'dirty secret' about racism in U.S.?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/06/13 16:26:13
The San Francisco Examiner calls it a “dirty secret:” Groups of black people targeting Asians for violence, robbery and even murder.

“In 85 percent of (300) physical assault crimes, the victims were Asian and the perpetrators were African American,” the newspaper said recently, citing a police study.

In Philadelphia, secrets may be even more violent and widespread. Over the last three years, the Philadelphia Daily News found “at least 15 home invasions or other attacks on Asian business owners outside their businesses in Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery counties in 2008, followed by another spike of at least 19 actual or attempted home invasions or burglaries in those three counties plus Chester County in 2010.”

Read More: http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/stunning-dirty-secret-a...

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  • U-Dog 2012/06/13 17:14:53 (edited)
    NO, no, no... it can't be black racism, it don't work that way. Blacks can't be racist because they are a minority of victims attacking another minority. Whitey is the only racist so It must be whitey's racism and hate that is making them do it.

    ...Sorta like there is no such thing as inept black presidents ["the private sector is doing fine"] and it is all still the evil whitey Bush's fault.
  • Cuppajo 2012/06/13 16:43:59
    It's only a secret to the msm.
  • angelbaby 2012/06/13 16:35:39
    That's pretty damn sad!

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