Did you know some scientists are trying to clone mammoths?

Lucy Krueger 2013/03/19 02:37:41
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  • Nicholas DeShane 2013/03/20 18:31:09
    Nicholas DeShane
    Cool, I read about this, their plan B if they cannot find cells with intact cellular walls is to extract sperm from a mammoth and attempt to make a hybrid with an asian elephant, sperm holds up to being frozen better.
  • Tree 2013/03/20 07:50:19
    Good for them. Now clone me a saber tooth tiger and ill be happy.
  • Lucy Kr... Tree 2013/03/20 11:44:43
    Lucy Krueger
    They do plan on doing that, too.
  • Tree Lucy Kr... 2013/03/20 14:20:38
  • nikos.renieris.58 2013/03/19 14:02:12
    I do now.
  • KingEli 2013/03/19 10:12:36
    I think it is pretty cool
  • moonglum 2013/03/19 08:05:47
    yes i do
  • GeminiWolf 2013/03/19 06:35:55
    This pisses me off. *If* this is actually a possibility we should be using these kind of techniques to preserve currently endangered/recently extinct species, not something that has been gone for thousands of years and has no appropriate niche on the earth anymore.
  • Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bage... 2013/03/19 03:04:17
    Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bagels Supreme Ruler of the Earth
    If my memory serves correctly that is impossible... Although I would love a dwarf mammoth (I know its a contradiction)
  • Lucy Kr... Lord Em... 2013/03/19 03:09:31
    Lucy Krueger
    Actually, it wouldn't be a dwarf.
  • Jesse 2013/03/19 02:47:48
    Fine with me (: though, its a little scary.
  • cynthia.johanson.7 2013/03/19 02:40:50 (edited)
    Oh my no I didn't. Kind of cool but kind of scary too
  • EliteAmongOutcasts 2013/03/19 02:39:43
  • Lucy Kr... EliteAm... 2013/03/19 02:43:23
    Lucy Krueger
    Well, It may not be impossible.Oh, I hope it isn't.
  • Soup Man 2013/03/19 02:38:30
    Soup Man

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