Cindy Crawford poses nude and thinks she looks great. Do women in their forties have just as much sex appeal as women in their twenties?

Ellen 2009/03/25 02:08:47
No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
Yes, a women loses sex-appeal the older she gets.
I think...
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The 43 year-old supermodel posed sans clothing and covered in shaving cream for an Allure magazine photo shoot. Cindy claims she looks pretty good for 43 but she doesn't look the way she did when she was 23. When it comes to women and sex-appeal, does age really matter?
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  • Jenny 2009/09/30 14:25:15
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    It's not only about looks, it's about charisma and personality, too. Probably that's even more important than looks.
  • Attila 2009/05/28 09:31:26
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    like a good wine gets better with time.
  • Buckwheat19 2009/05/19 20:52:50
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Women can be very sexy at almost any age if they take care of themselves
  • eattherich 2009/05/19 20:18:53
  • y so serious 2009/05/15 05:33:25 (edited)
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    y so serious
    THESE women have it, and are WELL over forty

    age sex-appeal

    age sex-appeal

    age sex-appeal

    age sex-appeal

  • ~Doll Princess~ 2009/04/09 14:16:34
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    ~Doll Princess~
    It all depends on the woman-not on the age.


    I hope I look as good as Cindy Crawford does when I get that age.
  • patt 2009/03/29 16:45:25
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Being "hot" is different than being sexy. Leave the heat to the youngsters. Lasting sex appeal includes so much more than the packaging. And it has greater longevity.
  • biggoerdt 2009/03/29 16:04:29
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Sex-appeal comes from how a person presents themselves to those around them.
  • Sgt Mike 2009/03/29 15:44:31
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Sgt Mike
    It is the mature womans last stand (forties) and they are super sexy sometimes.
  • OttoDog 2009/03/29 12:57:59
    I think...
    A Woman is like the World,

    Between the ages of 16 - 19 she's like darkest Africa ;
    Mysterious and unexplored.

    Between the ages of 20 - 26 she's like the Middle East ;
    Tempestuous, restless and dictatorial.

    Between the ages of 27 - 37 she's like North America ;
    Cool, calm and calculating

    Between the ages of 38 - 48 she's like Asia;
    Filled with wisdom, experience and a long history.

    Between the ages of 49 -55 she's like the Scandinavia:
    Stable, boring, and never in the news

    Between the ages of 56 - 64 she's like Europe;
    Everything in ruins

    Above the age of 65 she's like Antarctica;
    Everyone knows where it is but who the hell wants to go there ???

    ages 56 64 shes europe ruins age 65 shes antarctica
  • airiq 2009/03/29 10:08:03 (edited)
    I think...
    for me age has nothing to do with sex appeal but a woman at forty with the help of plastic surgery is not sexy to me it doesnt even appeal to me .take cindies makeup off remove all the fake crap from here body and you probly would have this surgery sexy appeal cindies makeup remove fake crap body probly
  • wiszard 2009/03/29 05:12:03
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    A womans real beauty comes out in her forty's.
  • eattherich wiszard 2009/05/19 20:20:10
  • Chuck Norris 2009/03/29 01:55:37
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Chuck Norris
    You know, I'm glad to see more older woman doing these shoots. Age shouldn't matter. I shows that you can be a certain age (in this case 43) and still look beautiful and have sex appeal. I give full kudos to Crawford, and all the other ladies, for doing for sexier photo shoots.
  • SgtWildey 2009/03/29 00:36:56
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    If anything, teeny bop Paris Hilton wannabees that say 'whatever' after each sentence (no matter how hot) are repulsive every time.
  • Marlow ~ Let There Be Light 2009/03/28 18:05:12
    Yes, a women loses sex-appeal the older she gets.
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Well, yes, though some more than others. :)

    women loses sex-appeal older
  • formadm... Marlow ... 2009/09/16 17:04:43
    Joyce Brothers without makeup??
  • Marlow ... formadm... 2009/09/16 17:09:03
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    LOL, possibly. :)
  • Raymond 2009/03/28 16:09:30 (edited)
    I think...
    Are you kidding? A woman in her twenties doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground.....give me women over forty, women who KNOW what they are about, any day of the week!! That is sexy......young girls just look good in pictures....and that is not at all the same thing.
  • eattherich Raymond 2009/05/19 20:21:16
  • Nuke Dukem 2009/03/28 15:24:59
    I think...
    Nuke Dukem
    If you eat healthy, exercise and don't smoke. You can be sexy at any age.
  • SWIMMERGIRL 2009/03/28 10:31:01
    I think...
    I think it doesn't matter how old you get if you look good you look good and that has nothing to do with sex appeal sex appeal sex appeal
  • Loki - An Atheist Perspective 2009/03/28 07:31:12
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Loki - An Atheist Perspective
    No, thats fine... But getting excited about someone old enough to be your grandmother... Thats wrong.
  • wiszard Loki - ... 2009/03/29 05:10:01
    Why? That's age discrimination. Shame on you .
  • Loki - ... wiszard 2009/03/29 06:20:38
  • wiszard Loki - ... 2009/03/29 06:48:30
    There is excited and then there is EXCITED!
  • y so se... Loki - ... 2009/05/19 07:30:25
    y so serious
    Every vestage of my seeing functions are now reeling in agony.
  • GoingNumb 2009/03/28 07:24:36
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    I don't think age should matter. I think in this generation, age is no longer valid in a person. I think it's great to see older woman taking on sexy shoots. It shows that you can still look beautiful and have sex appeal.
  • UrbanHillbilly 2009/03/28 04:39:15
    Yes, a women loses sex-appeal the older she gets.
    Straight up, the apperance of fertility is what makes women attractive to men. If a girl looks too old or unhealthy, there is little point for a male to pursue her.
  • babibumer 2009/03/28 03:16:34
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Women in their 20's are not women. They are still girls. They might be cute - hot - sexy..... but they haven't lived long enough to have sex appeal yet.
  • UrbanHi... babibumer 2009/03/28 04:44:38
    I would disagree. Women in their 20's are peaking with drive and fertility. It's not that I could put up with a girl that young, but as far as raw appeal, millions of years of evolution have seen to it that men are attracted to those most likely to bear children.
  • eattherich UrbanHi... 2009/05/19 20:23:06
  • dangerdeb babibumer 2009/03/28 11:44:04
    i like that. an hopefully they under what u mean.
  • dangerdeb dangerdeb 2009/03/28 11:44:38
  • UrbanHi... dangerdeb 2009/05/20 17:08:33
    Women do tend to be offended when they believe that men think of them as "baby-machines." I hope readers can tell that I'm only referring to the male instinct, I mean, there is a reason men are attracted to pretty girls. As far as my not wanting to put up with twenty-somethings, well, I'm sure the vast majority wouldn't want to put up with me!
  • Matt Pierce 2009/03/28 02:59:49
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Matt Pierce
    ...to an extent. I mean there is a point where age is going to inevitably catch up to you, but I don't think that just because a woman is in her forties it should have any adverse effects on her sex appeal.
  • Queen B 2009/03/28 01:29:27
    No, Age has nothing to do with sex-appeal.
    Queen B
    Sexiness is not necessarily how a woman looks on the outside, sexiness begins from within. It goes hand in hand - if a woman takes care of herself she feels sexy and if she feels sexy she takes care of herself. Men are attracted to a woman who has an air of self confidence and sensuality about themselves, no matter what age she is. Older woman are more confident in their sexuality, are more comfortable in their own skin and know what they want, and according to men I know that is a complete turn on and sexy as hell.
  • topcop Queen B 2009/03/28 16:51:21
    Raquel Welch, Meg Ryan, Cindy Crawford and Queen B are all examples of sexy women over forty. I know the Queen alone is enough for me.
  • Queen B topcop 2009/03/28 17:02:16
    Queen B
    Thnx! ; )
  • topcop Queen B 2009/03/28 17:42:27
    Don't act surprised my little bee! You know you can swing by my flower anytime.

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