Do lice/nits like dirty or clean hair...?

juicii~sitrus 2009/12/27 01:59:39
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Do they like dirty or clean hair....? And how does hot water, when doing laundry, kill nits but hot showers or extreme heat from hair drying can't kill 'em?....... ANSWER PLEASE. D:

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  • Selkie 2009/12/27 11:01:36 (edited)
    They LOVE clean hair.
    Its actually not the hair that they like, its the blood under the scalp. The only reason longer haired people seem to get them easier is because there is a greater amount of area for them to jump onto. What they do is climb the hair shaft to the scalp, dig in & live off the blood that they drink. They are prolific & will lay eggs/nits quickly & frequently. This is why simply washing the hair will not get rid of them. The eggs are stuck onto the scalp with a sticky substance (Eeeewww Huh?), the live lice are dug into the scalp. They must be raked off of the skin with that extremely fine-toothed comb that comes with the kits. Clothes & such can simply be laundered because there is no living thing for them to dig into & they simply wash down the drain. comb kits clothes simply laundered living dig simply wash drain
  • Ju ju 2009/12/27 04:42:34
    They LOVE clean hair.
    Ju ju
    And long hair thats why mostly girls have them!
  • Shyan 2009/12/27 04:07:33
    They LOVE clean hair.
    We have suffered from lice many times. it sux. the home remedy i reccomend would be the listerine and vinigar treatment. instead of spending like $40 on pesticides which only kill not remove u can spend like $10 on which kills and removes. if u want the whole direction on how to use this treatment just ask :)
  • LisaSikes Shyan 2011/02/18 03:06:12
    how do u use it my friend has it
  • Shyan LisaSikes 2011/03/06 02:37:06
    u soak your head in the mouth wash for 30mins washout then soak with vinegar. comb through the hair afterwards and all nits and lice will come out. easily.
  • bulmash... Shyan 2011/08/28 17:56:35
    Hi Shyan Im a supply teacher for nursery school. I worked with a toddler who was being treated and now Im feeling paranoid how do you know if you have it? I only worked with her for two days. I think my hand brushed her hair by accident. when I lifted her up briefly. How do you know? I normally have try scalp too. So when i combed hair i saw white stuff but figured that was it. Also really creative idea for killing them. I will try and remember that incase it happens again I can recomend that to other people too. Really cool idea.
  • ©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2009/12/27 02:20:15
  • FabulousKilljoy47 2009/12/27 02:07:06
    They LOVE clean hair.
    It doesn't matter what kind of hair, you could be rich and super clean, or a person on the streets can get them, as long as there is hair, nits and lice can turn up. To get rid of nits and lice you have to use a special shampoo and a special comb. If you dont want to wash whatever it is (Blanket, clothes) you could also dry them in a dryer 4 20 minutes or more. Hope this helps! :)
  • Jo Fabulou... 2010/01/05 17:54:04
    Lice like clean hair and stay away from dirty hair its a fact just look it up, try www.fairytaleshaircare.com they have studies and facts on their website. Also, a dryer will not do much to lice, eggs or nits since they are in a protective shell like covering and they are so close to the scalp. Unless you burn your scalp directly for a few minutes, I cant see this helping at all just a waste a time and painful for the child. You must do a treatment that will elminate all the eggs/nits and lice in one or two treatments. Try Lice Goodbye its non toxic, no chemicals, and can be used over and over again.
  • Megan ~ PHAET 2009/12/27 02:02:17
    They LOVE clean hair.
    Megan ~ PHAET
    Clean...Don't know the other two.
  • bye 2009/12/27 02:01:25
  • Jo bye 2010/01/05 17:48:54
    Not true, the prefer clean hair and stay away from dirty hair!
  • bye Jo 2010/01/05 20:56:13

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