Craigslist personal leads to woman held as 'sex slave' for 8 days. Is online dating safe?

Daryl 2011/02/16 19:51:29
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A disturbing story out of New York. A 27 year old Wisconsin woman answered a personal ad on Craigslist and ended up captive as a sex slave for 8 days.

"John Hopkins, 45, has been arrested. The alleged victim said Hopkins held her in his East Williamsburg apartment on Humboldt Street for eight days. Hopkins faces a series of charges, including rape, assault and unlawful imprisonment."

Is online dating safe?

Read More: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/02/15/da-woman-wh...

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  • Daryl 2011/02/16 19:53:06
    This is why I recommend women remain armed while dating.

    1. It's safe.
    2. It's hot.

    recommend women remain armed dating 1 safe 2 hot hot girl with gun

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  • xx 2011/02/16 21:09:11
    Be careful who you interact with - - - ANYWHERE!!
  • Spider20 2011/02/16 21:07:48
    NOTE TO ALL....I've sold stuff on CL...I can tell you that selling on CL is not safe....so dating from CL damn sure isn't.....
  • Ves~Sai... Spider20 2011/02/16 22:10:10
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Craigslist of all things right?!
  • Spider20 Ves~Sai... 2011/02/17 04:27:52
    If you can believe it....I have sold and bought some things on CL.....but those items are unique and not jewelry or electronics....and certain items like those, well we've had a lot of problems in my area with armed robbery in CL transactions.....no way would I date using CL....just not worth the risk, you know?
  • Ves~Sai... Spider20 2011/02/17 05:12:32
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    I agree, with all the scams it has why would one even do that. There are free dating sites and match sites.
  • Spider20 Ves~Sai... 2011/02/17 07:33:48
    I don't know where this happened, but I just heard part of a news spot that said a 19 year old man was shot and killed....craigslist transaction involving a cell phone....it was a Detroit station, so it was likely in that area....I'm no cell phone expert, but I can't imagine a cell phone to kill over....
  • Ves~Sai... Spider20 2011/02/17 17:18:23
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Buyer beware: Do not use craigslist. I have come to the conclusion that craigslist is evil.
  • Spider20 Ves~Sai... 2011/02/17 19:28:05
    The things I've bought and sold using CL are really benign....I bought a dry box from a fellow boater for example, sold a lawn mower....things like that are safe in my area....but things like Wii's and electronic games, iphones and the like.....they're dangerous around here...
  • Ves~Sai... Spider20 2011/02/17 19:55:18
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    It's good to know though what is ok to sell and not ok. I would think electronics or jewlery would or could be a little dangerous.
  • Spider20 Ves~Sai... 2011/02/17 20:07:03
    I think that's the main key.....certain things are OK to sell, because a seller will be looking for a unique buyer....I've also sold some furniture on CL....but what I call hot items, like certain vehicles, jewelry and X box games and the like.....be safe and forget it....
  • Ves~Sai... Spider20 2011/02/17 21:23:15
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Good words!
  • Spider20 Ves~Sai... 2011/02/17 21:37:45
    You stay safe...ya hear?
  • Ves~Sai... Spider20 2011/02/17 21:40:09
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Oh I will, I don't even go near CL ;)
  • wicked soda boy 2011/02/16 21:07:43
    wicked soda boy
    I seriously hope the girl is OK now. That had to be major-league trauma for her.
    The guy needs serious jail time. I didn't read the details, but he sounds like a big-time perv and a predator.
  • Sheila wicked ... 2011/02/17 19:27:36
    Go back and read the details.........
  • Lesleya 2011/02/16 21:06:20
    I do not understand why a 27 year old woman would think that an invitation from some strange man to move in with him rent free, in this day and age, has an iota of integrity in it. This really threw me for a loop. She is either very naive, foolish or brainless. Not that I don't feel bad for her. I do. But, if in fact she is this naive, she needs someone not only to school her, but to look after her.
  • Fef 2011/02/16 21:04:52
    Safe enough. Sex slaves existed well before Craiglist.
  • bob 2011/02/16 21:04:38
    So she was caught in a republican think tank... poor girl
  • Daryl bob 2011/02/17 01:37:24
  • Sheila bob 2011/02/17 19:27:02
    Bless your heart Bob.....you win the booby prize for the day. This is about as non political an issue as there is yet here you go dragging it in by the heels.......
  • davidh BN-0 2011/02/16 21:00:16
    davidh BN-0
    I am trying to wrap my brain around this.
    "She said she was allowed out at least once, but handcuffed again when she returned."

    Why did she return? I am not saying that she asked for it or brought it upon herself. Of course the rationality behind agreeing to live with a stranger you met on Craigslist escapes me too. I am just wondering if she had the freedom to go out, why not contact police then? If there is any advice I can give, its 1) If you online date, don't do it through sites like Craigslist, and make sure you agree to meetings in public places. 2) If you are in a situation like this, and allowed to leave the house. It doesn't matter what you think the guy "Might" do if you alerted the authorities. You already know exactly what will happen if you go back. 99 times out of 100 you are going to be safer alerting the police and getting the f*@k out of there.
  • BadDog 2011/02/16 20:59:52
    Did anyone read the story?
    This 27yo female goes to NYC to meet a stranger....???
    When the opportunity arose, she called her MOTHER, not the police...???

    Hell, he should be paid for caring for this mentally challenged woman and he should also be paid rent by her.
  • Sheila 2011/02/16 20:56:30
    On line dating is as safe as YOU make it just like anything else!! Bless her heart, but did she follow any saftey guidelines? Did friends know where she was? And with whom? Did she drive to the date or ride with a stranger? She was held at his home. Did she go there on her own? Anything that happens with someone you meet online can happen with a person you meet in a club too. LIFE is dangerous.......
  • Ves~Sai... Sheila 2011/02/16 22:10:56
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Exactly, I said something similar, well said.
  • Sheila Ves~Sai... 2011/02/17 19:25:48
    Thank you! :-)
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2011/02/16 20:56:17
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    It's not online dating that's the problem. Craigslist is definitely a place to stay away from because of erotic services, ect.
  • cindy 2011/02/16 20:55:02
    Craigslist is not a place to go looking for love.I don't know why you would! Scary result. Will they ever learn?
  • merlinskiss 2011/02/16 20:54:17
    What can I say? Some like that. Apparently, she didn't. But then, that is what can happen when you play that game without taking a lot of precautions.
  • BrianD3 2011/02/16 20:39:31
    I am guessing here, but online or not.....if you are going to date, you eventually have to meet the person. Got to use common sense no matter how you meet a person.
  • lrb 2011/02/16 20:38:11
    I met my wife online. So I know it can work. Of course I had bad experiences as well, though nothing like this woman. You just have to be smart. I've worked for two of the major online dating sites, and could tell some horror stories, but even more stories where things worked great. The important thing is the person you're talking with online can very well be nothing like they say and can be a scam artist or someone who means to do you physical harm. Be smart and be safe.
  • ruthie 2011/02/16 20:37:34
    Those are the risks you take when you mess with a site that is not equipped for online dating.
  • Murph 2011/02/16 20:36:23
    No, especially on a site like Craigslist, and how many different kinds of an idiot would you have to be to not realize it?
  • Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦ 2011/02/16 20:18:32 (edited)
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    In my humble opinion, people are very different in real life than they are online. This is why online dating fails. But if you must, or just happen to meet someone cool online who lives nearby-- this is what you do.

    1st date: meet in a public place, like a cafe, mall, or restaurant. If it goes well, end it well and go home... alone.

    2nd date: meet in a public place again.

    3rd date: meet in a public place or at his job-- stop by to drop off a lunch for him. Get a chance to see what kind of people he works with, maybe drop a subtle question about them.

    If there's still a fourth date... that's up to you. Public place or risk taking him home?

    But still... there's something odd about this story.

    Edit: UPDATE: http://gothamist.com/2011/02/...
  • oceangrl 2011/02/16 20:18:20
    no! u have no idea who's on the other side!! it could be some old person or even a 5 year old pretending to be in their mid 30's or vise versa
  • Ken 2011/02/16 20:18:01
    Aren't women looking for love on the internet aware that this can happen to them?
  • Astro-Boy 2011/02/16 20:17:53
    It can be safe. With most things, there are dangers and some insane sicko's out there who are looking for people to hurt.
  • Dixienc 2011/02/16 20:17:12 (edited)
    OK I just reread this whole article. It states she was allowed to leave at one point and was tied up again when she returned. ODD. Why in the hell did she "return". It also states she called her mother NOT 9-1-1 and told her what was going on and that her mother ultimately called the police. Sounds kinda fishy all the way around to me. Just sayin............
  • Sheila Dixienc 2011/02/16 20:58:20
    OMG.....returned? Sounds fishy doesn't it?
  • Larson Whipsnade 2011/02/16 20:14:13
    Larson Whipsnade
    Common sense, people! you don't go over to somebody's house, whom you have just met online- you meet them in a public place first, THEN decide whether or not it's safe to go home with them. if you're smart, you save that for the THIRD date at the earliest. there are good people out there, but there are also some sick puppies. Dater discretion is advised
  • Mess Of Me 2011/02/16 20:13:51
    Mess Of Me
    You know?! if by now people are still relying on the "Craigslist" for a date then they deserve to get what they will get, whether is getting burned, robbed, mugged, let alone kidnapped and "slaved"
    because if you don't have the sense or guts to go out and meet some one face to face at a convention, bar, restaurant, etc,... or even Church! which would be the safest place I think.
    Then yeah, you bet your butt you will be at the "RISK"!! of having your self in a very tight situation or predicament that you wouldn't other wise be in, had you not been there clicking and clicking with your mouse on the computer talking about....I wanna get my "FREAK ON"!!
    LOL))))! Boyyy I tell ya!!
    What is wrong with these people?!! .....Don't they pay attention to the News? ....I guess not huh?? =P
    ya wrong people pay attention news guess huh hint craislist killer

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