Creation gains in Brazil. Will that help it spread worldwide?

Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/07/02 23:27:16
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The population of Brazil grows while those of other countries
shrinks. And higher proportions of those people now believe in creation.
That is, they believe that God created human beings and the world. More
to the point, they believe that this happened 10,000 years ago, or more
recently. This trend has run for at least seven years, while Brazil as a
country grows richer, not poorer. These facts suggest that Brazil will
be a powerful force in promoting creation, and specifically young-earth creation, worldwide.

Christianity in Brazil today

Yesterday, Andrea Madambashi of The Christian Post wrote that Brazil today has more evangelical Christians, and fewer Roman Catholics.
She compared numbers of evangelicals and Catholics ten years apart. She
also noticed one thing that suggests that the trend will only get
stronger. Evangelical Christianity in Brazil is clearly a movement of
the young. The Roman Catholic Church is the church of the old.

At first glance, one might take little from this article other than
“out with the old, in with the new.” But the Question Evolution campaign
points out one thing that Madambashi missed. That is: evangelical Christians are more likely to believe in creation than are Roman Catholics. This should surprise no one. Five years ago, Pope Benedict XVI denounced as “absurd” the clash between creation and evolution.

On one hand there is much scientific proof in favor of
evolution[. This] appears as a reality that we must see and which
enriches our understanding of life and being as such.

On the other hand, said His Holiness, evolution cannot say where
everything came from, nor to what end. (Of course not. Evolution
advocates frown at anyone who dares ask questions like that.)

This is where the Roman Catholic Church stands. Yet the RCC is
yielding to the evangelical movement. And that movement is not so quick
to believe the “scientific proofs” that so impressed His Holiness.

Creation in Brazil seven years ago
Rosinha Garotinho, who introduced creation into public schools in Rio

Rosinha Garotinho, Governor of Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0 Brazilian License

In 2004, Governor Rosinha Garotinho (a/k/a Rosinha Mateus) of Rio de Janeiro did something wild. She ordered that public schools in Rio would start teaching creation science as well as evolution. A year later, the Brazilian magazine Época surveyed the general public.

The results probably shocked them. Only nine percent of their sample accepted the strict naturalistic view of human origin.
Fifty-four percent accepted old-earth creation, the idea that man
appears millions of years ago but changed only as God said he would
change. Thirty-one percent accepted young-earth creation.

Furthermore, 89 percent of the sample agreed with what Governor
Garotinho did. 75 percent of the sample even said that creation should replace evolution in the schools.

Detractors of creation were quick to excuse the results. A government
official blamed the wording of the survey. The head of the Brazilian
Association for the Advancement of Science called the results a sign of
poor-quality science education. But if that were true, then fewer people
with advanced degrees should believe in creation than people without.
(God forbid they should simply be wrong and the people finally getting
wise to them!)

The survey results did not bear this out. Only ten percent of advanced degree holders accepted the naturalistic view, and six percent of non-holders.

Creation in Brazil and elsewhere moving forward

Consider, then, the trends. A politician in Brazil introduces creation into public schools. And the people say, in effect,

Go for it!

Seven years later comes evidence that young people in Brazil are
embracing a new church movement that welcomes young-earth creation
thought. And no one can, with justice, lay this to poor education.

Brazil is not even a poor country. It is rich, and getting richer. And some of them are spending their money to promote creation and “question evolution.”

Eric Kaufman (see video in original article) recently told a secular audience that “the religious [shall] inherit the earth.” The reason: secular countries are not even having enough children to replace those who die every year. Their populations are shrinking, while populations in highly religious countries, like Brazil, are growing.

Creation advocates in Brazil are cooperating with creation advocates in the United States and elsewhere. The Question Evolution campaign is not the only example. The Northwest Creation Network’s “Encyclopedia of Creation Science” (CreationWiki) opened a Portuguese site three years ago. A Brazilian émigrée to the United States was its first contributor. This year, a Brazilian resident took that site over and started to expand it. This might or might not be significant: he was born in Rio, the same State where Rosinha Garotinho now governs.

OK. What say you? Will this help spread belief in creation to the rest of the world?

Read More: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/07/02...

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  • Pat 2012/07/03 01:41:46 (edited)
    All this means is that the rest of the world is becoming as bat s--t crazy as the evangelicals in the U. S.


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  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/05 18:28:17
    Radical Ed
    if those reports were released for the wider scientific community to look at then, if it is valid, would concrete your claim. it has not however and evolution remains the accepted theory.
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/05 18:36:49
    Just what do you think Peer Reviewed means?
  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/05 18:44:54
    Radical Ed
    I'm not bothering. i am done with you.
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/05 18:52:41
    Good, take you childish arrogant ignorance elsewhere.
  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/05 19:12:44
    Radical Ed
    ha, consider you have provided nothing beyond links, you're one to talk. come back when you can actually debate with some knowledge of your own.
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/05 19:36:55
    Already went through everything once, then you butt in with your 5th grade mentality and want everything repeated. Sorry, read, learn, open your mind to other possibilities. Stop being a PUTZ!
  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/03 10:35:37
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/03 23:05:54
    Sorry you are such a moron. Gravity has been proven via laboratory reproduction, therefore it is no longer a theory.
  • Warren ... Rodney 2012/07/03 23:25:04
    Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum
    You cannot prove anything in the scientific method. The best you can do is a theory. That is the pinnacle of scientific knowledge. When a theory is well understood and found to apply universally, it is called a law. But scientific laws are still based on scientific theory.
  • Rodney Warren ... 2012/07/03 23:44:52
    Gravity has been observed, mathematically calculated and proven to exist. Evolution has only been observed. It's barely a theory and more of a hypothesis.

    Here, read up on Creationism or more correctly the Theory of Intelligent Design.
  • Warren ... Rodney 2012/07/03 23:55:53
    Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum
    You don't understand basic high school level science, and I don't have the patience to teach you.
  • Rodney Warren ... 2012/07/04 00:01:30
    LOL, it's not me my friend.
  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/04 05:46:58
    Radical Ed
    then you have no idea on what theory actually means in a scientific vernacular.
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/04 23:15:24
    You have ZERO idea what you are talking about.
  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/05 06:05:05
    Radical Ed
    what would that be then? discuss and be civil.
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/05 06:28:23
    Sure, you do nothing but come in UNINVITED slinging insults and antagonizing language and you want ME to be civil? LOL you are a fool.
  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/05 06:29:47
    Radical Ed
    i never said i was being civil but i want to get to the meat and bones of this. extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/05 07:53:51
    Just gave you a link to the peer reviewed articles on Intelligent design. Knock yourself out. I doubt your mind is open enough to accept any NEW concepts though.
  • Warren ... Rodney 2012/07/03 13:24:23
    Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum
    If that is the case, why would you expect biology to explain the existence of stars and planets? As someone with a degree in botany, surely this wouldbe absurd. No?
  • Rodney Warren ... 2012/07/03 23:09:33
    Biology is the study of Life. Not just life on this planet or another planet, but ALL life. As long as there is a nuclei active, it is a study subject of biology. Gotta do better then that if you want to have an intelligent conversation.
  • Warren ... Rodney 2012/07/03 23:22:47
    Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum
    So tell me what you know about the biology of extraterrestrial lifeforms and how this explains the existence of stars and galaxies, according to your interpretation of Darwin.

    trying not to laugh
  • Rodney Warren ... 2012/07/03 23:47:17
    It takes observation and last I knew, we have yet to be able to observe any of those you mention. In the meantime, give me your Darwinian Evolutionist view.
  • Michelle Rodney 2012/07/03 05:55:30

    Sorry for the allcaps, but I am tired of telling you the same thing over and over. If you ask the same question again, I will not answer. I already have. Multiple times.
  • Rodney Michelle 2012/07/03 05:57:44
    Hahaha, you really don't get it, do you? It all came from somewhere. Your single theory argument is full of holes. Open your mind and realize that creation and evolution fit hand in hand very neatly.
  • Michelle Rodney 2012/07/03 06:08:56
    MY ARGUMENT is full of holes? Have you looked at what you're arguing? You can point out my holes, I won't be offended, as long as you don't ask a question I've already answered. Again.

    Creation is the opposite of evolution. Creation is the belief that everything happened as God willed it as shown in genesis. I don't mind Christians who say they believe God created the Big Bang. They can believe that evolution and God go hand in hand. But creation is the idea that God created everything a short while ago on a cosmic scale, just as it is today, with humans as the special species.
  • Rodney Michelle 2012/07/03 06:20:39
    My personal belief is that a higher intelligence, call it God or simply a higher intelligence that created all things that made all that happened possible. Once the elements came together that gave us the earth, air, water and life it's self, evolution took over and all life, over time have had to evolve to adapt to the conditions as they change.
  • Michelle Rodney 2012/07/03 06:29:15
    I'm agnostic, I'm not opposed to a higher intelligence. I just think creationism is the belief of idiots who need an education because creationism is proved wrong. You can believe that God willed it to happen. But I prefer to look at what we know, and only that, which is enough to explain how we are here.
  • Rodney Michelle 2012/07/03 06:35:24
    All theories are exercises in thinking and Evolution is theory.
  • Michelle Rodney 2012/07/03 18:01:12
    ... you do realize that gravity is just a theory? Some other generally accepted theories are: the theory of relativity, quantum theory, and plate tectonics theory,

    A theory, in science, is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment." Just the fact that the evolution is a theory and the Big Bang is a theory should be enough to give it some weight.
  • Rodney Michelle 2012/07/03 23:14:04
    Anything that can be tested in a laboratory setting ceases to be a theory.
  • Michelle Rodney 2012/07/03 23:16:10
    No, it's still a theory. By definition, scientific theory is-- well, exactly what I said. Read my comments before replying. I put the definition in quotations for a reason. Wow, you're dense.
  • Doc Michelle 2012/07/03 14:29:37
    But it doesn't mean that God doesn't exist either.
  • Michelle Doc 2012/07/03 17:54:42
    I'm very sorry if I gave the impression that God definitely doesn't exist. I'm agnostic. I'm just trying to say that God didn't need to exist for everything to occur.
  • Doc Michelle 2012/07/03 18:41:00
    My apologiesfor misuderstanding what you meant.

    And thank you for clearing it up.
  • Michelle Doc 2012/07/03 18:45:35
    It's all good. I tend to slip into arguing like an atheist because it's easier for me. :)
  • The Judge Doc 2012/07/03 19:05:30
    The Judge
    Are you willing to say he might not exist?
  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/03 08:10:50
    Radical Ed
    you sound like captain planet...
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/03 23:15:34
    You sound like an under educated antagonist. Have you something relevant to add to this or are you simply here to sling insults?
  • Radical Ed Rodney 2012/07/04 05:49:07
    Radical Ed
    earth, air, wind, water? please, even my 8 year old nephew understands the periodic table. you telleng me i am slinging insults is like the pot calling the kettle black.
  • Rodney Radical Ed 2012/07/04 23:17:13
    When speaking to simple minded fools, one must simplify their explanations. Sorry I am still talking over your head.

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