Did You Know That Americanisms Are Being Used in Other Countries, and Some Aren't Too Happy About It?

Living 2011/07/13 12:33:24
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We take our language for granted. Words like Elevator and Truck, got to the Movies and use a Wrench, these are so ordinary and common to us that we wouldn't even give them a second thought. But in countries like the UK and Australia where they ride a Lift and a Lorry, the fact that Elevator and Truck could be taking over is a sore point.

But what the world is speaking... is not necessarily [British] English. According to the Oxford Guide to World English, "American English has a global role at the beginning of the 21st Century comparable to that of British English at the start of the 20th."

In other words, American English is being used far more than what was before the standard for English, the Queen's English. But some are not pleased.

"Ugly and pointless new usages appear in the media and drift into everyday conversation".

Were you aware of how dominant some Americanisms have become in the English language?

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/14130942

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  • Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2011/07/14 12:57:47
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    American English annoys me...
  • Vive le Canada Libre!!! 2011/07/14 07:33:04
    Vive le Canada Libre!!!
    To me at least with regards to spelling I think American English is lazy.
  • Xinea 2011/07/14 05:19:35
    Wow. And our language isn't pretty either. I mean, who the hell came up with butterfly?
  • Noobcake 2011/07/14 04:00:56
    Living in Australia, which has it's own lexicon, I do feel that I use one-third "Australian English", one-third British English and one-third American English. Then again, my mother is British and my father American... so that may have something to do with it.
  • jimrthy BN-0 2011/07/13 21:07:22
    jimrthy BN-0
    Never actually thought about it before. But it makes total sense.

    We pretty much *are* the latest incarnation of the British empire at this point.
  • sockpuppet 2011/07/13 19:33:44
    Like, wow... that's, like, so awesome! XD
  • ernest debrew 2011/07/13 19:00:50
    ernest debrew
    No comment.
  • Sgt Major B 2011/07/13 18:48:31
    Sgt Major B
    Awww... gee.... and the flippin' Frogs whine even more loudly about it!!
  • Tonya Edwards 2011/07/13 17:58:57
    Tonya Edwards
    People get offended too easily.
  • Scott ヶ... Tonya E... 2011/07/14 12:59:06
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    The butchering of the English language is important.
  • Lis 2011/07/13 17:24:31
    I love UK and Australian words, they're different and more fun than "normal American words" you hear everyday.
  • Shelly 2011/07/13 17:04:13
    I mean yes, Why some aren't happy. American English is the Universal language.First thing I learned my ABC, American English is already our second language in my Country. American twang is easy to understand and easy to speak. Though I like the British English so nice to hear.
  • ☠ Cheryl ☮ 2011/07/13 17:01:01
    ☠ Cheryl ☮
    Well, at least they're speaking our language!
  • He'a: ka'ka:' 2011/07/13 16:34:27
    He'a: ka'ka:'
    Who cares? No one 'owns' language.
  • Crazy926 2011/07/13 16:31:30
    yes .... American words are groovy
  • jackolantyrn356 2011/07/13 16:24:09
    American thinking and thoughts are gonna get mixed in the language of others. That's bpth Good and Bad. If Amrica wins so much the better if Constitutional America loses I do say I'm sorry.
    Read the American Language by HL Menken is an excellent compendium of knowledge of America's Language. It is unfortunate it cannot be updated since its author passed away in the late 1940s
  • JohntheChristian 2011/07/13 14:38:05
    And I don't really care. Language evolves.

    Not to mention that The British empire had a few hundred years to supplant the local languages of other nations via their conquest and economic dominance.
  • Jane 2011/07/13 14:07:26
    English is always different. Old English, Queen's English, Common English, American English... Lexis changes are on more than a continental basis.
  • Jareth Majere 2011/07/13 13:40:36
    Jareth Majere
    but, then again, I hear Brit & Aussie versions of words all the time on movies & TV
  • fer_reals 2011/07/13 13:16:40
    Especially after the story about France and FB.

    I prefer the English spelling of most words, hehe, it's prettier.
  • davidl 2011/07/13 13:11:54 (edited)
    At this rate, the number of American English words will be greater then British English words by the year 202813. Get over it!
  • JanHopkins 2011/07/13 13:02:14
    I didn't know that.

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