Do you believe the woman's place is in the kitchen, while the husband brings home the bacon??

pickygirl 2008/11/25 06:22:18
yes, that's how God intended it
No, what a sexist view of marriage
depends on the relationship
equal rights, all the way
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  • got3lilones 2008/11/29 05:23:10
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    We both work because we both have to if we want to keep our bills paid. His grandma saw him changing a diaper yesterday. She said us girls have it so good these days and that his grandpa never touched a single diaper! I told her he helped make them he can help change them!
  • Princess 2008/11/29 05:16:12
    depends on the relationship
    People usually view things differently
  • Socialite Lola 2008/11/29 05:05:32
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    Socialite Lola
    ....and I've never liked bacon.
  • Carol 2008/11/29 04:20:06
    equal rights, all the way
    i think if a women wants to stay home with her kids thats fine but why can't she get a job if she wants one. i do think the kids should come first for both parents but i see no reason why she has to stay home. my mom raised me do be independent becouse you can't always count on a guy to take care of you.
  • Sabrine Mae 2008/11/29 03:57:26
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    Sabrine Mae
    That is a horribly sexist view for people to have! That is as bad as someone saying that an African Americans place is working in a cotton field!
  • Ronna Sabrine... 2008/11/29 04:05:43
    Sorry sabrine...but that is not comparable!
  • Bryan 2008/11/29 03:46:32
    I wish the economy was like that still. I would like to have my wifey stay home and take care of the house. Lay back and go to the beach and enjoy life as I make the bills. But If she wants to work it is on her, she would also need to know that if she wants a certain life style she just might have to work. I would like to keep her happy with the less work on her part, but hey i am open minded to all.
  • BenSundown 2008/11/29 02:37:33
    equal rights, all the way
    There's little else to say about this, except that gender roles are idiotic and harmful to both men and women.
  • squirtpink 2008/11/29 02:23:43
    depends on the relationship
    I would HATE it if i went to school just to be a stay at home mom. I'm currently going to school to become a lawyer and the way i see is that if i spent 8 years of my life trying to get where I'm going...there is NO way i'm going to stay at home....with the kid..being a housewife. But it might work for others....
  • Not Einstein 2008/11/29 02:13:09
    yes, that's how God intended it
    Not Einstein
    And all wives should look like this....
    woman in kitchen Pictures, Images and Photos
  • êļļĴáŸê Not Ein... 2008/11/29 19:19:52 (edited)
    look at that cool radio!
  • Not Ein... êļļĴáŸê 2008/11/29 19:42:17
    Not Einstein
    I'd love to have a room full of those to sell on ebay!
  • GONE4GOOD Not Ein... 2008/12/01 00:38:27
    maybe forty years ago when it was thought to be that way.
  • Eternal Sunshine 2008/11/29 01:52:38
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    Eternal Sunshine
    if the wife and husband believe it, i suppose its not sexist but having the belief that thats the way it has to be is a bit non evolved of a conclusion. our species is stronger if we have equally strong sexes
  • KEKE 2008/11/29 00:47:44
    equal rights, all the way
    well it should be equal to both rights
  • War JunkZ 2008/11/29 00:41:43
    depends on the relationship
    War JunkZ
    Theres nothing wrong with wanting to be the bread winner as a man, however if she wants to work; more power to her
  • Em 2008/11/29 00:35:33
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    God i hope not, I'm a terrible cook.
  • Lanie 2008/11/29 00:31:49
    equal rights, all the way
    anyone can do it but personally i think both should have a job and whoever wants to do kitchen work can or they can do equal on that to some days the guy cooks other days the girl
  • Maria 2008/11/29 00:13:44
    yes, that's how God intended it
    Of course the secert for lady to keep a man happy with a good heartly meal at home. nice umm of course. god intended secert lady happy heartly meal home umm
  • Saintsfan 2008/11/29 00:12:00
    yes, that's how God intended it
    Who are we to question God? lol Back in the kitchen woman..lol I don't recall the chapter of verse, but it was in there somewhere...

    god intended god lol kitchen woman lol recall chapter verse
  • Priestofdisorder 2008/11/28 23:43:36
    depends on the relationship
    HEY, the important thing is to be happy, so if you want to be lesbian or a stereotypical mother depends on you
  • hollyhobbie 2008/11/28 23:19:50
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
  • Fallout 2008/11/28 22:17:21
    equal rights, all the way
    Equal rights, all the way............ that says it all......
  • Rzr 2008/11/28 21:42:43
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    You must be kidding. Women make up over half of the population. Men are not always present and keeping women ignorant of the other duties of humanity endangers the species. During World War II, women made the planes, kept the game of baseball alive, and took care of the home and the young.
  • DARinPA 2008/11/28 20:47:50
    equal rights, all the way
    I believe in equal rights. That also means that if a woman decides to stay at home that's fine. I stayed at home until my youngest was about 6 and in school full time. Then I was a single mother and worked several jobs at one time. Then I remarried and we both worked full time. Last year my husband was laid off and collecting unemployment full time and he stayed at home and I worked. Now he has a much better job with benefits and I found myself the soul caretaker of my over 80 year old mother. Because of both of these things I decided to stay at home again. So I feel whatever you and your partner decide is right for you and your circumstances. I was made to feel bad about myself by some staying at home and was made to feel bad when I was a single working mother. People should just keep out of others business. People usually do what works best for them.
  • riderwriter extremist extra... 2008/11/28 20:12:54
    depends on the relationship
    riderwriter extremist extraordinaire
    My woman knows better than to get in my way in the kitchen. If a culinary delight is to be served, she leaves me alone. She brings home bacon, but it just doesn't make it in to my menu.
  • babyjazz "In my HEART I trust' 2008/11/28 19:25:08
    equal rights, all the way
    babyjazz "In my HEART I trust'
    If the husband wants to be in the kitchen, let him.
  • Amaya 2008/11/28 18:50:39
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    I think women can do just as much as men. I have this guy in one of my classes who says girls are only good for cleaning, cooking, doind laundry and sex. I hate him sooo much, he's so sexist.
  • Juligan 2008/11/28 17:59:51
    equal rights, all the way
    Both sexes should have the opportunity to bring home the bacon.
  • Peggy 2008/11/28 17:56:31
    equal rights, all the way
    If I cook the hubby cleans up. If he gets a take out I toss the paper it came in away. I wash, he puts his cloths away the towels away and changes the sheets. Who starts watching TV has the remote (we have more than one TV. He takes care of the car & truck, I clean out the garage. I squeeze he rolls the toothpaste so we have two tubes. We have three checking accounts. His, mine and ours.
  • milkman36 2008/11/28 17:44:59
    equal rights, all the way
    Sure if you live in the 1950's! Currently my wife is a stay at home mom tending to our 2 boys that are 2 1/2 and 10 months old. We live in a small town and it's rather pointless for her to work at a job just to hand what she earns over to daycare. Before we moved here and had children we both worked full time jobs.
  • Nanna 2008/11/28 17:31:24
    equal rights, all the way
    maybe the wife wants to "bring home the bacon"
  • graveshifter666 2008/11/28 16:53:31
    i feel that what ever works best for each relationship, is the best... and in this day and age, i think to expect a woman to stay home and do the cooking, cleaning, the laundry, etc is wrong.. in my house, we both work, an we both share the household chores.. and we usually take care of most of the chores during the week, so our weekends are better spent... happy holidays!!!
  • bitch 2008/11/28 16:26:25
    equal rights, all the way
    share and share alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • marie 2008/11/28 16:16:29
    well it depends if the husband comes home late and expects it then no. but if a husband comes home around six and spends time with the kids and the wife then yeah
  • Amanda 2008/11/28 16:08:35
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    I oughta bitch slap someone for even thinking that in this day and age....

    My man and I BOTH work to take care of our daughter. We BOTH put in equal time in the kitchen, we BOTH take care of our daughter, and we are BOTH responsible for our household.

    His uncle once told me that and I slapped him so hard that I left a purple mark on his face. I will do it again.....
  • corrinne 2008/11/28 15:39:15
    No, what a sexist view of marriage
    I believe that a man and woman should share equally in the duties of work and home life. Women are completely able to be the provider just as men are completely capable of being the caregiver, and vice versa.
  • BJ 2008/11/28 15:21:12
    Well, I think there's more to it than confining a man or a woman to a particular role in the home. A woman may not do well in the kitchen, but there is more to running a household than just cooking. A man, for economic reasons, may not be able to bring home enough "bacon" from time to time... and the woman might find herself taking up the slack. Versatility in the relationship is a good survival skill.

    Although I believe men are "wired" to be providers and protectors of their women, I know some women who aren't the best at the domestic arts. Some men love to cook - and are very good at it - while some women can barely reheat a microwave meal.

    I am one of those guys that likes to cook my own meals and feel a sense of accomplishment from fixing a meal that my wife really enjoys. At the same time, I thrive on that feeling of self respect gained from working for a living and bringing home the "proverbial bacon." Unfortunately, my wife and I both work to make ends meet these days... but it makes me feel good to know that I am at least bringing home the larger portion of our income.
  • **Bessie** 2008/11/28 14:40:51
    Whatever makes it work!
  • Lydia Kate 2008/11/28 13:56:41
    Lydia Kate
    If a woman wants to be in a house wife, then its her choice. If she wants to work, its also her choice. Same thing goes for the man, if he really wants to be a stay at home husband than good for him, while at the same time he wants to get out and work, awesome. It really just depends on the person, some people are happy staying at home, some aren't. It doesn't really matter anyways.

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