Do You Flush The Toilet With Your Hand Or Foot?

Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3 2008/11/17 02:16:21
I use my foot
I use my hand
You're supposed to flush?
I use something else...wtf?
None of the above
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I use my foot, and so does my sister so I know I'm not alone in this. XD
Yes, we do have these types of conversations...=D
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  • Tonio31~E Pluribus Unum~ 2008/11/17 22:48:46
    I use my hand
    Tonio31~E Pluribus Unum~
    Only three times so far I have used my feet.
  • Suicide... Tonio31... 2008/11/17 22:56:57
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    LOL! You count?
  • Tonio31... Suicide... 2008/11/17 23:24:14
    Tonio31~E Pluribus Unum~
    Well I so rarely flush with my foot.
  • **Bessie** 2008/11/17 22:48:27
    I use my foot
    in public restrooms, if possible, and my hand at home and at friends and family. Of course, I always wash my hands, wherever I am!
  • PolyTicks 2008/11/17 22:45:04
    I use my hand
    Your FOOT?!!!! How awkward! If you're afraid of germs, why not use a piece of toilet paper or paper towel to flush it rather than doing a flamingo impersonation?
  • thebrownhaze 2008/11/17 22:38:29
    None of the above
    WTF, what is everyone flushing with their feet for? whats wrong with washing your hands?
  • Suicide... thebrow... 2008/11/17 22:45:54
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    I do wash my hands, doesn't mean I want to touch the toilet handle in a public restroom. There's nothing scarier than a bathroom at then end of a concert.
  • thebrow... Suicide... 2008/11/17 22:52:02
    well, jeez, its not going to kill you. besides as soon as you put your hand on the door handle to leave the room you are getting all the same germs, so I hope you open the door with your foot too.
  • zcberry 2008/11/17 22:25:32
    I use my foot
    for public restroom. at home i used my hands foot public restroom home hands
  • PolyTicks zcberry 2008/11/17 22:46:03
    WTF is that thing? Is that a real public restroom? How revolting!
  • thebrow... PolyTicks 2008/11/17 22:49:27
    thats not revolting, its very handy. In my town we have two of these:

    revolting handy town

    Its called a Urilift. during the day its under ground, in the evenings it rasies out of the ground. It has stopped a lot of peeing in doorways. Check out the web page

    besides, a little bit of pee never hurt anyone, I think people are over senstive about dirt.
  • zcberry PolyTicks 2008/11/17 22:49:32
    hahahahahahahahahaha!!! hell i do not know just found it on goggle. hahahahahahahahahaha goggle
  • vic 2008/11/17 22:16:03
    I use my hand
    If i am at home, my foot if I am out in public and it is nasty.
  • ♥m.c.k.a.y.ℓ.a♥;™ 2008/11/17 22:14:26
    I use my hand
    Hand at home and foot in public
  • Gun665 2008/11/17 22:03:05
  • Jane 2008/11/17 22:01:37
    I use my foot
    I'm a foot flusher in public bathrooms
  • jjcroknits 2008/11/17 21:53:35
    I use my foot
    If it's my home toilet then I use my hand but in public I use my foot.
  • -L. ♥ 2008/11/17 21:45:10
    You're supposed to flush?
    -L. ♥
    IN public restrooms i use toilet paper on my hand and my reg. hand at my house and my foot at my friend's houses.
  • American Woman 2008/11/17 21:43:47
    I use my hand
    American Woman
    I had an overly paranoid health freak friend, that once flushed a toilet with her foot and her shoe came off and landed in the toilet! LMAO I flush with my hand and then wash my hands
  • aherbert 2008/11/17 21:41:03
    I use my hand
    I use my hand at home foot in public .... one time I almost slipped and my foot almost went into the water yulk....
  • ... 2008/11/17 21:38:52
    I use my hand
    anyways im gonna wash my hands after
  • Party Boy [A7X Bat] 2008/11/17 21:31:55
    I use something else...wtf?
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    i use a jalepeno pepper. lol jk. i use my hand. why the hell would you use your foot?
  • Suicide... Party B... 2008/11/17 21:41:51
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    Have you ever gone to the bathroom at a concert?
  • Party B... Suicide... 2008/11/17 22:00:09
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    i think i have
  • Suicide... Party B... 2008/11/17 22:04:36
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    Then you know why some of us use the foot XD
  • Party B... Suicide... 2008/11/17 22:07:24
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
  • annabellavampirella 2008/11/17 21:20:38
    None of the above
    I use both depending on the place, and then there is the porta-potties... yikes!
  • tommie0418 2008/11/17 21:19:51
    I use my foot
    my foot in public bathrooms
  • ♥Mrs.Nygard♥ 2008/11/17 20:55:12
    None of the above
    when im in a public place i flush using a paper towel
  • Zuly 2008/11/17 20:54:57
    You're supposed to flush?
    Muahhahahahhahahahahha... jk. it depents were im located at the time.
  • Ben Dare-In God I Trust. 2008/11/17 20:47:09
    None of the above
    Ben Dare-In God I Trust.
    hand, foot, elbow for courtesy flushes. Just depends.
  • kkat 2008/11/17 20:41:14
    I use my hand
    I use my hand but now that I know a lot of people use their feet in public restrooms, I'm so glad I wash my hands afterwards. lol
  • dude 2008/11/17 20:29:05
    I use my hand
    Depends on the location. At home, my hand. In a public restroom (which I hate), totally foot.
  • SparkleyPie 2008/11/17 20:23:17
    I use my foot
    I use my foot in public restrooms.
  • Remarkable 2008/11/17 20:21:27
    None of the above
    It depends on where I am
  • skeeter2 2008/11/17 20:18:35
    None of the above
    I call my husband in to flush it. husband flush
  • Pepper 2008/11/17 20:17:46
    I use my hand
    Sometimes my foot, if it looks particulary nastola. There are germs everywhere and I'm just kind of fried out on antibacterial everything. i think that it just compounds the problem by killing the weak and allowing the survivors to mutate and get extra super duper scary bad.

    I wash my hands after using the loo or sneezing or if I'm going to handle food. Besides that I'm pretty sure that my immune system is up for the challenge.
  • LJ 2008/11/17 20:14:05
    I use my hand
    some have motion sensors that flush them for you lol

    and otherwise, in public places, use tissue and wash your hands xD
  • Rosalie 2008/11/17 20:11:21
    I use my foot
    foot- outside in public bathrooms. At home hand.
  • Ptown27 2008/11/17 19:24:48
    None of the above
    Lol ,,, I use my hand at home ,, and my foot if I'm at a nightclub, or a gas station.

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