Do you agree with a school uniform?? Why or why not

~♥Ashley♥I~love~my~son♥~ 2008/09/15 05:29:43
I like the idea because...
I dont like the idea because...
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I think school uniforms are a good idea, I had to wear one in the school I was at last year, I like a school uniform because some kids are rich and some kids dont have much money, so there is a big clothes difference there, and it saves kids from getting made fun of, but what is your opinion of a school uniform....
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  • Running Moon 2008/09/15 16:26:50
    I like the idea because...
    Running Moon
    It saves on money for school clothes and no one can make fun of the kids that cannot afford the fancy names/styles in clothes.

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  • Mrs. V 2009/03/04 05:35:23
    I like the idea because...
    Mrs. V
    I like the same ideas you stated. Clothes are a major source of jealousy and envy. Not to mention that dress code policies are so lax in most public schools that many items being worn are too revealing.
    All that cleavage is distracting to males. Most kids are so sloppily dressed, it promotes an attitude unconducive to learning. If everyone is wearing the same thing, kids don't have to worry about the usual peer pressure of looking cool, therefore they can devote more attention to learning.
  • NekoMeko 2009/03/03 16:10:19
    I like the idea because...
    i think its a great idea, kids dont need freedom of expression in school because clothing will become very distracting. i know becuase i am a student and i think that school uniforms would be a great idea.
  • Genesis 2009/02/12 15:49:02
    I like the idea because...
    they are hot and right away if i am wearing regular clothes people like hating on me....~!thats just how it is i got lot of haterz
  • Ally 2009/01/29 13:25:24
    I dont like the idea because...
    They take away individuality!! Instead of fighting over clothes, students will move on to hair so they don't really decrease violence!
  • breeisr0ckin 2009/01/29 05:45:54
    I dont like the idea because...
    Yeah, wearing a uniform saves money and all, but I think it doesn't give kids the freedom of expressing themselves through what they wear.
  • Bob Kat 2009/01/28 02:22:22
  • 13 2008/09/24 05:44:23
    I like the idea because...
    I wore school uniform 1st. through 8th. grade including a tie. And the best thing in comparison to kids today is I never had to worry about what to wear and no one judge me on what I wore. And girls skirts no more than three inches above the knee. I see the kids in High School today and it's more about making a fashion statement.
  • cookie_... 13 2009/01/27 20:04:21
    i agree with u 2 because im barley in the 7th grade & i have 2 wear uniforms
    i know its something boring to wear
  • Tyeshia 2008/09/22 21:17:53
    I dont like the idea because...
    they are ugly and everyone wearing the same thing would make me sleeply
  • Pheno 2008/09/22 02:04:39 (edited)
    I like the idea because...
    it promotes unity, professionalism and consistency. also, when getting your child ready there's no guess work as to what they will wear that morning or the rest of the week. =0)
  • 3ttolrahC 2008/09/22 01:03:28
    I like the idea because...
    I think it prevents a lot of bullying.
    Everyone is dressed near enough the same and it also makes kids look smart.
  • Josh 2008/09/22 00:32:11
    I dont like the idea because...
    It takes away the sense of individuality with a student. It marks them "student". You know who else used a form of marking to remove individuality? Hitler and the Nazi regime. Oh gee, why wouldn't we want to be like Nazis, right? Fuck that. Oh, and about the getting made fun of thing: it's called growing a fucking back-bone. How will these kids function in real life if their tought someone else will always have a solution to their problems? Uniforms are fucking terrible.
  • cookie_... Josh 2009/01/27 20:06:32
    i agree with u to by the way "my chemical romance" suck
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  • DEVILDAWGSGURL 2008/09/22 00:05:39
    I like the idea because...
    Like you said it's better for the families that don't have money. Kids need to learn to be more tactful.
  • ~♥Ashle... DEVILDA... 2008/09/22 00:10:59
    thank you and yes they do, Im only 17, so I can be counted as a kid, but I agree
  • cookie_... DEVILDA... 2009/01/27 20:09:05
    wat the hell is wrong with u dont u want 2 be free and not wear uniforms
  • Maven 2008/09/20 22:43:22
    I like the idea because...
    Many reasons why it is a good idea.
    Some kids pick on others based on their clothing. One less reason to help the bullies to shut up, and stay in their corner.
    Kids should be more concerned with their school work, not what to wear that day. The uniform will take that pressure out of their life. Yes, kids have a lot of pressure more so today, than when I was in school.
    Uniform help enforce respect to authorities. when they go home, and they can practice their have their personality come through, and dress as they please.
    there are more, but these should be enough for me.
  • barkbark-247 2008/09/20 20:49:59
    I like the idea because...
    And control what some of these students wear....
  • Josh barkbar... 2008/09/22 00:33:31
    nice. control them, there's a solution you totalitarian [...].
  • barkbar... Josh 2008/09/22 16:40:02
    ya i guess and this is why this country is not #1 students are not there to LEARN anymore and now this country has more LOOZERS [...] .....school is not a fashion show....
  • Josh barkbar... 2008/09/22 21:12:25
    it's not a fashion show but most schools philosophy and scope say that school is for students to develop "educationally and SOCAILLY". that's not going to be very easy if they can't even express themselves.
  • Its Ms.MiMi,b!tch 2008/09/20 07:54:12
    Its Ms.MiMi,b!tch
    yes and no for elementary,yes kids arent into clothes as much.high school,no this is when kids start to fugre out who they really r and what they like,they shouldnt be forced to look like everybody else.
  • ElectronicAlexa [dhr] 2008/09/20 00:34:15
  • I love every kind of music 2008/09/18 20:46:11
    I love every kind of music
    if we had school uniforms then it would stop girls from wearing slutty clothes, but at the same time you are taking away someones individuality and someone may not be comfortable in the uniforms.
  • pink ba... I love ... 2008/09/20 12:02:27
    pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~
    If a persons only outlet for individuality is through what they wear then they must have a pretty rotten personality.
    Horrible excuse that is. Why can't you do your hair in a way that expresses individuality? Why can't you talk in a way that shows your individuality?
    Clothes aren't everything. In fact, a lot of people would feel like they can't express themselves as strongly as wished because people will automatically judge them on their clothes which may be hand me downs or just bland...
  • Josh pink ba... 2008/09/22 00:34:44
    Why must kids wear uniforms then, [...] ? Why can't kids show who they are with their clothing and grow a fucking back-bone? Instead of running home crying whenever someone calls them poor?
  • ~♥Ashle... Josh 2008/09/22 00:36:53
    I dont mind you giving your opinion, but watch your language, I dont like it, and if you dont want to watch your language, go find someone elses poll to answer..

  • pink ba... Josh 2008/09/22 08:30:20
    pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~
    Okay, that was a very angry response... but whatever, I'll respond...

    Are you that absorbed in fashion that you really think that someones ENTIRE personality is derived from it. I love clothes and fashion but even I can understand that just because someone may dress in emo clothes does not make them an emo! I would rather have uniforms because sometimes I (and alot of other people) don't like to be judged by what I wear! I would rather have them talk to me first!! If you can really judge someone so quickly on what they wear then you would be the first choice for basing someone on how pretty or ugly they are.
    As for growing a backbone. Why does bullying give some one a backbone? All it does is make someones life hell for 12 years until they can finally get away. Besides, have you ever thought that people may not think like you? Why not instead of responding like an immature and disrespectful person actually give a proper reply that explains were your coming from instead of swearing to try and intimidate me. It wont work, I have my opinions and you have yours. Deal with it!
  • Josh pink ba... 2008/09/22 21:14:22
    [...] who's overly-sensitive about what others think of you?
  • pink ba... Josh 2008/09/23 04:38:05
    pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~
    Actually through your reply I can see that your the whiny overly sensitive one because you seem to care more about what people wear and how you look to them then how nice you are.
    Grow up.
  • Josh pink ba... 2008/09/25 21:27:07
    so I was right about you then? I thought so. The world isn't about being nice, not the real world anyways. Maybe it is in your fucking fantasy-world, but not the world I live in.
  • pink ba... Josh 2008/09/26 00:41:54
    pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~
    haha are you actually serious? You have NO idea about the real world! What kind of a person would employ you if you are ignorant, self absorbed and have a horrible attitude. I happen to know some incredibly successful people and all of them have told me that a good attitude to life is one of the most important thing because many companies rely on good employee to customer relations.
    If you really think that by being a jerk you can succeed and have a happy life then I feel really sorry for you. There is a difference being being competitive/aggressive and being a tool.

    Sorry, but I like life, I like people and love being happy so have fun moaning and being depressed...
  • Josh pink ba... 2008/09/26 23:40:52
    who said anything about being happy or successful? try just fucking surviving [..]
  • barkbar... Josh 2008/09/22 16:42:28 (edited)
    I can see by your language your one of them that uses school as a fashion show, as you will do well in the world.....ROFLMAO ...........don't show your ignorance pleeezzz.........
  • cookie_... Josh 2009/01/27 20:11:03
    hey bitch watch ur language kidz read this shit write back at cookiemonster12468@yahoo.com
    ohh and i agree with u 2!!!! buy!!!!!!!! ^-^
  • . 2008/09/18 19:47:43
    I like the idea because...
    it's not really that bad of an idea..
  • ~♥Ashle... . 2008/09/18 19:52:02
    Thank you, my main reason was because I have seen alot of kids getting picked on and made fun of because of the different style in clothing.. and if there are uniforms kids pay more attention to education instead of fashion.. thanks for the comment
  • . ~♥Ashle... 2008/09/18 19:54:33
    i agree with u on that
  • Körïnthïän 2008/09/18 13:01:07
    I like the idea because...
  • Its Ms.... Körïnthïän 2008/09/20 07:55:30

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