Dating Site Expells 5,000 Members After Holiday Weight Gain

In the age of digital dating where I could easily claim to be a midget transsexual living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula or a fit man of 50 living in Texas (sad truth: I'm a suburban housewife), I suppose the inevitable Ugly Date happens. I haven't had the experience, but can imagine meeting a guy whose profile picture showcased his washboard, Photo-shopped abs only to find out that the picture was taken from Google Images.

It's probably kind of discouraging after awhile. Expecting a winner, but getting an ugly. I don't know. I'm superficial, I guess, but not that superficial. Looks take a backseat in my book to brains and other traits, like kindness.

But it appears that not everyone is of my mind. Thanks to a dating website called Beautiful People (dot) com, you can put those days of showing up to a date expecting one thing and getting another behind you. No longer will you have to show up to a blind date to find an ugly person waiting for you.

But those on this site who have overindulged over the holidays may find themselves in a bit of a bind. The fate of the "chubbies" of the site (their term, not mine) was democratically voted on by other members of the community and over 5,000 members were let go based on pictures.

The site's founder, Robert Hintze, had some particularly delightful words about the whole situation, "Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which BeautifulPeople.com was founded." The company was founded to be elitist and unfair because they wanted to make sure that their members dated people that they were attracted to.

The standard application process only accepts one in five applicants, so this isn't exactly business out of the ordinary for the site. The site manager Greg Hodge hopes that the members reapply when they've lost the pounds and were given some resources to encourage weight loss.

Certainly quite the PR move on their part. Hope that the members were let down with a slightly more graceful email than the statement calling them "chubbies." And it makes me wonder how many are going to lose the weight and go back onto the site.

Would you want to be a part of a dating site like this?
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  • AMSeckman 2010/01/13 16:43:12
    What a piece of shit!
  • hugger02 2010/01/11 01:51:05
    just when you think that people can't possibly be that shallow...... :(
  • drakan 2010/01/07 06:49:24
    I wouldn't willingly or at worst, knowingly be on a dating site, but if this was, I'd have avoided them like the plague. D<
  • none 2010/01/06 21:23:51
  • Becky S... none 2010/01/06 21:55:28
    Becky Sherrick Harks
  • GLaDOS 2010/01/06 17:33:49
    *shrug* Intelligentpeople.com requires members take an IQ test to join. At least they don't outright say, "No idiots," though.

    It's their site, though. I just take issue with people calling members who've gained a few pounds (as I doubt they have gained more than fifteen) "fatties" or "chubbies."
  • Becky S... GLaDOS 2010/01/06 21:56:12
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    The way he said "letting 'fatties' roam the site." That was what was so nasty. But hey, I guess it's what you expect, right?
  • GLaDOS Becky S... 2010/01/06 23:06:44
    When dealing with shallow people? Yes.
  • Munster 2010/01/06 08:49:34
    I wouldn't be part of a dating site period, but this is just ridiculous. So it's cool to have a fake chest or a face that can't even express emotion anymore because of all the injections, but it's NOT okay to be a little curvy after the Holidays? What a shallow ass hat.

  • Becky S... Munster 2010/01/06 13:31:39
    Becky Sherrick Harks
  • rejimaru 2010/01/06 06:00:26

    hell no. I would never ever be a part of a dating site.. especially an insolent one like this.
  • Becky S... rejimaru 2010/01/06 13:32:17
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    I swear, the comments are even better than I expected.
  • Mondrian 2010/01/06 05:05:19 (edited)
    They have dating websites for people who are overweight and/or are attracted to larger people. No one complains about those. If the skinny people want to have their website too, who am I to care?

    This is a world, where the majority get the -ist words and the minority or historically offended group just has pride.

    If you have a club formed for African Americans, it's all about pride. If a club for white people starts, it's racist. A Ladies' Social Group is "empowering", but a club for just men is sexist.

    You know what I'm talking about?
  • Follow The Money 2010/01/06 04:32:44
    Follow The Money
    Narcissist punks. When the wrinkles of time (which no man has conquered) are upon them, they'll discover there is nothing of value within, for all they value has aged into what they abhorr. They end up being the very people they hate.
  • Becky S... Follow ... 2010/01/06 13:32:57
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    It should be interesting, eh? No one can conquer age. Nor should they.
  • iLiveMystery 2010/01/06 03:45:57
    Ugh, people once again show the the somewhat sane people how utterly disgusting they can get. I mean I can't say that I'm not superficial because of course, like everyone, I like someone who is cute but this is just stupid. Every person, no matter how they look, deserves to have the chance to find someone special.
  • Becky S... iLiveMy... 2010/01/06 13:33:59
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    That's no club that would either have me, nor would be it be a club would I want to join.
  • hinata62 2010/01/06 03:37:26
    ?? i dont get it.... help me
  • Bman 2010/01/06 02:04:21
    LOL, great.
  • Mellow 2010/01/06 01:29:07
    They make their superficial stance extremely clear. They are rude, and all they really care about is looks. You can't blame the site for being what it is, or the owner for bein' a douche.

    I do have a sort of strange curiosity to submit my picture. But then again... I don't care about that sort of stuff.

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