Do you believe in God?

Mikey :) 2012/08/06 03:29:08
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If you do ,why? If you dont,why and do you believe in some type of afterlife?
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  • Kyra 2012/09/27 23:32:19
    YES! Love HIM!
  • Splashstorm 2012/09/06 01:32:10
  • Miss Kris the Centrist 2012/08/28 21:35:16
    Miss Kris the Centrist
    I do, but not because of what I was told or read. I believe because I have felt His presence. I don't know how to explain everything, I only know what I've experienced. There will never be proof of God's existence or non-existence.
  • PRISCIℓℓA♥ 2012/08/12 07:36:51
    Yess ♥
  • Radical Ed 2012/08/06 07:56:38
    Radical Ed
    no just because i have no reason to.

  • MyPaperBleedsInk 2012/08/06 05:56:27
    Of course not, I'm too old for fairy tales. Actually I didn't even believe it as a child, even though my relatives are religious and I was forced to go to church. Couldn't believe why so many people believed it. But now am pretty sure it's the whole life after death thing that forces people to believe out of fear. They don't want to accept that when you die, you are essentially nothing. You are no longer here/there.... no memories, no awareness, basically no existence.
  • ☽✪☾Goddess~Worshiper☥ 2012/08/06 05:45:17
    In by 'God' you mean the Christian 'God' then no. I believe in my Gods and Goddesses. A few years ago, things in my life were horrible. And I'm not a drama queen, I cut myself and i just wanted to die. I prayed and prayed to 'God' (this is when I was Christian) for him to change things, and he didn't for a year. Then I prayed to my Goddess, Gaea, and things got better instantly.

    I believe when I die, I will go to the Summerlands with my Gods and Goddesses, and I will remember all of my past lives. If I think I had a good life, I can choose to stay there. If I do not think I did good, I can go back. Why do you think a baby's brain doesn't operate to remember? So we can forget our past lives. I have seen a few of mine. And whatever bad I did in this life, when I die I will get it 3-fold. And yes, I do believe in reincarnation.
  • 666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/08/06 04:16:23
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    I am god.

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