Did you observe May Day? International workers day.

\V/ 2012/05/02 04:19:24

SLIDESHOW: May Day Denver 2012

May Day Denver 2012
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May Day Denver 2012

  1. May Day Denver

    May Day Denver


  2. May Day Denver 2012

    May Day Denver 2012


  3. May Day Denver 2012

    May Day Denver 2012


  4. May Day Denver 2012

    May Day Denver 2012


  5. May Day Denver 2012

    May Day Denver 2012


  6. May Day Denver 2012

    May Day Denver 2012


  7. May Day Denver 2012

    May Day Denver 2012


  8. May Day Denver 2012

    May Day Denver 2012


Did you observe May Day? International workers day.
Although my allergies were acting up pretty bad I was at the May Day celebration in Denver.

Here are some photos. What did you do? Did you participate in any community events?

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  • sjalan 2012/05/20 03:22:51
    YES.!! I did celebrate the day. It was my BIRTHDAY!
  • Kiara 2012/05/02 19:46:51
    I was on a plane coming back from several weeks of travel.
    My heart was with the May Day protesting And wish I could
    have been there. I see they were busy, even if some really
    hurt the cause.
    may day protesters
    may day protesters
    may day protesters riots
  • Patric 2012/05/02 14:59:26
    i celebrated workers day by.... going to work..

    I did thank my employer , a corporation, the big bad corporation, for my job ..

    and they thank me every week with a pay check..

    it is the workers that get things done ,,,

    it is the corporations that hire them

    one is no good with out the other ,,

    I think corporations are aware of this, hope the workers realize ,, with out corporations there are no jobs... ( in the private market )
  • \V/ Patric 2012/05/02 18:10:03
  • Patric \V/ 2012/05/02 18:38:51
    wow, where to start with this one ???

    I will vote for whom I think will best represent America and my family,, so I do not want nor need for you to direct or tell me how , or for who to vote for,

    the corporation that I work for has not , to my knowledge shiped one job out of the state let alone out of the country...

    it seems like you are a little jealous, or got the envy thing going ,,

    yes corporations make a lot of money,, if you do not agree with how they do things.

    this is America, start your own company , start up a corporation and do it your way..

    think a chill pill might sooth that anger ? seems like a lot of hate going on with you....
  • \V/ Patric 2012/05/02 18:51:25
  • Patric \V/ 2012/05/02 19:26:54
    have never worked in a sweatshop ,, have you ?

    have never visited / seen a sweatshop , have you ?

    do not know Mitt;s talking points , so kinda hard for me to repeat them, these are my thoughts , my words, I take ownership of them...

    Most things are made in china by American corp. $$ ,, hmm, I did not know that , and i still do not know that to be true,, China, although a major producer of material goods, does not produce more than the rest of the world combined, so just where you are making up these " talking points " ,, try , at least attempt to make your points some what believable...

    hmmm, you hate me,, well, now , that is some strong language .. to state that you hate me and everyone like me,, wow,,

    anger issues got you in the dumps today , or is this an every day expierence for you ??

    either way, life is too short to for all that hate ,,,
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2012/05/02 13:49:42
  • Scout 2012/05/02 13:45:31
    I was too busy working...
  • Sean 2012/05/02 12:09:58
    The Mayday Parade was postponed here in Minneapolis because of the weather, If I'm not mistaken they have rescheduled it for this Saturday weather permitting, I do plan on attending.
  • raine 2012/05/02 11:09:03
    No what would I have done? I was just off a long stretch of work so slept all day YAY
  • true american 2012/05/02 10:11:39
    true american
  • Gregaj7 2012/05/02 04:47:16
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2012/05/02 04:26:07 (edited)
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    Uh May Day is a Pagan holiday its a sex orgy holiday so yeah i Celebrated it Alot
    with 2 Sexy women
  • marianne ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/05/02 04:31:08
    it is a national holiday in my country..............;]
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... marianne 2012/05/02 04:34:56 (edited)
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    and May 1st has always been known as Beltane a Pagan Sex holiday

    I am in America too this holiday has been celebrated for a Few THOUSAND YEARS Dating back to Celtic and Greek and Egyptian and Babylonian and Sumerian times
  • ☽✪☾Goddess~Worshiper☥ 2012/05/02 04:25:02
    I would have loved to go to a Beltaine festival.
  • abycinnamon BN-1 2012/05/02 04:22:14
    abycinnamon BN-1
    I did not. But that would have been fun.

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