Do you feel good about yourself when you force someone by use of threats to help others?

lrb 2011/04/12 22:01:18
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Do you get a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside that assures you that you have done the right thing when you force someone to do a good deed for another by use of threats? Not necessarily because you love forcing your will on others, but because it makes a good deed happen that might not have been the case.

Or do you feel terrible forcing someone to do your will even if it is for a good cause? Not because you hate the cause or don't want to help, but because you feel compulsion through threats does not justify the good deed?

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  • Bulldog 2011/04/13 01:10:09
    No, the end does not justify the means
    If I was a liberal I would! They love to do that!

    They call it "Social Justice"!
  • lrb Bulldog 2011/04/13 04:35:45
    Thanks for replying.

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