Christians would you wear the attire that Christ wore to church?

FATEEN 2010/12/06 00:38:02
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I'm a Muslim and from time to time I wear traditional Middle Eastern garments called jalabiya's for men. This is consistent to the dress that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to wear.

It's a very modest form of dress, in my opinion it is very elegant looking and comfortable as well. Doesn't make one not a good Muslim if they choose not to wear these type of garments but I was wondering if any Christians here in America ever wore this form of dress because this is also consistent to the form of dress that even Christ Jesus (peace be upon him) used to wear. At least this is the form of attire the people during his time wore and it is displayed on the images painted throughout history.

What's the reasoning?

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  • Noor Lucman 2010/12/06 01:33:02
    Noor  Lucman
    When I was a student in Makkah, I use to wear clothes consistent with the weather - comfortable, cool, austere and fashionably rational. I cover my head with kaffiyeh to deflect the sun's heat. Jalabiya in Cairo is very practical to wear in everyday life. Likewise, the veil was a throwback from the days of Mother Mary which was adopted religiously by nuns and most Muslim women worldwide up to this day. Why would France and other EU countries ban the veil when it is purely a Christian tradition?
  • FATEEN Noor L... 2010/12/06 02:07:50
    This sounds very probable yet I just don't understand why true Christians would have such a disdain for a garment that is traditionally displayed by the most prominent human beings on the face of this planet Christ Jesus and his mother Mary (peace be upon both of them and may Allah i.e. God be pleased with them). Yet show a disdain for those who wish to carry out this tradition.

    What did you study in Makkah? I have had friends who have gone to Egypt and Senegal to study.
  • Cookielane 2010/12/06 00:50:02
    Personally, I would prefer to wear such modest clothing, and I sure wish it were the norm - I don't like to call attention to myself, so I dress like everyone else (except I am quite modest!) I think the way folks dressed back then had to do with where they lived, and the times they lived in. Not everyone dressed that way throughout the world. And they didn't have machines to sew like we do, so a tunic was much better to wear than pants! And it was hot there, so pants weren't needed. (Did they even have pants back then? Some of my ancestors came from that region and some came from Scandinavia - where it's cold! I don't think they wore tunics!)
  • FATEEN Cookielane 2010/12/06 01:02:13
    Your correct, not everyone dressed this way. It really is nice though. I just brought this nice cloak today with a hoodie on it/ It's burgundy. I have another one that's a little thicker and it's tan.

    It's not so bad. Actually people don't trip much on me. I wear these clothes to work sometimes and people don't have qualms with it and they are aware that I am a Muslim. It's these social networks where you see people who have problems.

    It;s cool.

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