alive summer happiest fall starting sad annndd repeat summer happy girl
  • grandma Ginger ... 2011/01/03 19:03:13
    Maybe you should go south of the equator at the beginning of fall... spring and summer all year long
  • Ginger ... grandma 2011/01/03 22:22:33
    Ginger Snapp
    if i was a rich girl i would

    Id be like a bird

    fly south for the winter every year.
    dont i wish i could
  • USER DEACTIVATED 2011/01/03 11:00:25
    I was depressed before so it doesn't make a difference.
  • grandma USER DE... 2011/01/03 19:03:40
    Go get help. You need to talk to somebody
  • USER DE... grandma 2011/01/03 19:29:34
    Yeah, in a week I will do it. It's something physical rather than something mental, so you don't need to worry. :)
  • MkB 2011/01/03 10:42:34
    Yes, it makes me sad
    I live for the time of year between Halloween and New Years. Actually to Russian Christmas, January 7.
  • Maximus 2011/01/03 07:35:40
    As I'm getting older, I'm starting to hate the holidays more. Even Christmas with its gift giving and receiving crap. When I was younger I was glad holidays were over because I can go to school. No, I do not get depressed after the Holidays are over.
  • ladyshellie-Child -of- God 2011/01/03 07:26:44
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    well i find when God/Jesus is in the center of my life,i don't get as depressed but overjoyed! but when i don't put God in the center then yeah i get very depressed even before the holidays are over if i cannot go see my family or them come see me.i still have church family this yr to help!
  • Shawna 2011/01/03 07:13:41
    No, I'm glad they're over
    No. I don't see what there is to get depressed about. Of course I don't pile up the debts over Christmas, I don't go to many parties at any time of year so I am not suddenly facing a lack of them. I probably get a little sick of winter come March, but by then it is almost over!
  • ladyshe... Shawna 2011/01/03 07:27:56 (edited)
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    i am already sick of the bitter cold.i want warm weather back.you get 2 warm days there recent?e did and what a tease,actually it was new years eve and day before or after then it got so bitter cold again.AAHH!!! i hardly like bitter cold because the barometric pressure change with my fibromyalgia really bothers my joints.
  • Shawna ladyshe... 2011/01/03 07:30:17
    I know what you mean; I do not like cold weather either. Where I live it is very wet and a damp cold is really bone chilling.
  • ladyshe... Shawna 2011/01/03 07:56:48 (edited)
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    does it stay wet in canada?sounds bone chilling.i would hafta get more frequent hot showers.do u?
  • Shawna ladyshe... 2011/01/03 20:48:34
    Canada is a big place and the climate is different all over. Some places, although very very cold in the winter, are dry and that makes a big difference. I am on the west coast, which is Canada's mildest climate. Our winters rarely give us below zero temps but when it is just slightly above zero and raining it still feels cold. I am not far from Seattle, Washington, if that gives you any idea of the climate.
  • Helmholtz 2011/01/03 05:41:55
    No, I'm glad they're over
    Christmas has got to be one of the worst days of the year for me. Always happy when it's over.
  • RicardoCabeza 2011/01/03 05:06:19
    the last Christmas I remember was a long time ago, somewhere in the 70's.
  • XxxThexAftermathxIsxSeconda... 2011/01/03 05:00:00
    i get depressed via holidays.....
  • Stephen Actor 2011/01/03 04:59:20
    Yes, it makes me sad
    Stephen Actor
    yes..it makes me sad..some times i am happy that holidays are over..but sometimes i m unhappy that holidays are over...
  • Howling Hank 2011/01/03 04:56:44
    No, I'm glad they're over
    Howling Hank
    Do You Get Depressed After the Holidays Are Over? No.
  • theophile 2011/01/03 04:50:49
    Not at all, I'm not sad and I'M not Happy too.
  • Steve Johnson 2011/01/03 04:41:38
    No, I'm glad they're over
    Steve Johnson
    Quite frankly, winter is a low time for me (SAD, I suppose) with all the cold and darkness. But the end of the holidays is like a bear market rally for me - a brief rise in a depressed landscape. . it was the exact opposite when I was a kid, but that's life. ;-)
  • Mechelle 2011/01/03 04:18:56
    I'm sad that its over but glad its over. Sad because family and friends aren't around as much. But glad because I can now rest.
  • TAZ-manian Devil- 2011/01/03 04:10:32
    Yes, it makes me sad
    TAZ-manian Devil-
    I get so blue I look like a smurf.
    except, y'know, average height.. :/
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2011/01/03 03:43:56
    No, I'm glad they're over
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    I get depressed when the holiday season is on its way. It's just overwhelming at times because some people just put material things first instead of the real reason.
    Sure, I love buying gifts for others, but I always worry that someone won't like what I bought for them.
    When all is said and done and I have exchanged what doesn't fit for some, I can finally breathe freely again. I am tickled s---less!
  • ~*~LoVeMe~*~ 2011/01/03 03:17:27
    No I don't because my bday is just a month away soo I get sad after my bday party because no more presents :(
  • Noli 2011/01/03 02:58:43
    Yes, it makes me sad
    Of course, the holidays are so cheerful. I love them!
  • jerrbear 2011/01/03 02:58:30
    No, I'm glad they're over
    been looking to jan, since thanksgiving.
  • Dana 2011/01/03 02:06:45
    No, I'm glad they're over
    I spend too much time feeling guilty to enjoy the holidays. I worry about all those who have nothing, I try and spend what I can to help those I can, but it is certainly not enough and when we are having a beautiful dinner... I keep thinking I should go out and take dinners to the homeless with our leftovers, but never do... then feel guilty about THAT!

    Someday, I hope to have enough money to set up an organization that grows and really does make a big difference to help people! Thats my Christmas wish! :)
  • sketchbone 2011/01/03 01:56:16
    Yes I'm depressed because I can't button my pants. No, I'm glad they're over so that maybe in a week or two I can button my pants.
  • Frank Rizzo 2011/01/03 01:38:57
    No, I'm glad they're over
    Frank Rizzo
    No, I love the holidays !!!
  • pria** 2011/01/03 01:19:24
    No, I'm glad they're over
    and boy am I glad that is OVER! lol
  • vitaminanime 2011/01/03 01:08:22
    Yes, it makes me sad
    i am. i wish holidays would never end!
  • Tommy vitamin... 2011/01/03 10:10:47
    Then they would no longer be a special time :)
  • NgiYeWch! 2011/01/03 01:06:59
    No, I'm glad they're over
    I get depressed during it 'cause nobody else to share it with other than my kid.
  • ~*~LoVe... NgiYeWch! 2011/01/03 20:45:45
    Well atleast there is someone for you to share it with

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