Dead Man On A Motorcycle: How Would You Like To Be Buried?

A video of a dead man, crouched on his beloved motorcycle, has gone viral. David Morales Colon, a 22 year-old Puerto Rican man who was shot and killed last week, had an unusual last request. In response to his dying wish, Colon's family arranged for their slain son to be posed on his motorcycle, a cherished gift from his uncle. The funeral parlor was more than happy to oblige, proudly citing the special skill it takes to make the body rigid enough to pose - but not too rigid to put back in the casket. "Embalming is the key," bragged Marin Funeral Home owner Demaris Main. "It's a professional secret."

Coy little minx!

For his wake, Colon was positioned on the motorcycle, crouching low, with his hands "gripping" the bike's handlebars. He was dressed in full riding gear, leather jacket, gloves and dark sunglasses.

Video of the corpse being straightened out and placed in a casket is currently unavailable.


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  • Steford doesn't follow 2010/05/05 00:04:05
    Steford doesn't follow
    The only thing wrong with this article wasL I HAD TO WATCH A DAMN DURACEL COMERCIAL!
  • CindyLee 2010/05/04 21:22:32
    My sister wants to be propped up standing in the corner of her wake with a beer stein in one hand and a glass of wine in the other....

    Me just donate to science, then cremate the rest and go on with life.
  • Nick 2010/05/04 16:35:24
    why do people want to be buried get cremated
  • MoonshineMotor 2010/05/03 16:15:12
    I'd rather be cremated or put in a biodegradable casket. Doing this is just.... creepy! Think of the children in attendance! They would still have this same reaction stuck on their faces! cremated biodegradable casket creepy children attendance reaction stuck faces
  • Londonearbaby 2010/05/03 05:38:10
    wow a little creepy yea?? but hey if thats what he wanted =/
  • san 2010/05/03 04:53:06
    is up to that person, but it would not creep me out because they look like you last saw them and you are not just seeing that person lay there dead and being reminded of it.
  • Kalamazoo 2010/05/03 04:24:07
    That is just eerie, but to each his own I guess.
  • EkatherinaEkatBabovnikov 2010/05/03 04:13:57
    there was one guy who wanted to b standing up at his funeral and then there was this old lady who wanted to b buried in her big body cadillac i think it was pink. i want to b buried like a muslim! my body gets washed no autopsy no cutting up my body at all. i get wrapped in cloth and i get buried facing mecca . the way we are put in the ground is we dig straight down then we dig a spot out in the side and we get placed in that spot in the side. we dont get buried in coffins. we allow our bodies to go back into the earth naturally.
  • danny0091 2010/05/03 03:17:34
    When I die I don't want a funeral or nothing...they can use me as shark bait for all I care
  • ellomotto 2010/05/03 00:51:01
    hell if i'm gonna go I want to either go out in style or have people ask what the hell is she doing?
  • WhoaIt'sSarah. 2010/05/03 00:04:00
  • I am the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT 2010/05/02 23:55:09
  • Thin Lizzy 2010/05/02 21:12:57
    Thin Lizzy
    just cremate me please
  • Nonicknameunlessyouknowme 2010/05/02 21:05:56 (edited)
    I think it is a great idea though I have to wonder if children might not be confused, but I think I would rather be remembered for how I was in life instead of as a corpse which appears to be sleeping. I could see the eyes as being a problem if you wanted to be posed doing something which wouldn't require sunglasses, I mean, most people don't walk around doing things with their eyes closed and to have your eyes open at a funeral where you are the guest of honor, so to speak, wouldn't be something I would want to see. LOL

    Can you imagine some of the possibilities though?

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  • Londone... Nonickn... 2010/05/03 05:39:39
    lmao the stripper is hilarious i believe if i was to c that i would have to go back home
  • Nonickn... Londone... 2010/05/03 06:09:21
    LOL I couldn't help including a pole dancer as some people today do it for exercise in the privacy of their own home or they learn it to thrill their significant other. I thought seeing someone hanging from the ceiling with a parachute or hang glider would be shocking as well. Can you imagine if the body fell for some reason? Talk about being traumatized. Oh my.
  • Londone... Nonickn... 2010/05/03 06:29:49
    i kno rite!!! thats really really odd
  • Yess 2010/05/02 20:24:18
    He sure was special.
  • Billyk75 2010/05/02 18:29:37
    Who cares? When you're dead then you're dead.
  • nephthes 2010/05/02 17:48:03
    Too bad they didn't include a helmet. Shouldn't ride without one. I wonder how much they paid for that, seeing as it's an unusual request.

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