Do Edible Undies Count As ‘Food’?

The city of San Antonio has officially declared edible underwear “food.” Rosemary Benitez, who owns the Shades of Love lingerie store, was told she’d need a food permit in order to continue to sell bedroom enhancements such as edible undies.

"Everything is sold as novelty. Everything in the box says 'novelty item' only... It's not something you sit down and actually eat. It's more for licking and tasting. Edible? No. It's not going to fill you up,” Benitez told local news station KENS 5. And while you might not eat undies with a knife and fork, San Antonio's Sanitarian Services Manager Stephen Barschewski explained that a food permit is necessary in case there’s an edible underwear recall.

"Any facility in the city of San Antonio that sells edible substance requires a food establishment permit. One, it's the law. Two, in case there's a recall, we certainly want to know the source,” he told KENS 5.

The permit costs about $230 a year, and means the store is subject to regular health inspections.

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  • Shilo 2010/05/21 20:39:19
    I'm pretty sure it's just a fun shaped fruit roll-up, so it probably does count as food.

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  • bloodred 2010/06/13 15:43:15
  • BRADY969 2010/05/29 14:47:20
    No they count as white trash sex toys sold at Spencers gift shop.
  • g 2010/05/27 22:38:58
    well you see then this raises the question one might ask their girlfriend in regards to "protein"
  • steven 2010/05/24 23:28:04
    How absolutely and totally ridiculous. Recall on edible undies?
    "Just return the unused portion in the original container for a full refund." And then there's that annoying question about the effect of edible undies on the human gastro-intestinal system. Maybe a special FDA study is in order? Bah! Humbug.
  • hw 2010/05/24 19:12:16
    Junk food, maybe. What a concept - what next, they'll be reports of people binging on underwear?!? or 'No Honey, no desert for me - I'm saving room for a nice luscious pile of underwear ....'
  • LittleMistersMom 2010/05/24 18:06:17
    What is the nutritional value of edible underwear? I've got a pair at home...is it on the South Beach Diet? How many Weight Watcher's points? hmmmm....
  • Saltwater Dude 2010/05/24 16:45:07
    Saltwater Dude
    Pubic floss. Snail Slime Musk. Yummmm.
  • Charles E 2010/05/24 15:48:52
    Charles E
    Someone is either grasping for power with an illogical extension of a reasonable law, or Benitez hopes the license fee and inspection hassles will end local sales of these novelty products. They will still be available from out of town or mail order or internet, none of which will pay sales tax to San Antonio.
  • Londonearbaby 2010/05/24 15:46:09
    o nice who wants a big plate of edible undies!!! plate edible undies
  • Hammer 2010/05/24 15:23:01
    Can they be purchased with 'Food Stamps' purchased food stamps
  • Charles E Hammer 2010/05/24 15:49:51
    Charles E
    If not are they really food?
  • Hammer Charles E 2010/05/24 15:52:07
    Good point
  • michelle 2010/05/24 14:06:56
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/05/24 11:54:11
    Ok, a novelity. But the ones of the 1960s were of questionable quality. The cherry flavor was a tad off and the panties were of a tend to " si=tick sort" when gotten wet. All over my teeth. All oover her...... As long as I knew her the laughter between us brought the house down.
    It was just not long eneough and one day she got up packed her bags and left me. No candy pants. no nothing.
  • JCD aka... jackola... 2010/05/24 21:50:34
    JCD aka "biz"
    I'm very sorry to hear, or read, that.
  • wuonbi 2010/05/24 08:44:55
    So who gets sent the recall information? The Dinnee or the Dinnor ?
  • wuonbi 2010/05/24 08:41:14
    The purpose of health inspections is to insure anything that is sold to us as something to put into our mouths, is kept in a healthly environment until we purchase it.
    I hope no establishment could sell something that it says is edible without any heath inspection, as long as they call it a novelty.
  • SimsNerd 2010/05/24 05:31:03
    what are adible underwear even made out of?
  • LittleM... SimsNerd 2010/05/24 18:08:43
    a fruit roll-up type material.
  • SimsNerd LittleM... 2010/05/27 02:01:27
    thats actually kinda cool...
    i'd eat them..
    just not off anyone xD
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