Do you ever get 'triggered'?

GoreGirl 2011/07/22 05:55:25
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Whether it's anger, sadness, happiness....do some things trigger you? With me it's someone telling me I'm shit and ugly inside and out. It pretty much defeats whatever happiness or self-esteem I had built up. And I usually snap into it, am like this for a few days and then snap out of it like it neeeever happened. It's takes enough of me not to feel like shit every day and I usually just let it go by, but those things bring back the 'i'm shit' thoughts...Fun shit, psychology, right?
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  • dm 2011/07/22 07:33:05
    Happened here. Because a person blocked me and another for a stupid reason. I don't agree with you so I'm going to block you.. kind of block

    What I said in response to it doesn't put me in a good light but that person wasn't exactly being a gentleman. I called him out.

    Patience is something I wish I had more of. Because sometimes I'm the opposite of it and say things without filtering it or think to word it in a more polite manner.

    I'm moody so it's easily for me to get triggered in general sometimes.
  • Chukroast 2011/07/22 07:17:47
    Well, almost never. When I do, I piss and moan and mull it over, and finally realize that I'm the trigger! Check it out yourself.
  • Ego Death 2011/07/22 06:19:21
    Ego Death
    Annoying voices.
  • Kate 2011/07/22 06:01:12
    I get triggered with anger when I'm wrong but don't want to admit it

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