Do you ever dream of someone dear to you that has passed away ?

Kennedy1st 2011/09/17 19:12:13
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  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2011/10/01 03:53:32
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    Yeah I do. I dream about my grandfather sometimes because he and I were really close. He's always happy/smiling in them, which I like to take as a good sign. :)
  • CarlainChicago 2011/09/19 18:35:03
    All the time.
  • Shelby 2011/09/19 04:46:55
    Yes I do quite often.
  • mewycg 2011/09/18 10:15:04
  • katt 2011/09/18 09:20:01
    my grandmother
  • lyle 2011/09/18 05:34:59
    I've had a couple of dreams....loaded with symbolisms
  • kz 2011/09/18 03:52:59
    I frequently dream of my mother and listen to her advice. frequently dream mother listen advice Mother love
  • holly go lightly 2011/09/18 02:56:31
    holly go lightly
    Very rarely,but usually either laugh or cry.I do enjoy seeing them which ever way it goes.
  • SouthernB 2011/09/18 02:47:28
    Yes. Last night, in fact. I dreamed about my mother.
  • Karen E 2011/09/18 02:22:03
    Karen E
    my granny, my dad, and my husband roy. granny and daddy i dream of when things are bad, roy when he wants to say something about our grand children- he died at 42, well before any of them were born.
  • Fannie 2011/09/18 00:56:13
    yes, we talk together too.
  • Dax 2011/09/18 00:37:07
    Oh yes, so many times... Very often, probably more than twice in a week.
  • Duke----The Non Racist, Fun... 2011/09/17 23:07:24
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    Only about a week ago when I was dreaming my Grandmother made a cameo appearance and rounded a corner were I lost site of her, the rest of the dream seem to be about me trying to find her again, but everything I did to find was of no avail.
  • Lulu's Mom 2011/09/17 21:38:54
    Lulu's Mom
  • Strify, Oh Little Strify 2011/09/17 21:33:34
    Strify, Oh Little Strify
    Yeah I always dream of my Ex Clay. He died in May. He usually appears in my dreams once a week.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2011/09/17 21:00:43
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Last summer, a very close friend died. About two weeks later, I had a very distinct dream. I was taking to him through a radio in my bedroom. I knew he was dead. In the dream, he was on the "other side." I remember asking him "hey man, so what's it really like." He said "nothing like you expect." I still get the chills when I think about it and when I pray, I sometimes ask what that was all about.
  • Dax Beat Ma... 2011/09/18 00:37:48
    That's special. At least you now know that he is alright.
  • Beccy 2011/09/17 20:52:48
    yes and even some that weren't so dear
  • Anna E 2011/09/17 19:40:34
    Anna E
    I don't remember my dreams very much.
  • Donishka 2011/09/17 19:27:34
    Yes i have a few times.Mostly my grandmother and also the boss who passed away last year : (
  • Fresno State Fan CB-05 2011/09/17 19:24:00
    Fresno State Fan CB-05
    I dream about my parents and older sibs a lot.
  • Astro-Boy 2011/09/17 19:21:56
  • mrdog 2011/09/17 19:21:48
    I don't dream... don't time for it... always sleep solid as a Rock...bark
  • Sister Jean 2011/09/17 19:20:48
    Sister Jean
    often my parents
  • XXrawwwrXX 2011/09/17 19:18:25
  • Sour Dime 2011/09/17 19:17:59
    Sour Dime
    No I don't think I have.

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