Do you believe the peace sign is anti-Christian??!!

Charlotte 2009/06/27 02:00:54
Of course it is!
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my friend thinks the peace sgin is anti-Christian and i still dnt understand why but i wnt to see what you think about this question.☺☻♥
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  • Christopher 2010/12/15 19:14:43
    Definetely NOT!
    The peace sign is not an inverted broken cross, it is the coupling of the two flag semaphore symbols for N and D which stand for Nuclear Disarmament.

    Also, it is the inverse of the horrible image of Goya's peasant before a firing squad, here:

    nuclear disarmament inverse horrible image goyas peasant firing squad

    That symbol of a man holding his arms up with the palms facing outwards became a symbol of despair and death, so the creator of the peace symbol inverted it to possibly symbolise hope and life.

    People who profit from war convinced Christians that the peace sign was the inverted cross of the Anti-Christ in an effot to de-legitimatise the peace movement.

  • NatalieJackson 2010/06/06 03:13:17
    Of course it is!
    Of course the peace sign is bad it's a broken cross Duh!!!!!
  • texaspoet Natalie... 2013/03/26 04:40:34
    People should wear the Christian Peace Sign! http://www.christianpeacesign...
  • OliviaTheGreat 2009/11/11 03:06:47
    Definetely NOT!
    I also have friends who say that they dont like the peace sign. They say it is anti-christian because it is a "broken cross" (in a circle). And though an upside down cross is an anti-christian symbol, it doesnt mean that thats what the peace sign is displaying. In the peace sign, the cross would have to be upside-down and then broken and stuck in a circle. And in the anti-christian symbol, it wasn't broken. So that idea seems to be a little far fetched.

    The peace sign originated as Nuclear Disarmament, N and D, which made a statement of peace.

    It started out meaning Peace, but because of the anti-christians and some ignorant christians, it is used to be evil.
    So as a Christian, I am taking it back. I am loyal to the peace sign meaning Peace, becausing IT MEANS PEACE!
  • mia 2009/10/16 01:58:16
    Definetely NOT!
    its said to be a satanic symbol of jesus's death. here is a website with the symbols picture. http://www.designboom.com/con...
  • Shell 2009/06/27 03:08:25
  • jenica 2009/06/27 02:44:07
    Definetely NOT!
    why would some one think that it means peace on earth
  • divajinx 2009/06/27 02:41:56 (edited)
    I don't think it's not Christian but i don't think it's quite Christian like!
    It looks more sexual than anything. LOL Didn't we "adopt" it in the 60s with the hippy/free love era? That would make sense.....
  • The Lorax 2009/06/27 02:39:26
    I don't think it's not Christian but i don't think it's quite Christian like!
    The Lorax
    God cares about the content of our hearts, there's no need to fear pictographic symbols. Though I think wearing a crucifix is just rude when He is risen.
  • The Sane One 2009/06/27 02:36:42
    Of course it is!
    The Sane One
    Christians consider wars to be holy-- so by definition, peace is evil.
  • Barbara 2009/06/27 02:33:34
    I don't think it's not Christian but i don't think it's quite Christian like!
    y wud it even be bad is it in the bible if not then why wud it be bad
  • ..tisha... 2009/06/27 02:23:31
    Definetely NOT!
    The Peace sign is actually a combination semaphoric signal for N and D; Nuclear disarmament In semaphore the letter "N" is formed by a person holding two flags in an upside-down "V," and the letter "D" is formed by holding one flag pointed straight up and the other pointed straight down. These two signals imposed over each other form the shape of the peace symbol
  • Charlotte ..tisha... 2009/06/27 02:31:39
    so do you think its bad or anything
  • ..tisha... Charlotte 2009/06/27 02:33:30
    I can't understand how it would relate to religion at all...
  • Mr.UN5T@BL3 2009/06/27 02:14:43
    Definetely NOT!
    your friend thinks it represents something pagan or non-christian. that does not make it anti-christian.

    just because someone or something does not come from the christian tradition does not make it her enemy.

    she should read the gospels or you should just ask her what her prejudice is based on.

    Satan hates peace
  • Charlotte Mr.UN5T... 2009/06/27 02:21:39
    well my friend is a very strong christian and her whole family just doesn't like the peace sign
  • Mr.UN5T... Charlotte 2009/06/27 02:24:44
    so am I and I have known the sign since I was child
    what is the name of the church that she belongs to?
  • Charlotte Mr.UN5T... 2009/06/27 02:32:00
    Calvary Chapel
  • Mr.UN5T... Charlotte 2009/06/27 02:45:09
    Oh OK, I have heard of them before. I can understand how they might have problems with the peace sign as it pertains to the rapture and the book of revelations
  • Jerry 2009/06/27 02:11:36
    Definetely NOT!
    LOL that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
  • Charlotte Jerry 2009/06/27 02:13:52
    i don't realy understand it either
  • Jerry Charlotte 2009/06/27 02:14:47
    LOL your friend is a little out of it
  • Charlotte Jerry 2009/06/27 02:32:14
    um what do you mean
  • Jerry Charlotte 2009/06/27 02:38:13
    Christians are peaceful people so why would peace signs be anti-christian?
  • kfallslady 2009/06/27 02:07:58
    I don't think it's not Christian but i don't think it's quite Christian like!
    i really don't know to tell ya the truth but my dad didn't like the surfers cross, anyone remember that?
  • Mr.UN5T... kfallslady 2009/06/27 02:19:15
    it looks too much like the Iron Cross from the German Army of WW1+2 maybe he sees Hitler in it

    iron cross german army ww12 sees hitler
  • Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2009/06/27 02:06:54
    Definetely NOT!
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    I thought Christian's where peaceful?
  • Charlotte Scott ヶ... 2009/06/27 02:14:23
    i know rite i kinda think it is Christlike
  • oh my s... Scott ヶ... 2009/06/27 02:15:14
    oh my science
    that is wrong on so many levels

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