Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?

Mel 2010/01/30 01:13:00
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  • kitannarae 2012/12/02 20:58:40
    they couldve caused trouble before their curfew.
  • Selena Emig 2011/10/26 01:48:24
    Selena Emig
    i dont think so b/c if teens really wanted to do something their are gonna do it regardless of curfew or not i kno people that actually go out of their way to disobey parents teachers and even the police so no i dont think there should b a curfew if people r gonna ignore it anyway
  • 2011/10/25 13:58:09
    Nott at all
  • Cody Li 2011/10/13 00:42:32
    Cody Li
    it givs u advice. it helps u solve a problem.
  • Stephany 2011/05/11 09:03:22
    I was a teenager once,and i can tell u no curfews kept me out of trouble. Yes it reduced the quantity of trouble at the time, but after i stoped having curfews, i got into more trouble then ever jst bcz i wanted to try those things that i couldnt at that time. In my opinion, being frnds wid ur teens and leading the way rather than forcing them is the best way to keep them out of trouble.
  • anoymous 2011/05/10 16:11:12
  • Ms M anoymous 2011/05/12 15:59:00
    Ms M
    sock alert sock alert
  • Sweetmix 2011/03/31 21:06:53
    curfews hardly mean anything to us teens. Curfew is like telling us we cant chew gum....we don't care no matter what we will always ignore "curfews" and in the long run we will figure out our selves that we should have listened but for now we don't care
  • lilly.anne Sweetmix 2011/04/14 03:45:04
    Speak for yourself on that one. Not all teens oppose curfews because, contrary to popular belief it's actually for your own good.
  • taylor 2011/01/21 17:52:45
    when teens have a curfew they just lie about where they are going and what they are going to be doing just so they can stay out longer. and if they dont lie they are most likely to sneak out.
  • shawnee 2010/11/12 17:54:05
    i think that kids are more likely to break a curfew because there is one. with kids telling them not to do something is like putting a big red button infront of them saying do not push.
  • austin 2010/03/15 18:37:52
  • Selena ... austin 2011/10/26 01:51:11
    Selena Emig
    ur gettin kinda harsh dontcha think?
  • anonymous 2010/02/13 13:47:10
    you can cause trouble any time of the day and as a teen myself if you give a teen a curfew their only going to sneak out! so it is easier too ask the teens what they have been getting up too and making a bond with them so they be honest but curfews just cause even more trouble!
  • Robert 2010/02/11 23:57:38
    Doesn't that just give them yet another way to get into trouble.
  • Robert Robert 2010/02/12 00:00:03
    lol, my city really should have one though
    I never sneak out because there's nowhere to sneak off too.
  • Silver Fang 2010/02/04 21:29:50
    Silver Fang
    All curfews do is violate the constitutional rights of citizens who have been disenfranchised by the government.
  • rock&rollgirl-loves rock&roll 2010/01/30 20:16:48
    rock&rollgirl-loves rock&roll
    thay get teens into trouble.
  • lulu 2010/01/30 04:04:16
    Any teenager, or any person of any age, can get in trouble any time of the day. Curfews only ensure (assuming they follow them) that they are home at a certain time. A curfew doesn't stop anyone from doing something they shouldn't.
  • Katherine the Renaissance W... 2010/01/30 01:31:52
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    No. Curfews are just more rules. And teens like to believe that rules are meant to be broken.....
  • Ladnar 2010/01/30 01:23:40
    Gives them less free time to run wild and get into trouble.
  • Natachka Ladnar 2010/01/30 01:29:46
    lol! it suks 4 people with curfews cuz i dont have one!!!!
  • Ladnar Natachka 2010/01/30 01:37:19
    Young girls are the ones who need curfews most of all.
  • Natachka Ladnar 2010/01/30 01:38:07
    how old r u??
  • Ladnar Natachka 2010/01/30 01:42:56 (edited)
    Still in my 30’s. I’m not some old-timer. The girls who have no curfew are the girls who end up staying out all night doing drugs and drinking and having multiple sex partners and catching diseases and getting pregnant… The most important parenting job is keeping teen girls under control so they don’t get into trouble.
  • Mel Ladnar 2010/01/30 01:45:49
    okay hold up...I am a teen mother have only been with my babies father have never been on drugs and have never had a cerfew....so all of those things don't necessarily go together I am 20 now but still it is considered a teen mom cause i was almost 18 when she was born
  • Ladnar Mel 2010/01/30 01:49:49
    Don’t start that. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but that doesn’t make the rule any less true.
    The girls who are permitted to run wild are the one who generaly get into trouble.
  • Mel Ladnar 2010/01/30 01:50:55
    into trouble yes....sorry a bit deffensive on that note haha
  • Ladnar Mel 2010/01/30 01:56:41
    Did your not having a curfew contribute to your being a teen mom? ;)
  • Mel Ladnar 2010/01/30 01:59:37
    no...not at all...
  • Natachka Ladnar 2010/01/30 20:08:21
    Im not like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just sneak out to get some fresh air! BTW im still a virgin!
  • Ladnar Natachka 2010/01/30 20:12:30
    Fresh air?? Pft. Who do you think you're lying to, your parents? :p

    I'm just saying, teens that run wild all hours of the night get into trouble.
    Boys get arrested; girls get pregnant and gang raped and killed…
  • Natachka Ladnar 2010/01/30 20:15:15
  • Ladnar Natachka 2010/01/30 20:19:16
    Well don’t be sneaking out at all hours or some of that could change, beyond your control.
  • Natachka Ladnar 2010/01/30 20:22:01
    Thanx 4 the advice!!! I'll stop!
  • Natachka Natachka 2010/01/30 20:22:16
    in a good way! =p
  • Ladnar Natachka 2010/01/30 20:24:17
    Good girl. ;)
  • manda08 Ladnar 2010/03/04 18:04:44
    wow so its not just the girls. most girls actually are responsible. the only reason girls go out and do all that is because they feel they have too many restrictions. if they loosened up on the girls they would not be doing all this. jut because we are young girls does not mean u have to lock us up and throw away the key. curfews just give us more of a reason to want to just disobey. you cant just keep young girls all tied up. why not young guys???? they can get someone pregnant and they can be doing drugs??/ i dont understand why people think guys are more responsible than girls. its just not the truth at all
  • lacylok... manda08 2011/07/20 01:58:32
  • lilly.anne Ladnar 2011/04/14 03:48:27
    In this culture, that's true for most girls, but not all girls who have no curfew do that. I don't have a curfew yet I have never drank, had sex, or done drugs. The most important parenting job is to teach them when they are young right from wrong so that when they are teens they know better.

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