Do you drink? Does people drinking bother you?

Jon BN-0 2010/05/04 22:36:41
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  • nicole_lockheart~princess o... 2010/05/07 02:48:08
    nicole_lockheart~princess of tears~
    do you mean beers?
  • Jon BN-0 nicole_... 2010/05/07 02:59:24
    Jon BN-0
    Any alcohol.
  • nicole_... Jon BN-0 2010/05/10 09:26:19
    nicole_lockheart~princess of tears~
    nope..i'm not a drinker...
  • jerrbear 2010/05/06 17:55:25
    I used to live with someone who was a heavy drinker, I tried to help them but didn't want my help so I moved away from them, sad to say this person is no longer with us.
  • Kennedy1st 2010/05/06 17:50:08
    I don't drink alcohol of any kind but it does not bother me is someone has a drink,or two.I hate being around sloppy drunks.My 5 cousins drink and I really hate it but I am not around them so let them drink their hearts out!
    Kennedy1st hate sloppy drunks 5 cousins drink hate drink hearts kennedy1st hate sloppy drunks 5 cousins drink hate drink hearts kennedy1st hate sloppy drunks 5 cousins drink hate drink hearts kennedy1st Kennedy1st
  • wolf sloan 2010/05/05 15:26:32 (edited)
    wolf sloan
    No I don't' Obnoxious drunks are a pain to deal with. Makes stoners seem likable in comparison.
  • TaterSalad 2010/05/05 07:20:21
    When i'm drinking people don't bother me, but when i'm sober i hate people that are drinking...
  • Bring Megan a f*cking sandwich 2010/05/05 06:48:29
    Bring Megan a f*cking sandwich
    yep and no
  • jackdaniels07 2010/05/05 06:22:42
    no more jack sad but i had to stop i went 12 years but a couple years ago i will have a beer or 2 if i am at a club but any other party or dinner date no i dont drink .dont care if anyone drinks around me.
  • jillyfish➒❻ 2010/05/05 00:44:25
    no i dont and i dont think i ever will. too many people in my family were alcoholics and ive seen alcohol destroy a family. one drink and i just might get hooked
  • 6YamiMarik6Lover6 2010/05/05 00:41:12
    No, I don't drink. And no, not at all, unless it would be someone who is close to me and who I love very dearly and that they drink too much. .

    . .To the point that they would be drunk every day. [<~ Maybe a bit overated explained, but you get the point XP]
  • Annie 2010/05/04 23:21:02
    No, haha I personally choose not to drink up it's funny watching people around me drink xD
  • randy 2010/05/04 23:13:42
    I have a brew or 2 a week, drunk people creep me out though.
  • Diana 2010/05/04 23:11:44
    Yes,one that over does it.Bothers me a lot.
  • Happy Birthday 2010/05/04 23:01:46
    Happy Birthday
    once every3 months.. no i don't kinda weird ppl who make moments funnny..
  • Jon BN-0 2010/05/04 22:46:16
    Jon BN-0
    In moderation it's fine, I don't think drinking to the point of getting sick every time you do is good. It bothers me if I ever see someone I know continuously doing that (drinking to the point of vomiting). That's when you know they need help.
  • kevracer 2010/05/04 22:42:50
    I quit drinking hard liquor years ago; I have a single beer maybe once every 6-9 months.

    In my opinion, nothing good has ever resulted from someone drinking alcohol
  • Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    I drink in moderation. It only bugs me if they drive after drinking or they get so drunk they don't know what they are doing.

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