snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques 2011/03/28 01:54:12
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I heard on the news last night where some guy actually made $23,000 last year panhandling. Students do it, drunks do it, druggies do it, people just down on their luck do it - does it depend on the city you're in, could YOU make a living panhandling?? ~snell

I am tired of all the panhandlers I see begging for money on the
street corner. Why do these people do this? The panhandlers stand
there with their sign that reads, “Will Work for Food” or “Out of Work
Vietnam Veteran”. If they are looking for work, then why are they standing on a street corner with a can begging?
When was the last time that you got a job from standing alongside the
street? What panhandlers really want is to scam us out of our hard
earned cash. They are freeloaders and it makes me mad!

Get a job and stop panhandling!

windowslivewriter9b526381df99 aef5panhandler 3 How To Protect Your Money From Panhandlers
I am seriously thinking about making my own sign. It will read, “Get a
Job!” I will hold it up in my car window whenever I see a panhandler
with their sign. I know this doesn’t seem very politically correct, but
this is America and I have the same freedom to express myself as these
freeloaders have in begging. My message to the panhandlers is that the best way for them to solve their problems is to go to work.
I have to work to support my family and I think the panhandlers should
work too. There are plenty of jobs available if you are willing to
work. The probably is that these people are lazy. They have found that
they can swindle honest, hard-working people out of their money for far
less effort than what it would take if they got a job. They should
apply their time and creative effort in a serious endeavor, then I’m
sure they could make more money than what they make panhandling.

The stories of panhandlers don’t usually pan out.

I guess what really burns me is that the sad stories panhandlers tell are usually lies. They use guilt to prey upon our good natures. I hate the idea of being scammed. However, I seriously want to help someone that needs it. How do you tell the difference? Unfortunately, I think it is impossible. Their lies are so good and so complete I think they
sometimes start believing them. This is the dilemma each of us faces
when we run into one of these people on the street. Do we give them
money knowing we are probably getting swindled or do we pass on by and
feel the guilt?

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  • dontTellMeWhatToThink 2011/03/28 03:03:09 (edited)
    I was riding with a friend one day. We rolled up an off ramp, and my friend pulled a $5 bill out to give it to a panhandler standing on the off ramp with a sign. I yelled at her, "What're you giving him money for? He's just going to spend it on booze or drugs!" My friend looked at me and said, "Well... thats what I was going to spend it on."

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  • pumpkin1960 2011/04/15 02:24:54 (edited)
    I have given to those that seem in need but I also knew a guy who did it for a living, one that did it as part of a study and one that did it for extra cash. I at times worry that some messed up people do that instead of getting help. Am I enabling? My favorite experience was that I was in a city for my job and a fellow asked me for some change. I told him I was sorry, had none, and was wondering where I could get change for a parking meter. He gave me $1.50 for $2.00. Was I panhandling unintentionally? He actually had more cash then me. Weird.
  • BlueMax372 2011/03/31 22:12:48
    What particularly frosts my cookies is the guys who stand on the corners at traffic lights and fleece the stopped drivers. A lot of them around here profess to be disabled vets yet most of them seem to be able to get around better than I can. I've seen them change shifts at various locations and I can't understand why the city and county fathers don't do something to get them the hell out of here.
  • Elleryqueen 2011/03/30 03:57:48
    It is very hard to seperate truth from fiction. I do not give to panhandlers simply because I, or tobe more exact, we need it as much or more than the panhandler. Charity begins at home.
  • mustangluver 2011/03/30 03:54:22
    No way could i live out in the elements..i never went camping, i do not like sleeping outside..so no way, no how..Plus i would have a very difficult time begging..
  • shadow 2011/03/30 00:51:27

    This is only to prove that it should never be a surprise at what will make money.....
  • BlueMax372 shadow 2011/03/31 21:59:20
    Haven't heard that in decades! Thanks! LOL!
  • shadow BlueMax372 2011/04/02 15:18:44
    Brings a smile to my face every time I hear it!
  • belle 2011/03/29 23:57:34
    I could never do it, but there are many that do daily.

    I do not see as many here in East Texas I did in Washington State. Some of them were what you might call a family of panhandlers. From the parents down to young kids. They had a major business, on different street cornors day after day. They were not the only ones, regular business for many.
  • Dagon 2011/03/29 20:16:31
  • Jack Sprat 2011/03/29 18:24:10 (edited)
    Jack Sprat
    No I don't think I would, or would only for my families sake. Yes some can and do. Some include family to "make it look really bad" and true. Way too many stories to go through.

    Unfortunately some simply need the help and are at their end, in the end it boils down to "do unto others.....".

    Peace and be well
  • ALPEAUX 2011/03/29 15:12:26
    Go to work, hmmm, what a new and original concept.....Alpeaux
  • snell/G... ALPEAUX 2011/03/31 06:09:38
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    lol! '0))))
  • Racefish 2011/03/29 14:10:12
    No way. Pride prevents it.
  • FleeWRATH2Come! 2011/03/29 13:24:22
    With the right level of creativity, one can make a living at just about anything. Just reference the movie, Catch Me, If You Can."

    I don't really have a desire to try this approach. Still have too much self-respect. :)
  • Wolfman 2011/03/29 05:03:07
    I refuse beggers and I could not beg.
  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ D. Plexippus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    Its a great idea to open this kind of topic..Here in my country panhandler where children,..which really make me sad that they selling themselves short..going to road highways..knocking at each car door...begging..,sometimes getting inside a passenger jeep handling an envelope with a note, need money to buy food...its a mixed of emotions everytime I see them..I dont want to tolerate this kind of life for them, so wont give money...but also gives me a guilt feeling and compassion.

    mixed emotions everytime tolerate life money guilt feeling compassion child begging  philippines
  • snell/G... Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄... 2011/03/29 09:35:28
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    Oh my! this is SO sad. they will never know what a childhood is like. Prayers.
  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄... snell/G... 2011/03/30 04:17:38
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ D. Plexippus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    yes it is true..Its how they survive...sometimes, they are also being used by gang syndicate. I just whisper a prayer and hope for this kids..
  • Werdnar 2011/03/29 04:14:45
    I have heard of some, who "employ" the entire family and make up to $80K a year..... begging for money. Using the kids is rather beneficial, I guess.
  • Megajo Werdnar 2011/03/29 05:01:53
    Werdnar: That's called OJT for their future endeavors.
  • Werdnar Megajo 2011/03/29 13:21:31
    LOL - exactly.
  • Gracie - Proud Conservative 2011/03/29 03:31:26
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    We have a panhandling epidemic right now in Tampa. They won't outlaw it so we are infested with it. Now you have to have pictures of your kids, a dog, or any other heartstring prop! There is a new mayor and he wants to get rid of it!
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2011/03/29 03:27:34
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    Yeah, but I have pride, and besides I'm not a LIBERAL.
  • snell/G... Dan (Po... 2011/03/29 09:36:49
  • sylviaplatt 2011/03/29 03:12:18
    In this day and age where people cannot get jobs because they don't pass security checks at McDonalds, just where are excons supposed to get jobs? There is no way a person can make $23,000 a year panhandling around Tampa, Florida where I live. If Jesus decided to walk on earth again as he did two thousand years ago, you probably wouldn't help him either!
  • roseofanycolor 2011/03/29 03:11:04
    In these hard economic times everyone is hurting. I remind myself that charity begins at home and give the money to a real charity. I also make quilts for the homeless living on the streets. There are many ways to give money to help these individuals without putting it in their tin cup!
  • Rockies Man 2011/03/29 02:39:58
    Rockies Man
    They make a pretty good living. Some of them make over $100,000 a year. I could never do it, because I'm not a liberal so therefore I could not ask people to give me their money.
  • Angel 2011/03/29 02:34:45
    No, if I were panhandling just to get money, and I saw someone that was really in need, I'd give it to them..lol
  • Drew~PW... Angel 2011/03/29 05:56:28
    You are a loving doll. ;)
  • Angel Drew~PW... 2011/03/30 04:11:38
    ;-) aww thank you
  • Drew~PW... Angel 2011/03/30 04:15:19
  • Donna 2011/03/29 02:12:18
    I may have to find out soon though .... A woman used to hang out near the downtown bus stops panhandling. She was always well dressed in good clothes. they interviewed her one day & found out that she had a nice home north of the city in a nice neighborhood & made almost 90K a year !
  • snell/G... Donna 2011/03/29 09:38:59
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    ....THAT's what i'm talkin' about!
  • bman~AVA~BTTB 2011/03/29 01:40:26
    It's a hard decision to say the least. For the folks that really need it, I feel for them but like the post states, how do you tell the ones that really need it to the folks that are scamming you? I've given out money to these folks in the past but I don't always do it. I saw a guy one time that had a sign that said "I'm thirsty and I just need beer money." I laughed so hard I gave the guy a $5.00 bill and told him to have one on me. I've never panhandled and I would have a difficult time of it if I had to do it.
  • keeper 2011/03/29 01:32:49
    There are people who sit at the border crossing looking very pathetic, but some of them make over $100 per day... that is there job..
  • AlexanderMontalvo 2011/03/29 01:30:29
    If a person is willing to beg, then it can be done.
    When I was a child there was a cartoon that has stuck in my memory. It was about a mouse that posed as a blind begger with a cup in his hand. At the end of the day he would make his way home, guiding himself with his cane, to the impoverished threshold of his home. Once he entered his home, which was bleak with meager furnishings, he tossed his blind mans glasses and pushed a button and all the walls reversed to reveal a plush furnished domicile of comfort.
    It is said that beggers cannot be choosers.
    I think it can also be said that beggers who obtain money from the generosity of others in order to maintain an income, is a dishonest way of making a living.
    I figure it must take an eight hour day of begging, consistently, throughout the year.
    Wouldn't a job at Jack in the Box accomplish the same income?
    Oh, I forgot about the governments rub.
  • Monster Claws 2011/03/29 01:25:16
    Monster Claws
    i have charm... i probaly could avoid starving a death but would i ever want to? no way id rather work 12 hours a day
  • lin sugar lips 2011/03/29 00:59:33
    lin sugar lips
    NO I prefer to work for a living. Not beg.
  • Drew~PW... lin sug... 2011/03/29 05:57:08
    Luv ya babe! ;)
  • Bonboyl 2011/03/29 00:17:00
    I guess you do what you have to do. But, it would be hard. I'd probably starve.

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