Do you believe Humans exceed religion?

Eyes See Wide North 2012/06/11 04:13:05
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What is more important to you, Religion, or humanity?

If you answer religion, I would like to point out all religions talk about god in the human being (Jesus is in us all, once we know this, we can make ourselves Jesus) so in that sense, and many other sense, you have already contradicted yourself.

After all, who knows best?

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  • dvd 2012/06/17 05:48:02
  • Radical Ed 2012/06/11 18:45:29
    Humans are better than religion
    Radical Ed
    people can believe in a god without the need for dogmatism.
  • 1wickedwitch 2012/06/11 16:56:44
    The answer to all mankinds questions, lies in all of mankind, when united.
  • PEEPL 2012/06/11 08:16:46 (edited)
    Humans are better than religion
    Here is Ezekial 4-15
    New International Version
    "Very well," he said, "I will let you bake your bread over cow manure instead of human excrement."
    The bible really is the good news.. :)
    Ezekiel 4 15
  • Metaldane 2012/06/11 04:29:58
    Humans are better than religion
    And not all religions talk about gods in human beings do you realize how many religions there are?
  • Eyes Se... Metaldane 2012/06/11 04:35:09
    Eyes See Wide North
    I talk in reference to major religions, I dont apologize for your need to pick on details of the words I use.

    I used the word "all", to draw out your kind. It seems to work, everytime.
  • Metaldane Eyes Se... 2012/06/11 04:47:40
    Yes I like to be exact if you mean large say large otherwise your acting like an ass towards the other religions which are just as valid it's called being diplomatic you got to be if you aim for a debate to have any purpose.
  • Charmaine 2012/06/11 04:16:25
    Religion knows best
    You have mankind and then you have God. God is omnipotent and all powerful, mankind is a shadow to his greatness. The answers we are seeking at this point on Earth, God already knows!!!

  • Eyes Se... Charmaine 2012/06/11 04:17:52
    Eyes See Wide North
    Poor opinion, sorry but it is, how do propose god will change our planet if we are not willing to change?
  • Charmaine Eyes Se... 2012/06/11 17:39:34
    Because not all change is good and in our best interests; changing the world does not mean falling into a state of moral decay!!! And sorry that you don't agree with me, but it is merly my opinion, SUTPID ATHEIST!!!
  • Eyes Se... Charmaine 2012/06/11 22:55:56
    Eyes See Wide North
    I am not an Atheist, I am actually the leader of a new Universal religion (still in the process of having our holy scripture finished). My class of New World Priests combine all the "good aspects" of old religion, and wipe out any belief in the wrong ideas, such as heaven and hell being separate, such as women being second class, homosexuals being evil, and god being a judgemental prick with a sadistic sense of humor.

    Does that make sense to you?

    Stupid Human
  • Charmaine Eyes Se... 2012/06/27 07:14:44
    None of what you stated makes sense to me because it is all GARBAGE that I don't agree with!!! And anyperson who follows your RELIGION is a dipwit!!!
  • elijahin24 Charmaine 2012/06/12 20:40:44
    That would be true, IF God exists; a condition which you cannot prove.

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