Do you FEAR GOD?

Watchman Christen 2011/07/19 07:32:50
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5:22 (NIV) "Should you not fear me?" declares the Lord. "Should
you not tremble in my presence?
· In Hebrew, yirah (Jon
1:16, Ps 90:11), yare (above, Mal 3:16) and pachad (Job
3:25a, Ps 119:120) mean reverent fear, terror, or dread, normally translated
simply fear. There are other words in Hebrew for mere respect, reverence, or
honor, such as kabad (Ex 20:12). In Greek fear/terror is phobo (Mat
28:4,1 Pet 2:17c), where reverence or honor is timao (1 Pet
· With this distinction in
both Hebrew and Greek, some still assert that "fear merely means
reverence." As if God through His Spirit could not select the right word
hundreds of times! Some would prefer to believe this than to understand that
God really ought to be feared.
· Why is it we will not
accept the fear of God? Why do we try to "explain away" the fear of
God in Scripture? What is it in our unconscious minds that creeps up when the
Spirit leads us into the revelation of the fear of God?

If not you need to repent and get it right before it's to late!!!


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  • mjollnir 2011/07/19 10:04:07
    No I don't
    I'm a Pagan and my gods have never given me any reason to fear them. They aren't that arrogant. That being said, I have never understood the concept of fearing your deity. You should love them, right? Love isn't borne of fear. Wanting people to fear you is for the insecure. I am much happier knowing one day I'll be taken into the arms of peace than constantly having to maintain all these asinine rules of behavior and conduct that allow a Christian into Heaven, thanks.

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  • JoeDinas 2011/09/09 02:41:26
    Yes I do!
    not on a dailyy basis but usually yes
  • jessica 2011/08/27 21:36:57
    Yes I do!
    um no
  • Watchma... jessica 2011/08/27 22:45:30
    Watchman Christen
    you voted Yes I do and replied {um no} which one is it?
  • bob ''I... Watchma... 2011/09/30 21:31:33
    bob ''I just lost the game''
    he voted yes bu the said: um (I meant) no
  • Watchma... jessica 2011/09/09 02:43:26 (edited)
    Watchman Christen
    Well witch one is it/are you confused?
  • jessica Watchma... 2011/11/26 07:27:20
    the answer yes was a mess up, and no i do not fear god.
  • Watchma... jessica 2011/12/04 02:41:35
    Watchman Christen
    well you should!!!
  • jessica Watchma... 2012/03/09 18:29:24
    lol thats for u and its ok that u do. i however do not and that is ok for me. i have made up my mind. i know what happens if im wrong and youre right.and im ok with it.
  • Watchma... jessica 2012/03/09 22:18:42
    Watchman Christen
    are you a follower of Christ Jessica? I don't mean a person that goes to church on sun day, i mean do you live according to the word of God as it is written from the heart?
  • jessica Watchma... 2012/04/01 02:46:57
    do i follow some of the same teachings... yes. do i belive that jesus christ was the son of god and in a bible written my man... no. do i belive there is a chance im wrong... yes
  • Watchma... jessica 2012/04/13 11:19:43
    Watchman Christen
    well have you ever actually read the NT? I mean all of it little by little?
  • jessica Watchma... 2012/09/11 17:40:13
    Yes i have. had 4 years of bible class. And my birth mother raise me Pentecostal( not sure spelled right) and then adopted mother is southern Baptist massion. So yes the book and i have spent allot of time together.
  • Watchma... jessica 2013/07/19 04:46:47
    Watchman Christen
    Well thank you for your answer Jessica, but we can't follow some of the teachings of the bible and disregard the rest and expect to make it into the kingdom of God its either ALL or NOTHING there is simply no in-between!!!

    Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with Christ which is the living word of God!!!

    God bless you
  • Sis 2011/08/25 00:24:27
    Yes I do!
    However, it is a healthy fear,more out of respect.
  • sombernina 2011/08/18 00:36:07
    No I don't
    im not afraid of a god that doesnt exist...
  • Watchma... sombernina 2011/08/19 08:24:51
    Watchman Christen
    You will be in the very near future!!!
  • Watchma... sombernina 2011/08/25 01:05:34
    Watchman Christen
    Than your a fool!!!
  • sombernina Watchma... 2011/08/31 23:09:23
  • bob ''I... sombernina 2011/09/30 21:32:03
    bob ''I just lost the game''
    hell yeah
  • Watchma... sombernina 2011/12/04 02:43:38
    Watchman Christen
    Your a sweet young thing aren't you!!! Daddy's little girl right......
  • sombernina Watchma... 2011/12/09 00:28:54
    wtf? ha! i actually dislike my father :P
  • Watchma... sombernina 2011/12/09 04:09:27
    Watchman Christen
    Is he a preacher?
  • sombernina Watchma... 2011/12/15 00:08:23
    my dad? a preacher? bwaaaaaaaaaahaha xD No, hes not. What made you think that?
  • Watchma... sombernina 2011/12/15 00:15:00
    Watchman Christen
    You said you dislike your father since you dislike God also I thought he might be a preacher......
  • sombernina Watchma... 2011/12/15 00:20:54
    Oh, well, no. He's not. I'd be mortified.
  • Watchma... sombernina 2011/12/15 00:43:03 (edited)
    Watchman Christen
    I thought so...... poor guy!
  • Kosh Ulkesh 2011/08/15 01:04:21
    No I don't
    Kosh Ulkesh
    Why should I fear GOD? There may be occasion to fear a god, but The Quiet, it does not seek to affair in our lives. My ego is not so great that I would assume The Quiet concerns itself on a moment by moment basis regarding my activities. No doubt, were I to tread that path where I would interfere with its intentions and desired outcomes, my intentions would become secondary. So, no, those self-absorbed people who's world is no bigger than themselves (and that being the case, it explains their failure to comprehend anything), their fear is based on a projection of what they themselves would be like were they in charge. Heaven forbid God would be so trite and limited.
  • I NEED A HORSE 2011/08/08 17:26:32 (edited)
  • Milodic_Mellodi 2011/08/02 18:03:24
    No I don't
    Do I fear God? DO I FEAR GOD?! I AM GOD!!!
  • Watchma... Milodic... 2011/08/02 21:46:14
    Watchman Christen
    Great another screwball/there coming out of the woodwork!!!
  • Milodic... Watchma... 2011/08/05 03:46:45
  • bob ''I... Milodic... 2011/09/30 21:33:02
    bob ''I just lost the game''
    NO WAY I AM ( shame on you)
  • Milodic... bob ''I... 2011/10/01 18:15:21
    o ya and I'm Dr. Pepper.
  • bob ''I... Milodic... 2011/10/02 02:49:24
    bob ''I just lost the game''
    im THE ONLY flying spaghetti monster
  • Milodic... bob ''I... 2011/10/02 15:47:28
  • bob ''I... Milodic... 2011/10/03 00:43:44
    bob ''I just lost the game''
  • Gunbunny87 2011/08/02 03:48:05
    Yes I do!
    To 'fear" God is not to be "afraid of" Him. It is to love Him and set our hearts to honor Him. In response to a comment here, "death" is not the end of life. It is the end of the physical body. The "soul" is eternal. The question each of us must answer personally, is where our soul will spend that eternity. It has been said, "All that troubles is but for a moment; all that pleases is but for a moment; only that which is eternal really matters."
  • JK 2011/08/02 00:21:23
    No I don't
    Fear is the path to evil. Why would a perfect God want you to fear HIM? If HE embodies all that is righteous and good, this doesn't make sense.
  • hill. 2011/08/01 21:37:36
    No I don't
    he/she is incredible.
  • Watchma... hill. 2011/08/01 22:14:25 (edited)
    Watchman Christen
    He/the one and only God/Elohim of Israel is incredible!!!

    hethe godelohim israel Elohim
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