Disgusting!!! Woman Finds Dead Rat Inside Can of Diet Pepsi.

A dead rat (or mouse) has been found inside a Diet Pepsi can! The Florida couple's disgusting discovery in a can of soda has now led to an investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pepsi claims that something crawled inside the can and died while it was open but the couple is not buying it. This "lucky" couple may have taken a quick slurp to the diet Pepsi, but thanks to this can, I am pretty sure this Florida couple will become millionaires --- they are suing Pepsi!

According to the Florida couple, here's how it happened. Amy Denegri and her husband Fred were having a barbecue at their home when her husband noticed something tasted funny when he took a gulp of his Diet Pepsi. Amy told a local news program, "He made a face. I was sitting there and he said it tasted awful and something wasn't right.”

gulp diet pepsi amy told local news program tasted awful

gulp diet pepsi amy told local news program tasted awful

gulp diet pepsi amy told local news program tasted awful

gulp diet pepsi amy told local news program tasted awful

gulp diet pepsi amy told local news program tasted awful

gulp diet pepsi amy told local news program tasted awful

Hello lawsuit...

diet pepsi amy told local news program tasted awful lawsuit
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  • biffo 2009/07/31 03:55:24
    OMG, I almost threw up too! I was drinking dead rat juice, and I think somehow Pepsi got mixed into it.

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  • tiffanydaa 2012/10/02 16:15:41
    Pepsi to me always tasted like someone put a cigarette out in it!
  • Max Clough 2012/04/22 06:58:27
    Max Clough
    Spam, pow!
  • Max Clough 2012/04/22 06:57:48
    Max Clough
    OMG trolls everywhere! Go to youtube, and search Max Clough to prove just how cool you are ;) PS Coke rules!
  • drreverol 2011/09/23 14:15:46
    EW!!! She did sue those people right?
  • FernaSilva 2010/06/03 02:03:23
  • shania 2010/04/10 20:03:58
    ok tht is just naaastyyy like omqq who wud wanna drink thattt.?!
  • Splotch... shania 2010/05/16 20:27:19
    lik omg, I knowwwww. SHUT UP.
  • allee Splotch... 2011/08/13 22:48:35
    like omg you should
  • Billiam 2010/03/25 23:05:49
    Is there anyway to prove that the mouse was in the can prior to her opening it remember the finger in Wendy's chilli turned out to be a lie. I personally enjoy Pepsi and have never had an issue.
  • Splotch... Billiam 2010/05/16 20:28:38
    It sounds like you have some serious Pepsi ethos going on. If this reaches courts, I hope they consult you.
  • pepsiman1 2010/01/22 19:30:59
    yae i drink regular pepsi and at a time like this the economy and all i think somone put it in the can to try and get a quick pay check somone stuck a dog in a microwave cooked there dog then sued the company for not saying its not a dog drying or its not dog safe so peeps are desperit and stupid enuph to do this now if the can was not opend then maybe i could balieve it do to pepsies opsesstion to keep the flavor crisp i would say its all dun by some lunitick master minde
  • Splotch... pepsiman1 2010/05/16 20:29:02
    Is this English you're speaking?
  • Bernard... pepsiman1 2011/07/09 03:28:41
    Bernardo Ibarra
    Dude really,if the can was not opend then maybe i could balieve it , how would u know what's in ur can closed? next time rethink before commenting...lol
  • rozzamcgee pepsiman1 2011/12/26 14:39:04
  • iTalkAlot 2009/12/18 01:50:38
    ewwwwwy now ima pour all my cans in a glass and make sure theres no fungi living organism livin in there. EEEWEWWWWWWWWWYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
  • pepsilover 2009/10/20 19:59:46
    i still LOVE IT but you might never know it might be the secret ingridient...lol
  • elias 2009/10/17 05:04:33
    that is pure shit fuckin sick
  • Nicky Morsher 2009/10/12 18:33:37
    Nicky Morsher
    ...I'm really glad that I don't drink Pepsi....That is really freaking disgusting
  • khaliah 2009/08/27 21:46:47
    OMG!that is so freaking gross.that really does change the way I look at pepsi. that ends me drinking pepsi. maybe even cans period! only things I can see through for me. Dang, you can't trust anything these days!
  • Tudie BN 2009/08/22 15:00:08
    Tudie BN
    No more cans !
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