Did Your Church Collect Signatures for the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment Petition Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2012?

Bryan Longworth 2012/02/15 13:08:11
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  • kmay 2012/02/29 15:27:50
  • Bryan L... kmay 2012/03/01 02:00:53
    Bryan Longworth
    The realization that preborn children are human beings.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/02/15 14:59:26
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    This is the same thing that failed in Mississippi - expect it will fail in Florida also.
  • Bryan L... Jackie ... 2012/02/16 17:24:08
    Bryan Longworth
    Slaveholders once thought slavery would never end. We will end abortion!
  • Jackie ... Bryan L... 2012/02/16 20:39:14
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    It will take a court case and there is not one in the pipe - until there is a viable case, abortion is the law of the land. The key, for me, is to work to make them very rare.
  • Bryan L... Jackie ... 2012/03/01 02:00:05
    Bryan Longworth
    I'm sure people of African descent are grateful that William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln didn't work to make slavery rare. They worked to end it! And by the way, the US Supreme Court never overturned Dred Scott. Our Constitution was amended to define people of African descent as persons.
  • Jackie ... Bryan L... 2012/03/01 02:02:34
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Granted but without a case; we will have to live with the law
  • Bryan L... Jackie ... 2012/03/07 23:12:07
    Bryan Longworth
    What law? Roe v Wade is an opinion, not law. It doesn't have to be overturned to end abortion just as Dred Scott was never overturned. We need to amend the constitution to define all humans, including the preborn as persons.
  • Jackie ... Bryan L... 2012/03/07 23:44:12
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Okay - stated differently, it is the law of the land after the SC decision
  • Bryan L... Jackie ... 2012/06/27 03:08:23
    Bryan Longworth
    The Supreme Court isn't authorized by the constittuion to make laws.
  • Jackie ... Bryan L... 2012/06/27 03:11:12
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
  • Bryan L... Jackie ... 2012/06/30 02:25:57
    Bryan Longworth
    You stated that the SCOTUS decision made abortion the law of the land, and then when I remind you that they can't make laws, you reply duh?
  • Jackie ... Bryan L... 2012/06/30 02:29:45 (edited)
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Well call it what ever the hell you wish - it is legal and there is no case in the pipe to change it. And now it is nothing more than an emotional issue - It will never be overturned .

    Now I think abortion is wrong but refuse to get my panties an a wad over it - pointless and all the idiotic wailing does not make people better, does not end abortion and never will.
  • Bryan L... Jackie ... 2012/07/07 03:27:37
    Bryan Longworth
    That's what people used to say about slavery. They were wrong!

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