DNA tests reveal Hitler's Jewish and African roots. White Supremacists are hypocrites.

Vive le Canada Libre!!! 2010/08/30 02:13:36
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Adolf Hitler may have owed more to the 'subhuman' races he tried to exterminate than to his 'Aryan' compatriots, according to new finding published in Belgium this week.

In research for the Flemish-language magazine Knack, journalist
Jean-Paul Mulders traced Hitler's living relatives in the Fuhrer's
native Austria, as well as the United States.

"The results of this study are surprising," said Ronny Decorte, a
geneticist interviewed by Knack. "Hitler would not have been happy."

Geneticists identify groups of chromosomes called haplogroups, 'genetic fingerprints' that define populations.

According to Mulders, Hitler's dominant haplogroup, E1b1b, is relatively
rare in Western Europe - but strongest in some 25 percent of Greeks and
Sicilians, who apparently acquired the genes from Africa: Between 50
percent and 80 percent of North Africans share Hitler's dominant group,
which is especially prevalent among in the Berber tribes of
Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and Somalis.

More surprising still, perhaps, is that Hitler's second most dominant haplogroup is the most common in Ashkenazi Jews.

Read More: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/dna-tests-reve...

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  • KingdomNow 2011/10/26 23:51:47
    Early North Africans were Celts -The Berber culture reflects that, as well as blue eyes and reddish hair. The Greeks and Sicilians also record common interaction with Celtic tribes.

    No news here.
  • eεrɾïiсαa αaṉnṉεe 2010/09/08 23:48:02
    eεrɾïiсαa αaṉnṉεe
    Hitler was disgusting
  • carrotcat 2010/09/06 05:41:37
    I knew that like 2 years ago XD
  • Death Faerie 2010/09/01 20:28:13
    Death Faerie
    I've known for years that Hitler was part Jewish.
  • Gommball 2010/08/31 06:58:02
    xD thats good!
  • RoryCanadia 2010/08/30 21:37:38
    Black, Jewish, whatever. Fascists (real fascists, not people the bent out of shape right wing don't like) are human garbage and should be chased out of any place they make themselves known.
  • Mikeyandmadgelover 2010/08/30 08:05:48
    I knew that LONG ago!
    He was a hypocrite and in denial of his other ethnicities from day one.
  • Ron–Born from Above 2010/08/30 05:45:51
  • harleyxx 2010/08/30 04:44:34 (edited)
    These studies are notoriously flawed. It doesn't matter what Hitlers ancestors were. He was just an evil human being.
  • Lance 2010/08/30 04:04:56
    I was aware of this. Mein Kampf is worth a (very heavy) read. It illustrates ho someone can try justifying their ideology. If you look at the Third Reich's hierarchy, with the exception of professional military men such as Keitel and Goering, they were mostly from backgrounds which according to Nazi ideology, were far from ideal. hierarchy exception professional military keitel goering backgrounds nazi ideology ideal hierarchy exception professional military keitel goering backgrounds nazi ideology ideal
  • Phillip 2010/08/30 03:56:44
    Race was not the issue, evil criminal insanity brought out by hatred, was the issue. Race was where the hate focused.
  • Dagon 2010/08/30 03:17:01
  • Ramesh 2010/08/30 03:15:35
    Interesting interesting
  • Axl Snaks 2010/08/30 03:03:20
  • moomoof 2010/08/30 02:55:12
    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH... hahahahahahahaa .....ah i read this a few days ago and i am still laughing hahahahaaha xD

    What a douche
  • steph ♥ 2010/08/30 02:30:12
    steph ♥
  • Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy) 2010/08/30 02:28:38
  • moomoof Captain... 2010/08/30 02:58:26
    that was my favorite sketch of his
  • Inoka 2010/08/30 02:18:40
    he was an idiot
  • ZILdeactivated 2010/08/30 02:15:28
    Hitler was intentionally blind about a lot of things.
  • LouOlson 2010/08/30 02:15:05
    this is old news

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