Christian Pastor Calls For Starbucks Boycott Over Gay Marriage Support

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/02/04 04:47:51

A Christian pastor is asking customers to boycott Starbucks due to the company's support of a bill to legalize gay marriage in Washington state, King 5 News reports.

"Christians are upset with Starbucks for turning against God...Starbucks can follow Satan if they want to," Steven Andrew, and evangelical pastor and president of the USA Christian Ministries in California, said in a statement. "However, pastors are to help Christians. Are you on the Lord's side? Will you help the USA be blessed by God?"

The call for the boycott was released Tuesday, a day prior to the bill's passage in Washington's State Senate Wednesday night, according to Reuters.

USA Ministries is also asking for Christians to stop serving the brand at their church facilities and events.

The Seattle-based coffee chain joined more than 100 other firms in backing the same-sex marriage bill.

Other companies taking a similar position include Nike, Google and Microsoft, Half Moon Bay Patch notes.

If the bill passes in the state house of representatives next week, Washington will become the seventh U.S. state to recognize same-sex unions.

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  • Metaldane 2012/02/04 05:34:55
    Well at this rate they'll boycott enough stuff they'll be living in the dark ages which is fitting since that seems to be where they get their views lol.

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  • DFA 2012/02/07 23:21:39
    I just boycott Starbucks because of their prices.
  • Elephant Lord 2012/02/07 06:45:33
    Elephant Lord
    Boycott this for supporting gays. Boycott that for putting ads on a pro-Islam TV show. At this rate there won't be a single boycott-free business.
  • MrSexyPants 2012/02/06 02:15:28
    just a little more proof that christians are downright crazy... i can't wait for the day when in-n-out or chic-fil-a (christian owned buisnesses) support the same sex bill. the looks on their faces would b priceless... :)
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/02/04 17:49:18
    Christisan he is not or he is a misguided pastor altogether.
    This is a case iof a Pastor becoming more importamt than God.
  • suejkw 2012/02/04 17:20:39
    Get rid of religion & you get rid of alot of hatred & intolerance.Why believe in something that DOES NOT EXIST? Accept everyone as they are(except criminals, obviously)& help those who are in need if you are able.What else does one need to do? Certainly not these ignorant beliefs that a group of people invent & others who come later change.
  • ALofRI 2012/02/04 17:05:18
    Whatever happened to "Freedom of Religion"?? To each being able to believe what they want to?? With all these religious crackpots (and destroyers of the Constitution), "feeling their oats" so to speak, the LAST thing we need is a Conservative President!
  • art1ej 2012/02/04 16:31:10 (edited)
    ROFL...gay/lesbians SHOULD have the same right to get married as any straight couple....
  • bricklyn art1ej 2012/02/05 17:53:18
    No they do not. When DOMA was passed in 1996, it gave heterosexual 'special' rights under the law.
  • art1ej bricklyn 2012/02/06 02:30:26
    EDITED my comment to be the way it was meant to be......
  • bricklyn art1ej 2012/02/13 04:34:57
    Looks good to me now. Wording is critical.
  • art1ej bricklyn 2012/02/13 11:38:36
    it is lol...i type slower then i think lol...
  • Thomas Rea: Gay Christian A... 2012/02/04 15:10:10
    Thomas Rea: Gay Christian Advocate
    Like people will give up their favorite coffee.
  • METALheadMom 2012/02/04 14:46:25
    OK, well it is a free country, and he does have the right to protest, just as much as the gays do. Any gay, or anyone for that matter that says otherwise, it a dam hypocrite.
  • flrdsgns 2012/02/04 14:33:26
    OMG, a group of so called Christians going without caffeine. There sure will be a lot of anxious, angry people in their cars on that morning commute lol.
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2012/02/04 14:29:36
    Why don't they just boycott America and leave.
  • Alvin 2012/02/04 14:18:41
    Yes, God will bless you for turning away from Starbucks, your blind prejudice, your blatant disregard for all the people who work for Starbucks that will be unemployed if you manage to get them shut down, for your hatred of other of God's creations because you deem them to work of Satan and for your utter disregard for the teaching of Christ. You'll need all the blessing you can get.
  • Reality-Check 2012/02/04 14:06:56
    LOL... that's it... L O L .... says it all...
  • Bulldog83 2012/02/04 13:22:02
  • Robbb Bulldog83 2012/02/04 19:00:20
    So did you also stop suporting them by forgeting what you learned? or wasnt that convenient? LOL
  • Bulldog83 Robbb 2012/02/04 20:20:57
  • Robbb Bulldog83 2012/02/05 00:16:48
    That is convenient. Have you considered your position in any other way then from a superstitious point of view? I agree that you should discourage others from attending your university though. The reason being that universities do more then just teach technical facts they should teach one how to think as well. They obviously failed in your case. You must be very bitter about that.
  • Robbb 2012/02/04 09:36:57
  • ALofRI Robbb 2012/02/04 17:09:19
    Jerusalem is nice this time of year....I hear. I would donate to THAT cause!
  • Robbb ALofRI 2012/02/04 19:00:47
    These types can move into any insane theocracy and feel at home.
  • ItsYaFace 2012/02/04 09:12:41
    How childish.
  • Astro 2012/02/04 07:36:07
    Hmm. I think that they should learn that if genetics is an act of God, then homosexuality is also an act of god...
    Queensland, Australia is allowing same-sex union, not marriage, meaning that they are legally bound, but not by a church...
  • Robbb Astro 2012/02/04 19:06:27
    The problem here in Australia is that it would be legally difficult to get this working in the states separately as there are all kinds of intersections between state laws, benefits and entitlements and those of the federal government. The federal leadership here is hanging on by one thin fingernail and this is a can of worms they are eager to avoid for the time being. The Prime minister has no religion so she can certainly have no traditional objection to it.
  • sjalan 2012/02/04 07:11:33 (edited)
    And another hot headed Christendom puke pastor thinks hate is better!!!

    Send the SOB packing.

    I think it is about time we began to boycott and picket every single anti-gay church in the US.
  • Bulldog83 sjalan 2012/02/04 13:16:57
  • sjalan Bulldog83 2012/02/04 13:51:05
    Well, Bulidog83 it will happen one of these days very shortly and when it does organized religion will be no more. Revelation 17-19 shows the fall of the Great Whore of Babylon. That is the world wide organizations of false religion. VERY soon, even now, people are getting fed up with all this BS and they are going to see that at the root of all that is wrong with this world is organized religion.
  • METALhe... sjalan 2012/02/04 14:52:09
    The root of all evil is ignorant arrogance my friend.
  • sjalan METALhe... 2012/02/04 15:56:55
    And that is exactly what the religious right is all about, arrogant ignoarance.
  • bricklyn METALhe... 2012/02/05 17:56:38
    Yup, and that ignorance arrogance comes from the church.
  • Bulldog83 sjalan 2012/02/04 16:49:50
  • suejkw sjalan 2012/02/04 17:25:48
    ALL religions are false & are nothing but myths &superstitions.The bible is not based on facts but was written by various men at various points in time.How anyone can believe that anything is actually true is both sad & humorous.So many people are blind followers & are afraid to question.Archeology can prove what rulers ruled at different times that correspond to the bible but everything else are fairytales.
  • METALhe... sjalan 2012/02/04 14:50:31
    You are a friggin hypocrite. What makes YOU a better hater? What gives you the right to stand up against something over anyone else? THIS IS WHY I will not "support" gay "rights". You are a bunch of self rightous hypocrites!
  • sjalan METALhe... 2012/02/04 15:59:34
    It is not "gay rights" it is simple basic human civil rights. Anti-"gay rights" groups do not understand that all citizens deserve and do demand equal access to all basic human civil rights.

    In 1967 SCOTUS ruled that "civil marriage" between two consenting adults was a "basic human civil right'.
  • Bulldog83 sjalan 2012/02/04 16:50:35
  • suejkw Bulldog83 2012/02/04 17:27:28
    That would be incest.It's okay between 2 consenting adults no matter of gender who are not biologically related.
  • Bulldog83 suejkw 2012/02/04 17:32:44

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