Do Chores Make Men Happier?

Living 2012/07/01 20:32:16
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According to researchers from Cambridge University, husbands who do chores in the home are happier than those who do not. Sociologists used data from the European Social Survey, which compares values, attitudes, and behaviors across Europe. They compared responses from men and women regarding happiness and well-being, “work-life conflict,” and the amount of time spent on tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc.

The researchers expected to see women’s happiness levels rise when men shouldered more of the burden. Interestingly, it was the men who were happier, while their wives and girlfriends remained largely unmoved. According to the research, men who do more housework feel less guilt and experience less work-life conflict. In part, men are becoming more supportive of gender equality but women are also becoming more vocal.

“As a more equitable philosophy becomes the ideal, if you are experiencing something which doesn’t live up to that you are more ready to express dissatisfaction – and certainly that is what is perceived by men,” said Jacqueline Scott, professor of empirical sociology at Cambridge.

On the one hand, women are frustrated when men don't do their fair share of the housework and are expressing those feelings. However, many also want to make sure that the job is done right. Another study recently revealed that women in the UK spend three hours a week redoing chores they believe their partner hasn't done properly. No wonder women's happiness levels aren't rising as men take on more of the housework!

So, what do you think SodaHeads? Do chores make men happier?

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  • Jannis 2012/07/01 21:46:02
    I want to say yes because when my guy does his chores around the house,he acts like he has been working so hard and is very proud of it.I just giggle to myself about it while giving him a back rub.
  • Kyle 2012/07/01 21:39:17
    that is funny cause i do not like doing chores whats so ever
  • Aquaduck 2012/07/01 21:33:47
    It's not the chores that make the men happy, but men that cook & clean around the house probably have a better relationship with their wives, which meams they have a happy family.
  • rand 2012/07/01 21:31:37
    Just as with employees, it depends to the degree to which they choose the chores. Almost all of us like to feel useful.
  • Jwrdy 2012/07/01 21:28:13
    What has the world come to?!
  • retrograve 2012/07/01 21:21:04
    But it seems like it'd make their wife happier which would make them happier in return. Happy wife, happy life thingamajig.
  • rand retrograve 2012/07/01 21:32:36
    It's my motto sans "thingamajig".
  • me4ever 2012/07/01 20:49:51
    not the men i know but i have herd tht there re men who enjoy doing chores
  • JohnT 2012/07/01 20:45:22 (edited)
    I don't exactly whistle a happy tune, but I have done chores since before my wife and I got married so 42 years later and we still do them I like things neat and as I retired 8 years ahead of my wife I did the house cleaning, laundry cooking and house maintenance until she retired, now we share things again.

    I don't appreciate that little comment that the little lady will make sure the men do it right, for me that is a bit condescending. I was doing cooking and cleaning long before I got married. I taught my wife how to cook she couldn't boil water. Not all men need women to get by. I married mine for companionship and love other than that I do just in any domestic situation including baby care.
  • cjd 2012/07/01 20:42:24
    not for my husband
  • Skye 2012/07/01 20:38:41
    Though it sure doesn't make us kids happier, lol. I'd rather eat, shop, and sleep.
  • FELINE ... Skye 2012/07/03 10:57:44
    Then , why do kids want to grow up ?
  • L1 2012/07/01 20:36:41
    Hard to say. It depends on the guy and the relationship he has with his SO.
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/01 20:35:37
    Sister Jean
    no idea
  • Farbiger 2012/07/01 20:34:12
    Depends on the guy I guess... Like whether he likes to clean or not.
  • rand Farbiger 2012/07/01 21:35:00
    I do a number of chores but refuse to "clean" since we could afford someone to come in and do that and I find it depressing. Unfortunately for my wife, her standards are higher than any person whose cleaned in her stead, self included...thank goodness.

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