Do you feel bad when you kill a bug?

Fef 2009/07/24 05:35:35
I don't kill any bugs
Kill, Kill, Kill them all!
Depends on the bug
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Sometimes I take bugs from inside and set them free outside my house. Other times I squash them dead. I think it depends on my mood and the type of bug. Mosquitoes don't deserve to live. They don't play any productive role in the eco system -- they suck ;) pun intended.
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  • Fef 2009/07/24 05:37:15
    Depends on the bug
    Sometimes I take bugs from inside and set them free outside my house. Other times I squash them dead. I think it depends on my mood and the type of bug. Mosquitoes don't deserve to live. They don't play any productive role in the eco system -- they suck ;) pun intended.

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  • annsypansy 2009/07/25 13:16:09
    Depends on the bug
    Mosqutoes are gross! But if a lighting bug or a moth comes in, I let them go! But if any spiders, usually kill them, but them I feel bad depends bug mosqutoes gross lighting bug moth spiders kill feel
  • Hannah 2009/07/25 12:35:02
    Depends on the bug
    i usually only kill misquitos
  • sillygigi 2009/07/25 12:18:34
    Kill, Kill, Kill them all!
    i hate bugs i wish they would disper of face of the plant kill kill kill hate bugs disper plant
  • annsypansy sillygigi 2009/07/25 13:18:38
    If they all disappeared, flies would take over the Earth!
  • missoni 2009/07/25 10:49:48
    Depends on the bug
    I feel so bad...Sometimes I cry when I kill fat cockroaches.
  • DeCaf 2009/07/25 10:42:33
    Depends on the bug
    I would never kill a lady bug or a tumble bug, they are too useful to the eco system.

    However, mosquitos are a different matter.
  • Athene 2009/07/25 10:13:44
    I don't kill any bugs
    Why should i kill them?
  • Dan 2009/07/25 10:03:03
    Kill, Kill, Kill them all!
    They are vermin, like Islamic terrorists!
  • missoni Dan 2009/07/25 10:50:29
    this is about bugs...not people.
  • MyChemLuvr Dan 2009/07/25 13:29:56 (edited)
    ummm. my principal is TURKISH. turkish people are really nice... sometimes. but it's really awesome when you cuss and they don't know what you are talking about.

    hmm....... i don't like bugs either.... but no need to get all irate about it...

    get a life....
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2009/07/25 09:57:36
  • dino 2009/07/25 09:30:51
    Depends on the bug
    if the bug can kill me,umma' kill it.first.and it also depends on the beauty of the bug.
  • jekisa 2009/07/25 09:19:59
    Kill, Kill, Kill them all!
    i hate bugs
    kill kill kill hate bugs
  • VinnyGoonBoy 2009/07/25 08:55:36
    Kill, Kill, Kill them all!
    nobody should not feel bad for killing a bug.you ppl should feel bad for even exsisting.
  • dino VinnyGo... 2009/07/25 09:31:58
    go to hell goonboy!
  • the und... VinnyGo... 2009/07/27 10:51:59
    the undead in the black and red
    no YOU should feel bad for concience not working!
  • Snowflakez 2009/07/25 08:35:37
    Kill, Kill, Kill them all!
    bugs are fun i eat bugs
  • the und... Snowflakez 2009/07/27 10:52:47
    the undead in the black and red
    thats gross and a bit disturbing.
  • Snowflakez the und... 2009/07/27 23:39:48
    Y, doan u eat bugs?
  • Matt 2009/07/25 08:26:55 (edited)
    Depends on the bug
    I don't go out of my way to kill a bug, but if it gets on me unexpectedly or at night and wakes me up......well, I can't be held responsible for my actions.

    I fear snakes more then any other animal species. I don't kill them, at least not deliberately. (however, I did run over and kill a garter snake with the lawn mower a couple of years ago.)
    Now, I'm thinking about moving, because I know all his little wiggly snake family members from all over the country are working their way here to meet up and take me out some night when I'm asleep.

    GREAT, Fef!! Now look what you reminded me of! I had almost forgotten it !!! -lol-
  • pork&beans 2009/07/25 08:25:22
    Depends on the bug
    I usually scoop them up and put them outside.I have a huge Centipide I've named, that has his run of the family room,I've saved him from his escapades into the bathroom sink a couple of times! No squashing bugs at Ann's house,well mosquitoes and fly smashing,bashing,squashing,de... are the exception!!
  • Snow Ball 2009/07/25 08:05:24
    Depends on the bug
    Snow Ball
    I don't kill bugs that won't do anything bad to you. For example: Ants, spider and so on. But definitely bad ones like: mosquitos! Hate them!!
  • RottenPumpkin~*VengenzDeath... 2009/07/25 07:55:29
    I don't kill any bugs
    its so sad!!
    i watched my sis do it(she knows i hate that!) *sniffles*
    poor bugs!!
  • the und... RottenP... 2009/07/27 10:55:17
    the undead in the black and red
    dont feel bad. my friends do it infront of me on purpose all the time even tho they know i hate it. same with littering.
  • sodiepop 2009/07/25 07:44:51
    Kill, Kill, Kill them all!
    i kill bugs all the time, muhahahaha >:D
    but that's only cause i'm so scared of them.
    if i leave them be, i'll start freaking out.
    i feel bad though everytime i kill a bug.
  • Andrea 2009/07/25 07:09:17
    Depends on the bug
    I try not to kill bugs. The mouse under my fridge however...
  • 아만다 ♥ AMANDA 2009/07/25 07:00:08
    Depends on the bug
    아만다 ♥ AMANDA
    It depends on my mood and what kind of bug.

    Spiders, mosquitos, flies and creepy things... Have to go.
    Ants don't bother me much... unless they are hard to control and they try to colonize in the house then they are out.

    Sometimes I feel bad when I do it... but other times I am like... oh well... I feel bad when I killed the possums.... but they have been a nuisance!!
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2009/07/25 06:59:37
    Depends on the bug
    The only bug that does not creep me out were the little fuzzy caterpillars I usd to catch as a kid. depends bug bug creep fuzzy caterpillars usd catch kid
  • the und... ɟʇʇoɔs 2009/07/27 10:56:23
    the undead in the black and red
    i like that pic its pretty.
  • P-Funk 2009/07/25 06:41:05
    Depends on the bug
    Skeeters, flies, roaches, wasps nesting in my attic, fleas on my dog, Black Widow or Brown Recluse spiders ... NO. I try not to kill the harmless bugs, like rolly-pollies, honey-bees, and house-spiders, so them ... YES.

    I'm the same way with people. I feel bad killing the harmless ones, but the harmful ones I don't even give a second thought.
  • wtw 2009/07/25 06:29:09
    Depends on the bug
    Mosqitoes and flies die any chance I get. The only bug I hate worse is a sand flea--after standing, sitting and lying for hours as they go up your nose and in your ears and sting you while you can't do anything. I hate em!
  • ClaireBentley 2009/07/25 06:13:54
    Depends on the bug
    I think it all depends on my mood. If i'm feeling particularly Zen i take them outside, but if i'm in a bad mood I either avoid them, throw something at them (if they're spiders/rather large), or just squash them.
  • ace771 2009/07/25 05:34:32
    Kill, Kill, Kill them all!
  • sarah 2009/07/25 05:32:40
    Depends on the bug

  • psbrown 2009/07/25 05:26:03
    Depends on the bug
    If it's a cockroach (anywhere) or any bug in my house or on my porch, it should die a quick death. depends bug cockroach bug house porch die death
  • Anna ~In My Bitches I Trust~ 2009/07/25 05:25:45 (edited)
    Depends on the bug
    Anna ~In My Bitches I Trust~
    I kill only the small ones. Big ones (if I know that they dont bite) I always pick up and try to scare people.
    I used to have pet madagascar hissing cockroaches and 4 other kinds of insects in terrariums. scare people pet madagascar hissing cockroaches 4 kinds insects terrariums
  • the und... Anna ~I... 2009/07/27 10:59:01
    the undead in the black and red
    thats so cool! id love to hold a hissing cockroach some time.
  • Anna ~I... the und... 2009/07/27 16:28:19
    Anna ~In My Bitches I Trust~
    It's pretty cool because they dont want to let go... They get stuck on you hand :)
    They can walk on the glass too
  • the und... Anna ~I... 2009/07/27 17:27:21
    the undead in the black and red
    like actually crawl up the glass like a spider can? does it tickle when they get stuck on your hand?
  • Anna ~I... the und... 2009/07/27 17:37:52
    Anna ~In My Bitches I Trust~
    Yes, they crawl up the glass :) I didnt know that and I left terrarium open. My cat found them after 3 weeks (they were fine), and after that I never left it open again :)
    It doesnt tickle...
    They are awesome! You should get some!

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