Chrysler Gives Workers Day Off to Vote: Should Election Day Be a National Holiday?

mrosen814 2012/11/06 20:00:00
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Chrysler's vice president of design, Ralph Gilles, tweeted Tuesday that the company gave its entire work force the day off to vote. "Let's go!" he wrote.

Chrysler giving workers the day off to vote makes it very easy for people to get to the polls and reduce stress about having to be at work. Does your workplace give you the day off to vote? Should election day be a national holiday?

Chrysler gave its entire work force the day off to Vote Today! Let's go! #America — Ralph Gilles (@RalphGilles) November 6, 2012The car company that attacked Mitt Romney for falsely claiming it was moving operations overseas is going a step further, ostensibly for President Obama.

ostensibly president obama chryslers vice president design ralph gilles tweeted

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  • MR. 2012/11/06 22:42:07
    YES! Every 4 years,... "the day of the election", should be a,... "National Holiday!"

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  • Violater1 2014/08/08 02:49:31
    I think it is a good idea and might be an incentive to get out and vote! I do however have a problem with it from the standpoint of security at polls that might need to be present to arrest or contain those that abuse the time off to say party a bit to much which could be problematic! I am also for Voter ID for everyone to prevent illegal voting and cross area double voting! Yoir ID should be voter specific just like your social security card is individual specific!
  • CAPTAIN COMMONWEALTH 2013/11/25 13:44:53
    Yes, then they'd have no excuse not to vote, and the percentage would be higher...
  • kim 2013/01/26 01:21:19
    It takes an hour at most out of your day.
  • Violater1 kim 2014/08/08 02:41:23
    Kim: That might very well depend on where you live in some populated areas the wait could be exasperatingly longer! Sometimes it helps to think of others situation over our own! As for me it is 15 to 20 minutes including the drive to the polls! But friends of mine in other parts of the Country that is very different indeed!
  • Lance Sparks 2012/12/18 16:55:56
  • Mike 2012/12/18 05:35:18
    It might get more folks to the polls!
  • Violater1 Mike 2014/08/08 02:43:08
    That was also my first thoughts on the question mike!
  • michael.caleca.3 2012/11/23 07:21:29
    ummm half of you have no idea why... the reason we got it off was because 1 of our shifts would not have gotten to vote... my shift is from 3pm to 5am.. so i go to bed by 6 630 in the morning.. the only way im able to get to the polls to vote is if i dont sleep (which is not safe at all)
  • Violater1 michael... 2014/08/08 02:54:54
    I agree having been in your shoes as a shift worker prior to retirement! But trust me I remember it well! It isn't fun to have to go pull a shift due to some family emergency that kept you from getting any rest! And Company frown on those that call in sick for a one dayer per say! So I am in your corner all the way michael!
  • jamal.clayton.9 2012/11/09 01:39:51
    I work for Chrysler and I'm upset that we didn't get this memo
  • Violater1 jamal.c... 2014/08/08 02:57:32
    Did you by chance snooze while this memo went right on bye or perhaps was your front office in the snooze mode! You know the saying ya snooze ya lose!
  • Rob Williams 2012/11/08 17:40:19
    Rob Williams
    Providing people can demonstrate that they actually did use the time off to vote.
  • Icon 2012/11/08 04:28:38
    It would encourage higher voter turnout.
  • Laura 2012/11/08 04:02:35
    I`m afraid people would just use the day off as a HOLIDAY TO DO OTHER THINGS, BUT EMPLOYERS SHOULD ALLOW EMPLOYEES time off for voting.
  • UR2PC4ME Laura 2012/11/08 04:16:58
  • Avenged7 2012/11/08 00:16:08
    This Tuesday voting works against working people, especially when Republicans either end early voting, cut the days of early voting, and end weekend early voting for their voter suppression!!!!
  • Violater1 Avenged7 2014/08/08 03:01:21 (edited)
    Why don't you take a cold shower or stop drinking the purple drank it is causing you to have hallucinations of grandeur and must be makung you undoubtedly dillusional! Voter suppression my aching ass you asshat liber jackass!
  • Avenged7 Violater1 2014/08/12 21:39:25
    You are either in denial or just plain dumb. With all this making it as hard as possible to vote, and you try and tell me that this is not voter suppression??? First of all with the right wing agenda to pander and protect the wealthy and large corporations they could not get enough people to vote for them, and they usually lose when a large percentage of people vote.

    They even admit they do better in low voter turnout. They will pull any dirty trick they can to suppress the vote. Besides cutting early voting, they will put less voting machines in minority, working class areas, and colleges to make the lines longer, and people give up waiting and leave. Remember the long lines of African Americans waiting to vote in Florida. these pictures went all over the world, and it was embarrassing.

    They were encouraged to stay, and were told this is what they want you to do is leave without voting so they stayed. This year the Republican county said they were closing all rest rooms around the voting areas. So you go blissfully on your way and believe all is well and everyone can vote!!!
  • Opal Marie 2012/11/07 21:19:21
    Opal Marie
    My younger sister's school district in Spring TX had the day off for election. That is all people are talking about on Presidential Election day, Why not make it a holiday, it only happens every 4years
  • ALofRI 2012/11/07 21:06:30
    That would make it more difficult to mess with the voting times for the benefit of a particular party....sound familiar??
  • kyle 2012/11/07 20:56:57
    Where does the federal government get the authority to create federal holidays? Will you please point me to the section in the Constitution which gives that power to the government?

    Also, don't say the general welfare clause. James Madison (who is considered the father of the Constitution) said "If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the general welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one subject to particular exceptions."

    The enumerated powers are Article 1 Section 8.
  • Violater1 kyle 2014/08/08 03:07:57
    Kyle I like that but got an even better one for you to study up on Constitutianly! Check out Taxation!! For a real thrill!
  • James 2012/11/07 19:25:55
    And it should be a Monday or a Friday.
  • Cubatista92 2012/11/07 18:03:31
    it shouldn't be a national Holiday, but They should allow more time for people to vote. Not just one single day. I think the states that have early voting are more successful in handling their elections. It's easier for people to work it around their own schedule than to have to send a mail ballot or suffer the long lines that are natural to the last day.
  • chgo 2012/11/07 17:57:13
    But the conservatards wont like it.
  • JoeBob Scruggs 2012/11/07 17:42:52
    JoeBob Scruggs
    Make it a Wednesday. No long weekend. Get yer ass up and vote, and then volunteer at the polls.
  • whowasphone 2012/11/07 17:38:58
  • lynn 2012/11/07 17:34:28
    Since most working Americans are payed only a fraction of what their work is actually worth, there should be more payed holidays, it's only fair. Election Day seems a good place to start. I would also suggest extending Christmas to at least a full week, and adding Halloween.
  • TheFigh... lynn 2012/11/07 20:05:28
    all of this. and a day before and after Thanksgiving. People need time to come together.
  • Violater1 TheFigh... 2014/08/08 03:47:41
    FightingPanties huh! Are you fighting them putting them on or fighting taking them off? If it is the former try buying a size larger! LOL If it is the latter well that for sure ain't none of my business but fight on girl!LMAO I like your title a bunch and no offense meant just teasing you!
  • Violater1 lynn 2014/08/08 03:41:48
    Sounds like lynn may be a party hardy person! But do you want a week for Halloween or a day? LOL a whole week of ghooling might get old!
  • Rebel [SHP] 2012/11/07 17:25:43
    Rebel [SHP]
    YES. A federal holiday.
  • wtxwoman 2012/11/07 17:18:54
    No, because it would give workers an unfair advantage, cost the employers if they paid for the day, cost the workers if it was an unpaid holiday, basically not fair all the way around.
  • Derbyhat 2012/11/07 17:14:59
    But not this one!
  • Gloria 2012/11/07 16:54:38
    Just get out their like a decent citizen to vote. I voted October 23 at the John Merlo Library in Chicago. We had early voting from October 22 until November 23. Including November 6 that is ten days of voting choices. There is no need for a holiday to vote.
  • Sarah Alexander 2012/11/07 16:47:49 (edited)
    Sarah Alexander
    It's not necessary; we can vote early, submit absentee ballots, and the polls are open all day. That said, I think that employers should be required to provide employees with enough time to vote on election day, the entire day doesn't have to be taken off, though.
  • twhiting9275 2012/11/07 16:39:39
    Just get out there and do it!
    Of course, Chrysler and the auto companies wanted this, because their buddy Obama had his job @ stake.
  • Violater1 twhitin... 2014/08/08 03:51:52
    Have you ever done shift work there person? If not you should try it it can be a real bummer and the work they (some) do can be dangerous!! Try walking in someone elses moccasons some time person!
  • Sam 2012/11/07 16:38:24
    it should be a national celebration almost as much as july 4th, the best way to remember what america is and the 2nd most patriotic thing you can do is to vote (the most patriotic is join the army)
  • Peregrine 2012/11/07 16:33:02
    It's not a damn holiday.
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