Companies drilling for oil in Israel using Bible predictions

angelbaby 2011/04/08 22:52:27
There's a race for oil in Israel. Companies such as Zion Oil and Gas and Givot Olam are convinced that Israel is sitting on huge deposits of oil -- and they're using Old Testament Bible predictions to back their investment.

John Brown, a Christian from Texas who formed Zion Oil and Gas in 2000, recently raised $21 million to continue his search for oil in Israel. According to an MSN news report, Brown is using passages from Genesis and Deuteronomy -- verses that detail God's ancient blessing on the tribes of Asher and Joseph -- as his inspiration and guide for drilling in Israel. He expects black gold will be flowing within a few months. "There's no maybe -- it's going to happen," commented the 69-year-old Texan. In a France 24 report, Brown explained, "What started as a faith journey became more proof positive in that we have seismic and scientific evidence to back up what we're doing . . . It's the geology confirming the theology."

Just south of the Zion Oil and Gas license in Northern Israel, another drilling project is well underway. Tovia Luskin, a Russian Jew and a trained petroleum geologist, has been drilling in Israel for over twenty years. Like John Brown, Luskin began his quest for Israel after reading about God's ancient blessings in the Old Testament, and his searching finally paid off. According to an oilinisrael.net report, Luskin's Israeli oil company, Givot Olam, discovered oil in three exploratory wells in 2004. Givot Olam "proved to the Israeli government that there was oil under their exploration license . . . to the tune of nearly a billion barrels . . . . The eighteen month exploration license became a thirty year production lease."

Is Israel really sitting on huge deposits of oil, then? Earlier this year, Noble Energy discovered three massive gas reservoirs off the Haifi coast at the Tamar prospect. Charles D. Davidson, CEO of Noble Energy, remarked, "This is one of the most significant prospects that we have ever tested and appears to be the largest discovery in the company's history." Jerusalem Post reported that the historic discovery will "meet Israel's natural gas demand for about 15 years and reduce the country's dependence on gas imports from Egypt and offshore from Gaza."

If Israel "strikes" black gold (as both Brown and Luskin believe the Bible predicts), it could become one of the wealthiest nations in the world, which would radically change the geopolitical environment in the Middle East.

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    • James Rowntree 2011/04/08 23:29:28
      James Rowntree
      Apart from the usual oil and gas that has been found, Israel is also sitting on huge oil shale reserves, about the same size as the Saudi oilfields... and Israel has developed and is testing a method of extracting oil from shale underground... a new method that produces oil AND water.
      Israel will be an energy superpower within 10 years.
    • angelbaby James R... 2011/04/09 00:21:02
      It is really amazing.. " a new method that produces oil AND water"

      I found this info only because of a study I'm doing on Prophecy and Isreal.
      I thought it interesting enough to share.
    • James R... angelbaby 2011/04/09 01:31:55
      James Rowntree
      Yes, Israel has some very smart people. If this new method of extracting oil and water from oil shale deposits works as it seems to, it can be used in America too... We can tell the Arabs we don't need their oil any more... I found that info in one of the weekly newsletters from
    • angelbaby James R... 2011/04/09 02:38:27
      Thanks for the link James...I will go and look now
    • James R... angelbaby 2011/04/09 01:37:33
    • "TEX"-"OFT"-"ROOC"~POTL~PWC... 2011/04/08 23:16:21
      As long as there are Oil and Gas reserves to be found the hunt will always be on and somebody looking to drill it. Pretty cool stuff.
    • angelbaby "TEX"-"... 2011/04/08 23:19:27
      Whats weird is that they are finding it where the bible says it will be...
      Check it out on google ... really cool
    • Jerry 2011/04/08 22:55:08
      .......... wow........I didn't think there was a supply of oil in Israel, I thought it was an agricultural country........
    • angelbaby Jerry 2011/04/08 23:01:31
      We will all be surpised... They are finding oil and natural gas
    • Jerry angelbaby 2011/04/08 23:07:21
      ............ that's incredible!.............Sacred Oil & Gas in a Sacred Country.......Wow!.........
    • JP 2011/04/08 22:54:49
      haha religion
    • angelbaby JP 2011/04/08 23:00:34
      Friday, April 8 2011 4 Nisan,5771
      Significant Quantities of Oil Discovered in Center of Israel

      by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
      Follow Israel news on and .

      An everlasting hope of finding significant amounts of oil in Israel may have been realized with the announcement Thursday that “significant quantities” of oil were found in a well in the area of Rosh HaAyin, a city located east of Tel Aviv on the western edge of Samaria.

      The “Meged” well in the Rosh HaAyin area is one of the few that have been drilled outside of the Negev and Dead Sea area. Several studies by independent consultants have confirmed the potential for oil in the area, and previous drillings have encouraged the prospects of discovering enough oil and gas for commercial production.

      Earlier this year, a huge gas field was discovered off the Mediterranean Coast. The gas is expected to be on line in three years and is anticipated to help Israel become self-sufficient in gas. It also is providing hundreds of high-paying jobs for developing the field and bringing the gas from the sea, off Hadera and Haifa, to the coastline.
    • JP angelbaby 2011/04/08 23:11:07

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