Did Men Give Women Menopause?

AdriHead 2013/06/17 22:00:00
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Men: it's all your fault. According to a new scientific hypothesis, women can legitimately blame men for experiencing menopause after a certain age. And it has to do with the fact that men have a collective preference for younger women.

In the study, “Mate Choice and the Origin of Menopause,” which was recently published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology, researchers hypothesize that a lack of reproduction among older women has led to menopause, over the course of thousands of years. In other words, menopause is an accidental result of evolution and natural selection.

“It’s a very simple theory. What it does is it demystifies menopause. ... It becomes a simple age-related disease, if you can call it that,” researcher Rama Singh said to CTV News in Canada. Do you think men are to blame for giving older women menopause? Or do you think it's just another ridiculous theory?

Next time you wake up in a pool of sweat—either from a hot flash or a dream about the hot flash (and chin hairs and memory lapses and vaginal dryness) you’re sure to suffer through eventually—don’t curse your womanhood. Curse men. And not just for the fun of it. You’d actually be justified in blaming them completely, according to a new scientific hypothesis that puts the onus of menopause squarely on men’s collective preference for younger mates.
completely scientific hypothesis onus menopause squarely mens collective younger mates

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  • Lee Kinanus 2013/06/18 14:24:08
    No, that's ridiculous
    Lee Kinanus
    Rama Singh is nuts, First off, what were the life expectancies of women a thousand years ago? how about 100 years ago (for women it was around 51yrs btw) ...Reproduction later in life would not be beneficial for the species. How about the fact that people are living longer and reproduction at a later age becomes unnecessary so biologically as women age (as do the eggs) the body prevents chromosomal inconsistencies by undergoing menopause.....

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  • jay 2014/08/11 14:12:36
    Yes, it makes sense
    Yes, men are to blame for everything. The war on men has begun. Actually it is the war on white men because brown men, like muslims, and black men are given a pass.
  • Thomas 2013/08/05 04:15:59
    No, that's ridiculous
    That makes no sense!
  • MisterOriginal 2013/07/13 07:54:07
    No, that's ridiculous
    I was born that way.
  • abdoul aziz bayo 2013/06/28 20:20:50
    Yes, it makes sense
    abdoul aziz bayo
    It's natural fact to an older women
  • Ramón 2013/06/26 18:49:22
    No, that's ridiculous
    It is called menopause because it's from Gk. men (gen. menos) "month" + pausis "a cessation, a pause," from pauein "to cause to cease." NOT any relationship to men.
  • Strike a Balance 2013/06/24 20:02:35 (edited)
    No, that's ridiculous
    Strike a Balance
  • Dave 007 2013/06/22 15:25:12
    No, that's ridiculous
    Dave 007
    Just another case of women blaming men. No wonder men die first.
  • fortycal_sig 2013/06/21 17:11:03
    No, that's ridiculous
    Evolutionary biology is not appropriately or truthfully characterized as a blame-game.

    The energetic (nutrition, rest, etc) requirements of fertility are different for men and women. If a woman at an advanced age has a child, a great deal of energy (the same amount as for a younger woman) is expended but the chance of a problem is much higher. The health of the child, however, does not depend nearly as much on the man's age, and also the energy commitment for a man is lower.

    So putting preference first puts the cart before the horse. Isn't it possible that men are biologically disposed to prefer younger women precisely *because* reproduction is lower-risk? If people start living healthier longer, as I'm sure they will, it will still take hundreds or thousands of years for biology to catch up because bio-evolution is *very* slow compared with the current rate of technical progress.

    So there is simply no fault to assign, even though the indicated preference of men for younger partners exists, and blaming people for unalterable facts of physics and biology is superficial and insulting.
  • Lee 2013/06/21 15:20:30
    Yes, it makes sense
    of course they did havent you heard men are the devil. Geesh
  • EastIndianFemme 2013/06/21 14:44:36
    Yes, it makes sense
  • Resp 2013/06/21 12:54:27
    No, that's ridiculous
    Hugh Hefner? Are you serious?

    hugh hefner
  • J.MaisOui 2013/06/21 05:33:02
    Yes, it makes sense
    Men look young way,way longer than women the same age,because:
    1.- WOMEN do all the work.
    2.-WOMEN have all the stress.
    3.MEN are control freaks,-therefore it is definitely their fault.
  • Ayushee 2013/06/20 19:18:20
    No, that's ridiculous
    Menopause comes naturally. If anyone is to be blamed,it's Mother Nature.
  • Charles 2013/06/20 16:29:48
    No, that's ridiculous
    Just another lie women want to tell.
  • Lady Aiyanna 2013/06/20 10:57:00
    No, that's ridiculous
    Lady Aiyanna
    Great, now I had Memory lapses when I was six, Chin hair when I was 12 and still battle it till date and dryness when doesn't that happen when you dehydrate yourself??? Well if they say that is menopause, great, I attained it even before I started and looked at all the Men around and said No Way and went Men-O-Pause look, strut and walk away as quickly as you can as they Pause the true woman in you.
    On a serious note, its more hormonal, wherein most of the women I have seen going through this have headaches, excessive bleeding, emotional fluctuation just like while being pregnant with brittle bones etc. But these are things correct diet can fix but diet of today is not conducive for feminine longevity due to lack of nutrition and excessive stress and anxiety caused by both men and women alike. It explains why lifespans are getting shorter and days are getting longer as time goes by.
  • gidianedwards97 2013/06/20 05:58:21
    No, that's ridiculous
  • TheBorg 2013/06/20 01:09:10
    No, that's ridiculous
    BUT.... women give men male-menopause (decreased testosterone levels). Sex increases testosterone levels in men and when men end up in a long term relation with a woman who constantly has "a headache" their testosterone levels are going to decrease!!

    Common male-menopause symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, muscle and joint aches. Men also suffer from emotional symptoms like mood swings, irritability, depression, and listlessness.

    So the best way women can keep their men healthy is to keep them sexed up!!
    emotional symptoms mood swings irritability depression listlessness women healthy sexed
  • Richard 2013/06/20 01:01:59
    No, that's ridiculous
    No way!
  • Jdawg 2013/06/19 23:43:20
    No, that's ridiculous
    I don't know.
  • nicesteve 2013/06/19 23:00:08
    No, that's ridiculous
    If a few of these women's activists got their way, men would get all of the blame for
    the bad things, and women would get all of the credit for the good things. That's very
    unfair to men.
  • IAmMoreAwesomeThanU 2013/06/19 16:49:09
    No, that's ridiculous
    Once again, women refuse to take responsibility for their own problems.
  • Tom 2013/06/19 16:41:11
    Yes, it makes sense
    Men do all the important naming of things. If women had named it, it would be Womenopause and it would be Womenses not Menses. Clearly.
  • cranejumper 2013/06/19 16:38:11
    No, that's ridiculous
    Awe come on thats like saying women are the cause for men drinking
  • Michele Rubatino 2013/06/19 16:27:37
    No, that's ridiculous
    Michele Rubatino
    I can't believe the BS some folks write!
  • Jared Fremlin 2013/06/19 14:26:51
    Yes, it makes sense
    Jared Fremlin
    Absolutely! Because EVERYTHING is men's fault!
  • GoodGuy 2013/06/19 13:59:00
    No, that's ridiculous
  • Michael 2013/06/19 13:27:17
    No, that's ridiculous
    We are born with so many "eggs" and they run out...If women are ever going to be considered equal, they have to stop blaming men for every friggin thing!
  • Avi Rosen 2013/06/19 09:03:03
    No, that's ridiculous
    Avi Rosen
    They ended their debate topics to have resorted to such Bull...
    On the contrary a woman that does not have sex gets menopause at a younger age, well why not blame it on Men too? for not wanting her...
  • knybee 2013/06/19 08:52:30
    No, that's ridiculous
    "hypothesis" "theory"? There's always got to be someone or something to blame, even if it's imaginary. Yet another scientific accident. Isn't it amazing that scientists have "faith" in so many "accidents" but mock people who have "faith" in God? This "publishing" reminds me of a justice system which accepts frivolous cases again and again. Must be out of boredom.

    "disease"? You know I always wondered why it was called men o pause. That since it happens to women it should be called women o pause? But now I understand that it was just a sneaky way to blame men.

    And what's with the "pause" thing? In a lot of cases it should be called menostopgetawayfrommeunlessyo...
  • knybee knybee 2013/06/19 08:53:51 (edited)
  • knybee knybee 2013/06/19 08:57:42
    Hey for some reason I can't add unless you're Brad Pitt? What's up with that?
  • Nicholas DeShane 2013/06/19 07:40:37 (edited)
    Yes, it makes sense
    Nicholas DeShane
    I am a biology major and studied the effects of female mate selection. Look at the peacock, it makes no sense to have a big shiny billboard over your butt if the goal is not to be eaten; however, it turns female peacocks on so since evolution plays on reproduction and not survival as many falsely believe it make sense. But if women were not more fertile in their younger years then the genes that lead to attraction of younger females would not have been more prominently spread. It is simple, dudes that are only into cougars have fewer babies than dudes that are only into barely legal.
  • potatoe head 2013/06/19 05:15:02
    Yes, it makes sense
    potatoe head
    yes i believe men did give women menopause becauce women are sick and tired explaning them selves at every single thing every minute of the day so women put a pause on men and thats why they call it meno pause men no sex for you for a while no sex
  • Chris Fraser 2013/06/19 04:41:37
    No, that's ridiculous
    Chris Fraser
    Another theory is that our species is successful because of grandparents. They can mind the children while parents hunt, fish & gather. Therefore, menopause stops the female reproducing so that she can assist her children.
  • Kigan 2013/06/19 03:57:49
    No, that's ridiculous
    The absurdity of this hypothesis really discredits the hypothesis. Not much needs to be added.
  • sglmom 2013/06/19 03:46:54
    No, that's ridiculous
    Did someONE (or someONES) have EXPIRING FUNDS to USE or LOSE????


    Sounds like someone is trying very HARD to justify the 'middle age crazies' ..

    (sigh .. trust me .. it is a BLESSING indeed to go through menopause!)
    let's face it .. as our bodies age .. processes (including the release of hormones) slows down. That is all this is .. aging process.
  • Cat 2013/06/19 02:57:37
    No, that's ridiculous
    It's a matter of decreased hormone levels, like men having low T.
  • Jimmy Charlie 2013/06/19 02:37:56
    No, that's ridiculous
    Jimmy Charlie
    That's the only answer I got
  • Runaway ✩ 2013/06/19 01:38:03
    No, that's ridiculous
    Runaway ✩
    People come up with some silly ideas.
  • Kevin 2013/06/19 01:00:15
    No, that's ridiculous
    As a man ( husband, Dad, Grandpa) we get used to getting the blame for most everything. So what the hell....Why not!!!!

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