Do eyebrow piercings hurt ?

andrrabillkaulitz 2009/07/27 09:42:44
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I want to get my eyebrow pierced.I just wanted to know if it hurts a lot or not.Some say it depends on the person.I think that I would manage a little pinch for a few seconds !?
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  • NightHeart 2009/07/28 08:41:50
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    i have no idea,cuz sadly i dont have any piecings. i would like to know the same about lip piecings cuz i wanna get one as soon as i can!
  • d34uxd34ux 2009/07/27 23:36:08 (edited)
    It didn't hurt at all the first time I got it done--make sure you have a hand to hold and someone to keep you laughing and distracted, and you won't even notice what they're doing.

    However, getting it repierced was a bitch.
  • Gwynodd 2009/07/27 15:05:03
    Major hurt.
  • Lin 2009/07/27 12:32:15
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    Depends, how much is it worth to you?
  • Outtolunch 2009/07/27 10:14:37
    All piercings hurt, its a matter of how well you cope with the pain. I have had my nose and my lip pierced and both hurt.
  • Dagon 2009/07/27 10:08:40
  • Triple D 2009/07/27 10:02:23
    Triple D
    Does having a thick needle shoved though your skin and slicing out a chunk of your meat hurt? Yes.
  • Kyra 2009/07/27 09:58:11
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    O would not know...ear piercing hurts me, so I would think so.
  • Me 2009/07/27 09:58:00
    Not at all in my opinion. I've had it done 4 times and not one of them hurt. Getting my ears done was more painful.
  • Speechless 2009/07/27 09:48:04
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    idk undecided leave comment idk
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2009/07/27 09:46:07 (edited)
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    sd *TROUBLE*
    Just like any other piercing, it depends on your tolerance to pain. I've heard people say it was just a pinch, to they didn't feel anything to it hurt like a bitch.
    My aunt got hers pierced and she said it was just a pinch, but one of my friends got theres pierced and she cried when they did it >.> so yeah..
  • No.
    I have been told it just pinches a bit.

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