Do you believe that it would be a wonderful thing or a disaster if we were visited by another intelligent life form from somewhere else in the universe?

nightlight 2010/04/26 01:07:38
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If our planet were visited by an alien life form of far superior intelligence and with far superior technologies, what do you think would happen?
Consider what we do to life forms on this planet that have intelligence that is inferior to our own. We put them in cages, train them to serve us, use them for experimentation, and breed them for our consumption; we eat them.

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  • possiblymaybe 2010/10/26 07:36:51
    It would be an apocalyptic disaster. They would either take over our planet a...
    I don't really know. But, maybe they put us here in the first place to be miners of Earth's natural metals. It's not like we ever really put Gold back into the ground. Most of it just get stored or passed around. So what do they want with all this Gold? Maybe they'll use it to build the City of Gold talked about in the Bible :-O
  • Alien Ramone 2010/04/26 06:35:50
    It would be an apocalyptic disaster. They would either take over our planet a...
    Alien Ramone
    It would probably be complicated with both good and bad aspects. I think that there would be galactic politics involved with many different alien groups with different agendas. Some groups could have agendas that involve eventually enslaving the human race, but could be limited by galactic rules, which might restrict interference. Treaties between some governments and alien groups could allow those groups to bypass certain rules and exert influence to advance their agendas. Treaties might involve things such as some Earth governments receiving technology from an alien group and then providing underground bases and the right to abduct some citizens for genetic testing provided the citizens are returned with no memory of the events.
  • nightlight Alien R... 2010/04/26 12:08:49
    You are assuming that the aliens would be playing by some kind of rules; what if they aren't?
  • Alien R... nightlight 2010/04/26 15:48:03
    Alien Ramone
    If a group of aliens came that wanted to conquer us or enslave us with no interference from other alien groups, there wouldn't be much we could do. Most of what I think would happen is based on what Black Ops insiders, contactees, and abductees have said has already happened:

    William Cooper 3 of 9

    William Cooper 4 of 9
  • nightlight Alien R... 2010/10/26 10:59:03
    I don't think that there would be much that we could do either. Especially since we can't even manage our own world.
  • Loh :) 2010/04/26 02:11:30
    It would be an apocalyptic disaster. They would either take over our planet a...
    Loh :)
    If the aliens came..it would beg the question of why are they here in the first place?
  • nightlight Loh :) 2010/04/26 12:10:40
    You could bet that such a question would not go long unanswered.
  • Loh :) nightlight 2010/04/27 06:49:14
    Loh :)
    lol..yeah. that would probably make the weirdest day of my life
  • nightlight Loh :) 2010/04/30 13:05:42
    Life is not only terribly short but also frightfully uncertain; have you ever considered that that "the wierdest day of my life" could be tomorrow? Just some food for thought; anything is possible.
  • wildernick 2010/04/26 01:16:39 (edited)
    It would be a wonderful experience and we would all benefit from it greatly.
    ..the truth is out there. I actually believe that the truth maybe too much for us to accept.....http://www.youtube...
  • nightlight wildernick 2010/04/26 07:10:41
    The truth may indeed be too much for us to accept - especially if the truth is that the aliens who come to visit us are only doing so for the purpose of making us an item on their menue. Intellegence by itself is no guarantee of benevolence.
  • wildernick nightlight 2010/04/26 07:15:37
    what defines Intelligence?...I put this argument to some Professors at my od University....in which there is no clear definition of what it is?...I think we are in contact with ET's as well...they are Manipulators of Time and Space..maybe even responsible for our being here.

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