Do you believe in love at first sight?

A story on Oprah.com talks about love at first sight--particularly, how it never happens for a lot of people, and that’s OK.

A survey by Ayala Malach-Pines, PhD, of Ben-Gurion University in Israel, found that only 11 percent of the 493 respondents fell in love with their current partners at first sight. Psychologists say that more often people tend to grow on us over time. They believe the more time you spend with someone, the more you think they are attractive and share similar traits with you.

“It can take years sometimes for two people to fully appreciate each other,” Helen Fisher, PhD.

What does tend to happen at first glance is our perceptions of potential partners and our decision of whether or not we would be intimate with them (because you can find someone hot and still not want to sleep with them). Dr. Fisher writes:

Indeed, it takes less than one second to decide whether you find someone physically attractive. Too short, too tall, too old, too young, too scruffy, or too scrubbed—he's out. If, however, he fits your general concept of Adonis, your mind races toward the next checkpoint: voice. Once again, you respond in seconds. Women typically regard rapid talkers as more educated and men with full, deep voices as better-looking than they are. Next: his words. We like people who use the same kinds of words we use. We are also drawn to those who have a similar degree of intelligence, share our religious and social values, and come from the same economic background—and we quickly determine these attributes from a man's words (not to mention how he dresses and wears his hair, whether he's carrying a briefcase or a soccer ball, and if he's sporting a gold watch or a tattoo).

So the “love” might really be based on lust of finding that person attractive.

But another study—on fruit flies, of all things—found that we might actually be genetically programmed to fall in love instantly with our best-matched partners. Scientists discovered that females are “biologically primed” to detect more genetically compatible males. This may mean that females can size up a potential mate during their first meeting to see if they could produce good offspring.
So have you fallen in love at first site? And if you haven’t, do you think it’s possible?

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/article/relationships/couples...

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  • jeffy 2009/11/25 21:52:52
  • Guyupstairs 2009/11/25 14:48:33
    I believe in infatuation at first sight. Now I can believe in love at first kiss. Ever kiss someone and you get chills up your spine and you just know you could spent your life with that person?
  • Brandon53 2009/11/25 14:29:59
  • Keisha 2009/11/25 13:19:45
    NO, I believe in sexual attraction at first sight, but not love, that takes time.
  • Devil King 2009/11/25 06:42:50
    Devil King
    before i would say no, but the one person ive ever fell in love with i just knew at first sight, i was a shy person and id never be the one to do the first move but when i saw her or when she was around i just knew i needed to be with her, wasnt just lust, we were compatible, i just waited to long, i could have had her if i tried, but i let my friends negativity stop me, i became the jacob of my own story, lolz, damn twilight, hahaha
  • prasadrajendra57 2009/11/25 06:18:12
    Yes I do and to support this I saw a girl in my life time ,met her and got it
  • Emmers :DD 2009/11/25 01:02:20 (edited)
    Emmers :DD
    I have.....And now that I've gotten to know him I've fallen even deeper.
  • Pat G 2009/11/24 21:53:44
    Pat G
  • elsa11170 2009/11/24 21:49:51
    yes! my mom and dad :)
  • Ms. Honey 2009/11/24 21:39:38
    Ms. Honey
    I surely don't.
  • Angie 2009/11/24 21:15:26
    Yes. It happened to me and 46 yrs later, we are still together.
  • ObsesseDxx 2009/11/24 20:35:20
    Yeah sure.!!
    <3 Y not..!!
  • Daisy fan 2009/11/24 20:07:36
    Daisy fan
    i don't belive the kiss.i've had it.
  • Culture Warrior 2009/11/24 19:36:09
    Culture Warrior
    The defenition of "Love" seems to have been skewed in our society. Distinguishing the difference between "Love" at first sight and "Lust" at first sight or some other feeling may determine the outcome to the question!

    society distinguishing difference love sight lust sight feeling determine outcome
  • Stephanie 2009/11/24 19:04:09
    i kinda do believe in love at first sight
  • Danielle Rimmer 2009/11/24 18:54:08
    Danielle Rimmer
    i believe that its rare if it happens and that people don't just get one chance at it.
  • Null and Void 2009/11/24 17:51:31
    Null and Void
    No. I believe in infatuation at first sight.
  • Memy a.k.a Baked 2009/11/24 17:25:27
    Memy a.k.a Baked
    I believe in love at first sight. It has happen to me before.

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