Do Christians Feel the Need to Protect Israel Only Because They Believe That Jesus Will Come Back in Israel?

Liza Jane 2010/12/21 19:40:34
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So Christians believe that the Rapture (Armaggedon) is coming, and soon according to the most fundamental amongst them, and when it does Jesus will come to Israel. The believers will be swept up to heaven... and basically the world will end.

And isn't it a tad anti-Semitic that they think that 144,000 Jews will convert to Christianity and the rest are going to hell? They praise them for "protecting the land" but at the same time condemn them to hell?

I don't know... this seems a tad rude to me.

IMHO, as always.
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  • wendla243 2011/01/16 21:23:24
  • sodahead-mkd 2011/01/11 15:06:10
    Which ones lol...
  • Whitese7en 2011/01/03 09:32:20 (edited)
    No, it doesn't have anything to do with where Jesus will return, it's because the Jews are God's chosen people.

    It's God's desire that no one (Jews included) go to Hell, which is exactly why He is sending the 144,000 witnesses out to witness to them. It's not that the "rest" will go to Hell, it's that out of the "rest", those who continue to deny Christ up until the day they meet him in judgment, will go to Hell.

    For the record, Christians don't have the power to condemn anyone to Hell.
  • Liza Jane Whitese7en 2011/01/03 20:35:04
    Liza Jane
    I'm aware that Christians don't have the power to condemn anyone to hell but they sure think a lot of people are going there.
  • Whitese7en Liza Jane 2011/01/03 21:08:42 (edited)
    Because sadly, a lot of people(more than aren't) are going to go there.
  • Liza Jane Whitese7en 2011/01/03 21:09:19
    Liza Jane
    There is no hell.
  • Whitese7en Liza Jane 2011/01/03 21:10:36
    How have you come to this conclusion?
  • Liza Jane Whitese7en 2011/01/03 21:11:15
    Liza Jane
    Well there's no god, there's no heaven, there's no hell.

    You don't survive the death of your brain.
  • Whitese7en Liza Jane 2011/01/03 22:44:05
    Again, by what evidence have you come to this conclusion?
  • Liza Jane Whitese7en 2011/01/03 23:36:01
    Liza Jane
    What evidence do you have that human beings survive the death of their brain? It's scientific fact that when you die your brain dies. That's not really negotiable.
  • Whitese7en Liza Jane 2011/01/04 00:11:05
    I've never once suggested that we can survive the death of our brains.
  • twocrows Whitese7en 2011/01/09 06:04:54
    but that doesn't keep an awful lot of them from trying.
  • Whitese7en twocrows 2011/01/11 00:27:45
    Really? How have you come to this conclusion?
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2010/12/22 14:14:05
    So much history of faith and hate.Many Christians do not take this stand but fundalmentalists are by nature hardcore arrogant people.
  • onebad 2010/12/22 11:14:27
  • 8mariedawn6 2010/12/22 02:25:17
    No I do not thank we should protect them when they are wrong however they are Jesus people regardless what happened not all Jews was behind Jesus death so they do deserve some sort of respect as far as i am concerned.As far as there beliefs there have been many that has already changed over to Christianity and anything is possible with the Lord.There beliefs is between them and God We are not the judges.In the end it will all come out I suppose! concerned beliefs changed christianity lord beliefs god judges suppose jesus is a jew
  • wtxwoman 8maried... 2010/12/22 04:43:52
    The New Testement says that Christians are the 'children of god' now. That kind of leaves the Jews out in the cold don't you think?
  • 8maried... wtxwoman 2010/12/22 22:52:42
    We all are children of God yes! However you have to have some respect for Moses,Abraham ETC These where Jews and in the Beginning was Gods people so I respect them for that reason.And we are to love all races because God dose And we are not to judge that is the Lords job! Bless you!
  • sonofason 2010/12/22 02:13:58
    For many Christians, it is because they believe God said these words to Abraham,

    "And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.(Genesis 12:2-3)
  • Angi 2010/12/22 01:47:42
    The Christians that want to bring about the end of days by rebuilding the temple seem to be behaving in an unchristian manner to me. Christians believe that the way to salvation is through Jesus, but Jews do not believe in Jesus, so are these Christians just using the Jews to further their agenda, expecting the people who do not believe in Jesus to be condemned. Surely if any one believes in Jesus, he knows the time. I thought people were supposed to read the signs not make the signs happen.
  • Magyarita 2010/12/22 01:38:04
    I think he'll appear in either Switzerland or Liechtenstein since both of those countries are pretty much forever neutral.
  • Liza Jane Magyarita 2010/12/22 01:40:44
  • Magyarita Liza Jane 2010/12/22 01:47:53
    That would be awesome....or maybe he'll appear in the Principality of Sealand, since no other country recognizes it as a country. XD
  • jams 2010/12/22 00:39:34
    The Rapture myth was invented by Cotton Mather about 300 years ago. It doesn't exist in the Bible, did not exist in early Christianity and is not going to happen.
  • Liza Jane jams 2010/12/22 01:28:09
    Liza Jane
    I agree with your last statement. :-)
  • Goodbye & Blessings SodaHead! 2010/12/22 00:11:05
    Goodbye & Blessings SodaHead!
    I think it has less to do with the Rapture than it has to do with the fact that there are more things in common between Judaism and Christianity than there are between Islam and Christianity.
  • Liza Jane Goodbye... 2010/12/22 01:29:38
    Liza Jane
    I would agree if I hadn't just done research on the "Christians for Israel" and organizations of the like. Did you know that Christian organizations send over $75 billion dollars a year to Israel? Some of the Rabbis in Israel don't want the state to accept the money because they don't want American Christians, who want them all to convert to Christianity during the "rapture" or you know... go to hell... supporting their state.
  • Goodbye... Liza Jane 2010/12/22 01:33:55
    Goodbye & Blessings SodaHead!
    Yeah I've read about the Rabbis who strongly oppose the influence of Christians. I think the fire & brimstone fundamentalists have given a lot of Israeli's a generally bad opinion of Christians in general.
  • Liza Jane Goodbye... 2010/12/22 01:41:21
    Liza Jane
    Like the ones who are expecting Armageddon... lol.
  • oicw65 2010/12/21 22:36:06
    don't know,
  • tea for you 2010/12/21 21:17:03
    tea for you
    follow the money
  • wtxwoman tea for... 2010/12/22 04:45:33
    You hit the nail on the head!
  • twocrows 2010/12/21 21:10:15
    SOME Christians believe the Rapture is coming. the vast majority do not.
    as to protecting Israel -- adherents to three different religions do that.
    yeah, we're protecting it to death.

    how about if we leave that poor, beleaguered piece of real estate alone, already?
  • Quintessential Brother The ... 2010/12/21 21:09:27
    Quintessential Brother The Conservative Liberal
    Christians are just covering all there bases, wonder why they don't protect the Muslims since they have so much in common?
  • Ty ~ PHAET 2010/12/21 20:35:23
    Ty ~ PHAET
    No, they just hate Muslims.
  • Prometheus~phaet~ 2010/12/21 19:48:38
  • Liza Jane Prometh... 2010/12/21 19:52:02
    Liza Jane
    I'm just starting to understand more about this situation... it's intriguing. Is this why most Americans demand a Christian president? So that he'll protect them?
  • Prometh... Liza Jane 2010/12/21 19:53:36 (edited)
  • Liza Jane Prometh... 2010/12/21 19:59:38
    Liza Jane
  • twocrows Prometh... 2010/12/21 21:18:45
    lots longer than that.
    you can tell from the way the Bible was written that those folks expected it within a century of Jesus' death. "these latter times" is a phrase sprinkled liberally through the New Testament.

    and in the year 1000, people sold everything they owned and gathered on hilltops waiting to be swept en masse up to heaven.

    there were several during the course of the later centuries. a major spate happened while the Black Death was ravaging Europe.
    then, during the 1800's there was another upsurge.
    I guess we're due for the latest round.

    otoh, Reagan just made me WISH it was due any minute. his "Secretary of the Interior" [Watt] sure was intent on using up the planet. I figure he expected the Rapture - - so why take care of the planet? only the sinners were gonna be here - and they didn't deserve it, right?

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