Complete this sentence: the #occupywallstreet protesters want...

FanOreilly 2011/10/08 11:54:14
The hippie cesspool of the #occupywallstreet protests are a snapshot into the liberal mind.

-misdirected rage
-political street theater
-drum circles...lots of drum circles

Even the liberal publication the New Republic mocks #occupywallstreet:

"Virginia, who sat nose-ringed and mohawked on a spongy mattress mid-square, had slightly different plans. “We came here for the bitches and the orgies,” she told me. Zelda, same story, agreed: “F@ck yeah man, this is what I’m all about. F@ck the government, f@ck banks,” she said. “I don’t have money for any bank.” She and her group, all early-20s, told me they were educated, but homeless by choice.

Even Salon.com notices the #occupier's lack of even basic organization.

A look at the protesters reveals they are young, immature, spoiled children completely uninformed, filled with rage and morally confused. (aka liberals)

"New York magazine polled “100 protesters who are in it for the long haul.” The numbers: 50 percent of the group is aged 20-29 (a whopping 60 percent are under 30), 66 percent are male, and 55 percent didn’t vote in the last election (you might want to try the ballot box first, guys). The real takeaway is this, though: 34 percent are “convinced the U.S. is no better than, say, Al-Qaeda.”

Complete this sentence: the #occupywallstreet protesters want...

Read More: http://hotair.com/archives/2011/10/07/occupy-wall-...

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  • anonymous_thomas 2013/03/24 21:32:43
  • Dave Catleugh 2011/12/22 12:17:25
    Dave Catleugh
    ... a bath, and a proper job.
  • Bitwise Operator 2011/10/14 20:01:15
    Bitwise Operator
    Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Nothing has changed for Democrats has it?
  • Dee 2011/10/11 03:36:17 (edited)
    Their 15 minutes?
  • us 2011/10/10 21:52:32
    it sad, for protesting, do they work, or do want free money?, capitalism creates jobs,
    true capitalism, also socialism but you can not have just socialism, it will not work.
  • me 2011/10/10 21:35:11
    apparently sex now....and an STD.
  • anonymous_thomas 2011/10/10 17:31:07

    Yeah - it's only a bunch of ignorant hippies... except this one mis-lead librarian


    i guess people do see only what they want to see...
  • anonymo... anonymo... 2011/10/10 17:36:03
    in picture #1 - mostly people 30's and 40's
    in picture #2 - two gray haired folks

    amazingly this was an easy photo to find - there are millions of photos and videos of this 'little' thing that is happening in most cities in this country (and other countries too) with a lot of our friends and neighbors participating - yet some folks insist that it's just a bunch of ignorant kids with no idea of what is important and what needs to be done...
  • cybernestical 2011/10/10 14:44:13
  • FanOreilly cyberne... 2011/10/10 21:33:05
    I recommend they commit suicide then.
  • linda ~PWCM~JLA 2011/10/10 00:10:01
    linda   ~PWCM~JLA
    Something for nothing.
  • Grayfox1940 2011/10/09 17:23:07
    a brain. (Remember Alice in wonderland) They are apparenly lavking one brain each.
  • cyberne... Grayfox... 2011/10/10 14:45:51
    Do you have one? Please, please use.
  • FanOreilly cyberne... 2011/10/10 21:33:25
    You first, dumb-ass.
  • Rick 2011/10/09 15:03:03
    They just want more free chit from the demoncrats and to take away from those that have busted their arses to make and provide jobs to others.
  • sm237 2011/10/09 13:09:49
    Who knows and who cares....they are costing millions of dollars of the taxpayers money to be wasted on police activity and their organizers should be made to pay the municipalities for their costs. By the way the original organizer was a organization in Vancouver Canada, I understand, lets sue them for the cost of this nonsense and spend the funds on worthwhile causes that will actually benefit the needy.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2011/10/09 09:12:53 (edited)
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    ... to get laid by that hot liberal arts coed. They hope that marching around in a V for Vendetta mask (like anyone actually heard of Guy Fawkes before that movie came out) and pretending to be a revolutionary will do the trick.

    Funny, when I was in college, my method was bathing, washing my car, and not acting like a douche. Clearly I wasted those efforts.

    P.S. Thanks for the New York Magazine infographic. I'm off to alienate some FB friends.
  • sglmom 2011/10/09 07:36:21
    everything on a silver platter (which translates to gimmie, gimmie, gimmie .. and I won't work for anything at all)

    Seriously .. spoiled with delusions that somehow .. those of us who have actually worked hard for a living .. somehow .. someway .. we (the hard workers) 'owe' them a living ...

    Here's a clue for these protestors ..

    There are NO guarantees in life .. and being an ADULT means you take responsibility for your choices (good ones and bad ones too). PERSONAL responsibility .. obviously they need to learn about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and the consequences of bad choices!
  • FUS RO DAH! 2011/10/09 06:50:39
    Hand Outs
  • Mindy 2011/10/09 06:31:24
    "I want it all, and I want it NOW!
  • bronx 2011/10/09 06:11:05
    Everything for FREE!
  • no1badboy56 2011/10/09 03:37:33
    and a 100 percent of them are stupid. They want something for nothing. Their leeches sucking off someone elses hard work.
  • cyberne... no1badb... 2011/10/10 14:47:48
    very poor argument
  • FanOreilly cyberne... 2011/10/10 21:34:07
    What is really funny is somebody criticizing the argument of another while failing to write in complete sentences.

    You are a self-mockery.

    Go ahead and write something else stupid...this is fun!
  • CuresCancer 2011/10/09 02:49:46
    A subsidiary company of the owner of Zuccotti Park received a loan guarantee from the Obama DOE for $168 million three days before this smell-in started.

    IOW, the Obama team is behind it and is paying off the park owners to help make it happen.
  • findthelight2000 2011/10/09 01:48:47
    I'd be happy to give you some answers, but your obviously hateful one-sided description after your question proves you are not worth the time.
  • JHup BN-0 findthe... 2011/10/09 02:28:51
    JHup BN-0
    It is only meant as a draw to those that constantly kowtow to the posters of this sort of question, as evidenced by most of the preceding comments. I don't waste my time even commenting to these sorts of questions. I usually click out faster than I clicked in. Couldn't resist commenting to your post tho.
  • FanOreilly JHup BN-0 2011/10/09 06:35:54
    Here let me help you avoid it.
  • FanOreilly findthe... 2011/10/09 06:35:08
    Nope, no hate in your comment.

    My question has no hate, you comment does.
  • bricknator 2011/10/09 01:21:13
  • Josh Robinson R.P.2012' PWCM. 2011/10/09 00:17:46
    Josh Robinson  R.P.2012' PWCM.
    If the working scum weren't slave to their menial tasks earning yachts for their masters they would get their sorry asses out there and fight for their rights but they are afraid of looking foolish so they leave the task to the disorganized trust fund hippies and laugh at the people actually able to rally in hopes of making the changes the nation needs. Slave on decent people slave on... coffee news paper
  • SK-pro impeachment 2011/10/08 23:42:32
    SK-pro impeachment
    ...everything handed to them on a silver platter.
  • jon 2011/10/08 22:14:29
    Kayos confrontation and the puppet masters pulling the strings want marshal law and election abandonment.
  • F'ing!A!Proud!2beAnAmerican... 2011/10/08 22:00:08
    To want, and have it given to them, the nanny state, God forbid people get rich ( aren't they the ones who really create jobs ), share the wealth, Robin Hood Syndrome? They don't care that they didn't work to earn it, they feel they are entitled to have more, and the rich less. Their misconceived perceptions of how America works, along with their indoctrination by government schools keeps them in the dark, unfortunately.
  • MegaFortunateSon 2011/10/08 21:29:49
    their country back.
  • FanOreilly MegaFor... 2011/10/09 06:37:19 (edited)
    Who took it away?

    They had record Democrat majorities after the 2008 elections.

    You know? The people that support them?

    Do they need more power? Maybe a dictatorship?

    You know the country doesn't belong to Marxists, illegal aliens and unbathed hippies in a drum circle.
  • Rita 2011/10/08 21:15:03
    a free ride.......
  • Merry 2011/10/08 19:28:24
    To close tax loopholes, for one thing.
  • jon Merry 2011/10/08 22:16:55
    Now that is at least a good idea, but that is not going to happen for the real rich or under BHO
  • findthe... jon 2011/10/09 01:53:33
    If you'd take the time to find out from some other news source than conservative media, you'd know that that is exactly what President Obama wants to do.

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