Christian Theme Park: Holy or Weird?

Living 2010/11/05 14:23:05
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When we think of Orlando theme parks, we think of Mickey Mouse. But for a flock of devoted followers, it means 15 acres of Jesus.

The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fla., a biblical amusement park, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, ABC News reports.

And while there's no Space Mountain, there is a magical kingdom. Below is a list of only some of the attractions that guests can enjoy:

--10 daily recreations of the Last Supper

--Every day at noon and again at 5 p.m., Jesus is shackled in chains and whipped, before being dragged, bloodily, through the streets of old Jerusalem

--A children's area with a theater dedicated to Noah and his ark and a spot where kids can walk into a whale's mouth and see a trapped Jonah

--A spot where you can pose for a photo of you walking on water with Jesus

--Christian Karaoke: "Sing for the King!"

What else does this Christian theme park offer? Prayer, of course. Each day, guests fill out slips of paper with requests for prayers or for salvation — 60,000 to 100,000 a year are completed, according to ABC. For the bargain price of $35, or $50 for a special two-day pass!

Watching Jesus being whipped and shackled is not our idea of a fun weekend activity. But we have a feeling that's not why the park is closed on Sunday.
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  • Anna E 2010/11/05 19:41:15
    Anna E
    Neither. It's entertainment, remember?
    "Christianity started out in Palestine as a fellowship; it moved to Greece and became a philosophy; it moved to Italy and became an institution; it moved to Europe and became a culture; it came to America and became an enterprise." - Sam Pascoe


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  • jenlduu nightlight 2010/11/06 21:11:07
    I consider brainwashing your children into your religion long before that are in a position to even comprehend what God means child abuse of the worst kind.
  • Jacob nightlight 2010/11/07 02:51:43
  • wombat 2010/11/05 15:49:12
    Its as holy, true and terrific as the bible and god himself.
  • nightlight wombat 2010/11/07 20:35:50
    Since the Bible is a work of fiction and God does not exist, it's neither holy, true, nor terrific.
  • wombat nightlight 2010/11/08 12:28:01
    But you know that this is blasphemy and you will play golf in hell for that, right???
  • nightlight wombat 2010/11/10 20:29:01
    I don't believe in blasphemy or in hell and I don't play golf - so you're wrong on all three counts.
    But I stand by everything I said in my previous comment.
  • wombat nightlight 2010/11/10 20:34:29
    Damn what shall we do with you than??? You dont fear heaven or hell? So we may put you in our theme park for the rest of your life...... Na?? Scared yet??
  • nightlight wombat 2010/11/10 20:56:18
    You don't have to worry about "what shall we do with" me because there is nothing that you can do with me.
    What's interesting is that you felt the need to come up with the laughably ridiculous solution as to how to punish someone who is not afraid of the imaginary punishments or of loosing access to the imaginary rewards that you so desparately try to convince yourself are real.
    The only thing that frightens me is ignorance.
  • wombat nightlight 2010/11/10 21:24:06
    Wait till we have the Palinism in this country. The ACL (Army of christian law) will take good care of us.... well till they decide to push the button perhaps.
  • TasselLady 2010/11/05 15:33:02
    I think it's absolutely awesome!!!!!!! It's one thing to read the bible, but to see the history of Christ and his ministry come to life is terrific. Every year around Lent and Easter, my pastor and a bunch of us go to a play called "Telestai". It's a graphic musical about the trial, execution and the resurrection of Christ. The theme park reminds me of this. I think it's a wonderful way to reach out to others and help them learn about Christ's salvation and forgiveness and everlasting life through him. I'm all for it!!! Jesus is Lordtheme park reminds reach learn christs salvation forgiveness everlasting life
  • nightlight TasselLady 2010/11/07 20:37:39
  • TasselLady nightlight 2010/11/08 01:19:08
    That's ok, to each his own!!
  • nightlight TasselLady 2010/11/10 20:31:16
    It's not just OK. The cartoon I furnished goes to the heart of the matter and implies a truth.
  • wolf sloan 2010/11/05 15:33:00
    wolf sloan
    No holier nor weirder than, say, a Harry Potter theme park
  • Vault Dweller 101 ~In Flame... 2010/11/05 15:29:45
    Vault Dweller 101 ~In Flames I Trust~
  • Liger Vault D... 2010/11/05 16:45:25 (edited)
    :-D I almost shot my gatorade I was drinking through my nose when I saw this...if I could rave you a thousand times I would.
  • Dhawgg 2010/11/05 15:29:44
    umm.. as a Christian I'd rather spend a day with The Mouse than watching Jesus get beat. I appreciate endlessly the sacrifice that was made, but it's not a very "theme-parky" thing to do.
  • HEISENBERG 2010/11/05 15:29:16
    I belive in God but its a little to much for me.
  • buttercup 2010/11/05 15:19:47
    Well, I really don't find it holy, but also not weird. It is a wonderful way for people to learn about what life was like during the years Jesus walked the holyland. The way of life, the hardships that were endured, and what He went through for our sakes. And a marvelous way to teach the bible.
    of course watching Jesus being treated badly is not fun, but to know what He endured for our salvation is important
  • Eddie_DOMA_is_dead 2010/11/05 15:00:16
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2010/11/05 14:56:20
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Actually, seems like a little of both. After watching the video it seems like a place that my cousin would really enjoy taking me if I ever went to visit him. And the over-all atmosphere looks pretty cool.
    I think I could get into it and I'm not even very religious at all.
  • sabbatha 2010/11/05 14:55:47
    I can't see how this could be fun,no matter how religious on might be.
  • Liger sabbatha 2010/11/05 17:26:16
    True, true. But it never fails to amaze me some of the things people consider "fun".
  • sabbatha Liger 2010/11/05 17:43:14 (edited)
    Yeah,everyone's idea of fun is different,but watching a pretend Jesus get whipped,dude,I'll pass
  • vannuck 2010/11/05 14:52:51
    I'm Christian myself but I'll admit that thats a little too much for me...
  • Nimara 2010/11/05 14:33:12
    Very weird.

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